Monday, December 21, 2015

The Most Dangerous Man in the World

The Elderly Gentleman from Argentina With Some Unusual Ideas.

The Elderly Gentleman From Argentina

The Bear used to understand what the Catholic Church taught, and what he was required to believe, do and avoid as a Catholic. Now he is told this is "fundamentalism."

The Bear will speak about Jorge Bergoglio. 

Using his name is not to show the Pope a lack of respect, or still less a rejection of his office, but to acknowledge that the human personality of an elderly gentleman from Argentina has swallowed up the institution of the papacy. We bounce from personal enthusiasm to pet peeve, seemingly at random, loosely linked by a collection of familiar tropes and phrases. Every once in awhile, the irresistible presence of a microphone will elicit an off-the-cuff inanity as connected to Catholic thought as a Marx Brothers movie.

This is what Jorge Bergoglio does. Unfortunately, the world takes his utterances as a Pope's pronouncement of truth.

Redefining Sin

Anyone who thinks they can shrug off the damage Jorge Bergoglio is doing to the Church does not understand the situation. The Bear has written about the "Social Justice Warrior" examination of conscience distributed at the Bear's church. It was full of stuff like being environmentally responsible, but contained no real sins. What would be the state of the soul of someone who based his confession on such tripe? This would not have happened before Jorge Bergoglio. Since pewsitters are never instructed about sin in homilies, they will gradually be conditioned to forget sin -- real sin -- entirely.

And why not? Doesn't mercy cover everything, anyway? The Bear does not hear about confession from Pope Francis. He tweets constantly about mercy, as if confession were not the ordinary channel of mercy; as if confession no longer mattered in his reign of mercy. (Maureen Mullarkey wrote an excellent piece on the Year of Mercy.)

Medieval Hocus Pocus Out, "Whatever" In

Communion used to be simple. You were a Catholic with no mortal sin. Now Lutherans are encouraged to receive communion, if their Protestant-formed conscience prompts them to. Same with homosexual couples, according to some, uncorrected, prelates. Same with divorced and remarried couples. "A little bread and wine do no harm," as Jorge Bergoglio is famously reported to have told an Argentine divorcee. And now we are watching this being institutionalized.

What are we to make of transubstantiation now; and how do we understand the Mass? What about the issues of sacrilege and unworthy reception; the meaning of "communion;" or our relationship to the divine Person of Christ? Doctrines don't get changed, they just gets swallowed up by changes in practice. Medieval hocus pocus that doesn't meet the people's needs is quietly abandoned for the new, relevant and inclusive Church.

Jesus Now Optional

Salvation used to require acceptance of the free gift of Jesus Christ's salvific work through the Church. Now the Church of Jorge Bergoglio has announced that Jews need not accept or even believe in Christ, much less come into the Church to be saved. They are still saved "through" Christ, who is reduced to a mysterious, non-personal salvation process of some sort. So much for the miraculous conversion of the Jew, Alphonse Ratisbonne, with the Miraculous Medal. The appearance to him of the Virgin Mary, approved by the holy see, must have all been a mistake, since she did not tell him, "Alphonse my son, you are a Jew and have no need of my Son."

An Unbelieving Church for an Unbelieving World

Jorge Bergoglio's thoughts are not about correcting doctrines he believes to be in error. His thoughts are a solvent that dissolves doctrine entirely, or at least weakens it so that it may be bent and twisted to his will, like one of those horribly misshapen ferula our recent popes have adopted. Sow enough lies and confusion, and there is no need to change doctrine.

Jorge Bergoglio is not a preserver. He is not in continuity. Like the typical leftist he is, he loves only the Church of his imagination, one reformed according to his vision. He is possessed of ambitions that would make Martin Luther, nailing his 95 theses to the door of the Wittenberg church, feel like a piker.

Everything is changing, always at the expense of the supernatural. The Church is being re-purposed before our eyes. Without doctrine, without mission, without faith, its eyes are lowered to terrestrial concerns, real and imagined. We are seeing a Church trying to make itself relevant to a world that no longer believes by becoming unbelieving itself. Those who still believe are named the enemy: "fundamentalists."

Fortunately, when the Bear becomes confused, he recalls that Jorge Bergoglio has not really changed the truth, nor can he. A "fundamentalist" is just a good Catholic, and being one is as essential, simple and challenging as it ever was. The distortions of Bergoglioism must be opposed.

This is why the Bear has taken the frightening course of -- let's be honest -- attacking the gentleman from Argentina with everything from sober commentary to outrageous parody. While he respects the papacy, the Bear will use every rhetorical weapon he has to do his tiny, perhaps illusory, part in defending the Church from Jorge Bergoglio, and to encourage the maligned and beleaguered believer.

Because make no mistake. The elderly gentleman from Argentina is the most dangerous man in the world.


  1. With his conspicuous refusal to make the sign of the cross or genuflect among numerous other things, I seriously wonder if there is something diabolic surrounding him.

  2. Keep up your holy work. Thank you for all you do in service to Truth.

  3. Thank you Bear. You are so right! We must fight these terrible errors coming from the very top. It has helped me to understand when I realize the Pope is a leftist humanist as you so aptly called him. Never stop telling the truth. Difficult as it is to accept the truth, it would be far more depressing for me to accept this new 'Francis gospel'and the new 'God of Surprises and false mercy'

  4. Time for the White Robe of Faith...

    "The soul put on the white robe of faith on its going forth on this dark night, when walking in the darkness amidst interior trials, as I said before,7 it received no ray of light from the understanding; not from above, because heaven seemed shut and God hidden; not from below, because its spiritual directors gave it no comfort. It bore its trials patiently and persevered, without fainting or falling away from the Beloved, Who by these crosses and tribulations tried the faith of His bride, that it might be able hereafter truly to say with the Psalmist, “For the words of Thy lips, I have kept hard ways.”

    St John of the Cross

  5. Amen, to a wise bear. The world would love to
    reduce Jesus to another man, silencing a voice
    that speaks of heaven and hell. The Church lives
    and breathes for the God-Man and his every
    desire of a people he calls his own. His body of
    2000 years has witness to the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, children of the Father has he engendered.

  6. Thank you, Bear for this most salient and precise expression of the problem in Rome. Let us pray for Holy Mother Church,as she is being crucified by the very one who should be protecting Her.

  7. The remarkable thing about it all Mr. Bear is that only few are speaking up about "the most dangerous man in the world" and his virtual war on what remains of the Catholic faith as your excellent article makes so clear. But we were warned about our situation today as noted below:

    “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils” —1st Timothy 4:1

  8. Perhaps it all boils down to trying to attract as many people as possible, no matter what they believe and practice, in order to fill the collection baskets. This is the cynic in me speaking.

    1. The Bear respectfully disagrees. This is about power, a place at the table of the earthly mighty.

  9. Thank you, Mr. Bear. One of your best! Merry Christmas.

  10. Bear, it helps to think of this year as "The Year of Mirthy" as it must be the case that Bergolian praxis is meant to entertain in a lighthearted way.

    It works for ABS.

    For instance, when Bergoglio speaks about our Elder Brethren he is actually references those who are younger than we are in that he is speaking to the adherents of Rabbinical Judaism which formed after the destruction of the Temple, Priesthood, and Sacrifices during the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.

    The worst thing one can do with Bergoglio is to take him seriously.


  11. From the Catholic Encyclopedia, here is one way to judge the praxis of any Pope

    He is to be the principle of unity, of stability, and of increase. He is the principle of unity, since what is not joined to that foundation is no part of the Church; of stability, since it is the firmness of this foundation in virtue of which the Church remains unshaken by the storms which buffet her; of increase, since, if she grows, it is because new stones are laid on this foundation.

    During this Year of Mirthy, one has to hear his rhetoric about The God of surprises as a dog whistle to other revolutionaries and not an appeal to the faithful hear the actual Triune God.

    So, Bergoglio thinks the Holy Ghost exists to do his political secular anthropocentric bidding?

    The proper response to that is laughter.

    Elder members of the Church Militant may remember Frank Sheed referencing the soapbox speeches of cranks in Hyde Park England and Sheed's advice to laugh at them loudly and not take them seriously.

    Well, Bergoglio is on one of the biggest soapbox existing and he routinely sounds like a crank; so?


    1. Is the Pope greater than the Church? To ask is to answer. When we criticize or even ridicule the actions of this man, Jorge Bergoglio, we are reestablishing perspective. The media have given any unscrupulous or unwary pope the power to swallow the whole Church in a cult of celebrity. This is a new danger that requires new methods for meeting it. To never criticize the Pope made sense when the pope was a remote and reserved figure who did not overshadow the Church, however powerful he was. Now that he insists on using his pop icon status to tickle the ears of the gullible, we may fairly use the new tools of that culture reestablish perspective, and put an erring pope in his place, especially since the Church seems unable to self-correct.

    2. Bullseye for the bear, going on three years with a mentality of my church, my wisdom for the good of all. Dangerous, scripture and 2000
      years of Church teaching/witness helps
      discern threats and falsehood.

  12. 'A little bread and wine will do no harm.' A diabolical statement if I've ever heard one, doesn't matter who it came from, whether a Pope or a Bishop or a Priest. The fact that it came from the Vicar of Christ is pretty evident to me that the words of Padre Pio couldn't be more prophetic that the 'Smoke of Satan will enter the Church even unto the shoes of Peter.' The shoes of this particular Peter being black of course as he refuses to wear the red, which the red signify that he would go to his death to defend Christ in His Church. He wears the black for reasons of 'humility' according to him. He has twisted the virtue of 'humility' just as he has twisted the virtue of 'mercy' and even 'love' to mean almost the opposite of what Christ has taught. He and the other modernists that surround him in Rome have taken full advantage of 'Catholics' who know very little about their own faith, thanks to the decades of little to no catechesis from the Church. It really makes one wonder if it was all intentional leading to the perfect storm that allowed the total 'remaking' of the Church. I thank the Lord that at least there are some that know Church teaching and are realizing that 'there is something rotten in Denmark.' Jesus have MERCY on him and on us.

    1. If that reported Eucharistic miracle in the diocese of Buenos Aires is true ... then perhaps it was a very pointed remark by God, addressed to the then-incumbent Archbishop.

  13. Congratulations to The Bear for having the courage and the talent of words to speak truth to power. How even more encouraging it would be if someone close to Pope F. were to publicly denounce him or, perhaps even better, link him to The Bear and let him read about himself: 'The Most Dangerous Man in the World.'

    Or another thought is to quote from Scripture:
    “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils” —1st Timothy 4:1

    1. Thanks, Mike. The Bear often imagines that the targets of his criticism, satire and parody somehow read his pieces. Bears fear not the albino monk assassin. For all we know, the elderly gentleman from Argentina has SCB translated every morning for his reading pleasure. To keep him humble.

  14. Wow! So on it. Thanks for this one from Chile.

  15. Prior to Pope Francis' election, I was a new Catholic, excited as everyone to see who our new Pope would be; filled with nothing but positive anticipation. I will never forget the moment I saw him on the balcony I was filled instantly with a strange, unforeseen sense of anger, rage really. Strange, since I'd never heard of him, not once, knew nothing of him, had never seen him, and as a new Catholic had little frame of reference. Why this strange sense of dread? This has never left me.

    Then, all of the strange, revolutionary alterations to Church teaching, thinking, practice began. I will select just one moment among many, perhaps a minor moment early on, that confirmed for me my personal judgements.

    Upon returning from Brazil, WYD 2013, Pope Francis went straight to Mary Major Basilica with a green and yellow plastic beach ball under his arm and, without pausing to bend his knee, bow, or even slightly incline his head, casually strolled straight up to the Tabernacle on the High Altar and placed against its side the cheesy,slightly deflated beach ball and a soccer jersey. Placed it right next to the Tabernacle wherein was Christ our King. The ball kept rolling off, so he had to make repeated grabs of the rolling ball on the Altar, and eventually wedged it up against the Tabernacle with the jersey.

    One of many moments in time during the last two years when I just stared, gaping, aghast. What the heck?! This was not mere optical misjudgemeant. This demonstrated real unbelief. A fearful thing, at least to me.

    An unbeliever might say a mere beach ball in a fancy building was a small thing, (as it appears to be to Pope Francis). Perhaps kind of funny,demonstrating a good sense of the people's humor. But to a Christian this is sacrilege. Short, natural steps from that to the Wiccan coronation of St. Peter's; much, much bigger things flow from a heart willing to choose and do the small.

    The incessant destruction of essential pillars of our Faith which we have been witnessing for some time naturally followed and is now accelerating and expanding in ever-widening paths. All flowing from the same heart willing to place a beach ball on God's holy Altar.

    1. Three Bear thinks that was one of his Meaningful Gestures gone wrong.

    2. Brian, you have hit the nail on the head with 'Wiccan coronation'. I don't think most Catholics realize just how demonic that light show was -- a showcase of the FALLEN world, displayed on the day celebrating the conception of the spotless Virgin, perfect human being. The gross insult to Mary is obvious. I think the Satanist/occultist crowd is laughing at the ignorance of Catholics.

      I also was deeply disturbed and anxious, to the point of tears, at Bergoglio's election, knowing nothing of him before that. From what I've heard, this sort of reaction was not rare.

    3. I appreciate it. I really do. Bear missed my main point, (I'm sure my post was too long to read all the way through), but thanks for catching it. I will never forget that feeling of dread, pure dread and anger, for which there was no earthly explanation since I had never heard of this man, Bergoglio, before he appeared on the balcony. Fully confirmed since then.

      I've had an interesting 8 years since Confirmation; many struggles and sacrifices, but the last 2 years of Pope Francis have rocked my Faith to the core. I travel extensively and see the rot first hand everywhere I go; very disillusioning. And there is nowhere to go where I can find support on a personal level. It's one thing to get on a blog and get some support from like-minded souls, but Institutionally I am pretty blankin' fed up with ...... A lot. I'll leave it that. The Wicca show under the Pope's balcony may have been the last straw.

      I try to remain sane by speaking with like-minded Catholics on bogs like this. I get encouragement from those like yourself with a nice word or two. But, by golly, I've pretty much had enough. So often, what I get here (on blogs in general) is just more conflict and controversy.

      I deeply question whether I made a mistake converting to the Catholic Faith. The ONLY thing keeping me here is Her Magisterial Power.

      That, and there is nowhere else to go.

      I'm out of here, hopefully for a long time.

    4. There Bear misses very little, but, as you say. (He was speaking of the beach ball as the gesture gone wrong.)

      This is a controversialist blog. It may come in satire, or parody, or joke or straightforward analysis. It is a slice of the Church's reality that the Bear feels important to discuss lest people just feel bewildered and lost. But it is not the only, or even biggest slice.

      If you are starting to feel that the elderly gentleman from Argentina is the only there is to the Church this is probably the last place you need to be. But he isn't. That's why the Bear has always said "Nail your foot to the floor in front of your favorite pew and die there."

      Find someplace to relax over Christmas, with the Bear's best wishes. If you have somehow felt slighted here, rest assured it was never the case.

    5. My initial feeling of dread has been fully formed in reality. Your blog is not the issue. Your blog is not the answer. Whether I, or anyone, feels slighted is irrelevant. I am disillusioned.

      There is some significant chastisement coming, and what I am looking for is a Shepherd to follow, that will bring some pain to those who are leading so many off the Path.

      The dread I felt at Francis' first Papal moment has been fully confirmed. I am tired of talking about this or that sacrilege. And then the next one. And on, and on.

      This, or any blog is not the answer. Someone needs to do something.

    6. What a kind response Bear. And Brian, don't you dare go anywhere else because if we have to suffer this man and these times, so do you. At least we are here in it together. There is nowhere else to go. We have our Catholic faith, they cannot take it from us. Cling to it.
      Bear, I am saddened but not amazed by a bad pope, and I believe he certainly is. My question is why good Cardinals like Cardinal Burke, etc., won't publicly and persistently call him out as a heretic and label his words and actions as heresies. Are they so afraid of this pope and his minions they cannot even do that? Does not God raise up saints during these times? If so, where are they?
      I won't say it would affect my faith, but I must confess the longer this goes on unaddressed by men or divine intervention, the worse it may come to be.
      Thank you for discussing it. Merry Christmas to you, your good family, and all here.

    7. What if we're supposed to remain faithful despite everything? What if that's what is supposed to be done. "We're not the hero we need, but we're the hero we deserve." Maybe something's up. Maybe the sheep have been scattered. The Bear doesn't see any good in looking for a shepherd. He does see good and putting your head down and being Catholic. You can never go wrong with that.

    8. Kathleen1031,
      That's my point.

      And maybe in addition, we Laity also have to step up and do more than just post our opinions on obscure blogs.

      As far as I'm concerned, not a dime more out of me. That's Step one. They choose to lie with UN elites and purvey UN world government morality, let the UN pay their bills.

      See ya'll next year!

    9. "Obscure?" LOL

      The Bear gives almost nothing to his parish, which is more for worthy causes.

    10. It is hard for a lone cardinal to oppose a pope to his face, like Paul did to Peter. It would be one thing if it were a single issue like Peter refusing to eat with gentiles. With Pope Francis this issue is the elderly gentleman from Argentina himself. That's a tall order, and what would it accomplish?

      In the end, it is a mystery. We all handle it in different ways. The common thread, however, must be to put our heads down and practice the virtue of holy stubbornness. Whatever else we may think about or talk about, we are in our pews, living Catholic lives no matter what light shows they display on St. Peter's, or who is taking communion, or what we're all told to believe about global warming. That's our real job. And Brian's right. It isn't about blogs. It's about living a Catholic life.

      Merry Christmas!

  16. Beautifully written Bear and very true. Has anyone ever heard this man say the words "state of grace," "Justice," "purity," or "penance"? I haven't.

    To repeat "Mercy" over and over again like a mantra, as if we no longer need to affirmatively respond to God's love for us by striving to conform our wills and actions to God's laws and standards (which exist for our own good, not His), is how I would attack the Church if i were very bad. it's deceptive. It lulls. I think it was Aquinas who said "mercy without justice is the mother of dissolution."

  17. What meaningful gesture went wrong?

  18. I am very grateful for your analysis as there are very few others out there willing to speak the truth about what is happening to the Church under Pope Francis. Many people seem to be in denial of the truth in order to remain in their comfort zone. I am afraid that the Freemasons may have won a pope that they feel is on their side now. If you look back in history, a Freemason was prevented from becoming Pope in 1903 by only one vote; thank God at the time, the Church was gifted with Pope St Pius X instead. Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich said that the Church would be under the influence of a secret sect (freemasonry) in the future....

    1. Actually Cardinal Rampolla was suspected of not only being a Freemason but being a member of the OTO, a newly-formed German sex magic masonic lodge! It was the intervention of Emperor Franz Josef I that blocked Rampolla's election. (Catholic monarchs could do that back then, believe it or not.) -- NOTE: Bear says the rumors against Rampolla were never substantiated.

      Indeed, St. Pope Pius X was elected. And the first thing he did was abolish the ability of Catholic monarchs to interfere in papal elections.

      The Bear wrote an article all about this. If you're interested, use the search box in the right column.

  19. To quote Archibald the Asparagus from Veggie Tales, "a real cultural tour de force."

    Truly impressive that you were able to develop the theory in such detail.

    Merry ChristmasQ!

  20. As depressing as many of these people are, I bolster my Faith with the knowledge that they are merely caretakers, of varying quality, as they come and they go. They are not the Faith.

    1. Indeed. And the Bear suspects the next conclave will be very careful to pick a known quantity. The Cardinals may have their flaws, but they all need a functioning Church before all else. The Bear cannot be convinced that most of them are secretly horrified by this freak show.

  21. I am so glad to have found this blog, Bear. Now I know that I am not crazy for finding this man to be a loon. I thought I dare not touch God's anointed but I was, and still am, feeling pretty uncomfortable. Thank you and Merry Christmas.


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