Saturday, December 12, 2015

Our Lady of Guadalupe

The Bear always enjoys the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. That was the day years ago that he returned to the Roman Catholic Church from his sojourn in Orthodoxy.

The Bear loved Orthodoxy, although do not imagine it is without its problems. He was a Russian Orthodox, or, technically the Orthodox Church in America ("in" not "of") granted autocephalous status by Moscow. It was definitely not catholic, and, in fact, felt like an ethnic club.

Even so, the liturgy was beautiful, the discipline clear and challenging, and it kept the ancient faith. When the Bear left Orthodoxy, it was with a heavy heart, because he knew what he was giving up compared to what he was entering. That has certainly been proved right.

On the surface, it looks like a bad bargain. Yet the Catholic Church has one thing the Orthodox church doesn't: The Catholic Church. In good times and bad, the Bear knows that is where he belongs, and that is where he will stay.

It was the right move, and he'll never forget returning. He did not know what day it was, and only found out later. He likes to see Our Lady's hand gently guiding a Bear back to his home.


  1. I'm glad you're back. I am not exactly a cradle Catholic either, but not exactly a convert. A modified revert, I guess.
    What we are experiencing in this world is stunning, really. If you are an American, I believe you are, to see what is happening in Washington, with this president, the world, our country, and to experience this pope, is just mind-blowing. It is a lonely sojourn right now.
    I love Our Lady of Guadalupe too. I have a special affinity for her, and for Our Lady of Fatima. In case you are seeing this in time, there are two specials on EWTN tonight, one at 8:00 p.m., and another at 11:00 p.m., both on Our Lady of Guadalupe.
    God bless you Bear! Somehow, we will all soldier on!

  2. Congrats on your anniversary! I celebrated 20 years of reversion (I'm old!) in Feb 2015. I started going to Stations at a parish a block from my apt on lonely Fri nights across the country from home (here). Then I went to mass. I found comfort and stability in the familiar, amidst the turmoil of life. It grew from there. (The Church might "meet us where we are" but we shouldnt' stay there. We have to grow in love and faith.)

  3. Many years ago, almost 45 by now, I also experienced the urging of Our Lady of Guadalupe, calling me back to the Church in a very special and completely unexpected way.

    I had considered myself a deeply devout, practicing Catholic for all of my 16 years of age, up to that time. Then, over one high school summer break, since I had developed an aptitude for it, I began working as an electronic technician for a component manufacturing firm. Unfortunately, I soon became completely distracted and ultimately lax in my Sunday observance and ended up missing Mass for a number of weeks. 

    One day, while sitting at my labs testing bench, fully engrossed in performing a hi-pot test on some new transformers, sweating while holding two prongs that were charged with 20,000 volts and high amps, with any religious thoughts being the farthest thing from my mind, suddenly, something told me to look up and there She was, what is referred to as an intellectual vision of Our Lady of Guadalupe. A vivid, glowing, brilliant, realistic image of Her, saying nothing, just standing there, all aglow.

    I was totally transfixed as I gazed upon Her, nothing else existed. And then, after a time, it was over. I look down and all I could see was stars, as if I had taken a sharp blow to my head. At that very moment, I experienced a feeling of euphoria that started at my feet and then radiated up to the top of my head. I had never before experienced such a phenomena. At that moment I heard a very strong and distinct voice that said "go back to Church", which, of course, I most certainly did. As a result of this experience my life, from that point on, was never to be the same. 

    Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us!

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