Friday, December 11, 2015

New YouTube Video with Sword-Waving Militant

Is the Bear being overly-critical or is it probably not the time for members of the Church Militant to appear on YouTube waving swords? Every ISIS spokesnut on YouTube waves a sword when he's promising to blow up [fill in the blank] "real soon now." Does it add anything to Michael Voris' message to do the same?

Or, is this precisely the time Michael Voris needs to be waving a sword around? "Yeah, you got swords, well, we got swords, too!"

This particular episode was about the decline of the Protestant megachurch.

Of course, there is a valid symbolism in the West behind the sword. But these days, the Bear did a double-take and was distracted. Not a huge deal, but the Bear thinks it would be better to lose the prop and go back to the newsie persona.

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