Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Another Catholic Terrorist Attack

Yes, a U.S. Army Reserve training identified the Catholic Church as a terrorist organization, along with al Qaeda. This has been a couple of years ago.

Chief Cleric "Francis" a.k.a. "Jorge Bergoglio" has his
own terrorist state in Italy, yet authorities do nothing.

Tragedy struck yesterday at as-Saif al-Islam mosque in Detroit when a Catholic terrorist said a rosary in full view of Moslem men, women and children. The rosary was set off at a bus stop across the street from the mosque as worshippers were entering for Friday prayers. Preliminary reports say that 23 victims are being treated at local hospitals for psychological trauma, some of it described as "severe."

"We were just about to enter the mosque when I noticed something suspicious across the street," said Mohammed Mawt al-Amrikeya. "I tried to push my wives and children through the door, but it was too late. The Catholic had already started the Creed." Mawt al-Amrikeya said the attacker had already gotten halfway through the first Sorrowful Mystery before police arrived.

Sources close to the investigation say the terrorist has been identified as 52-year-old Mary Grace Sobieski, and that she is serious condition at an unnamed hospital, under guard. She was reportedly shot by police after refusing to drop her rosary. She is being called a "lone wolf" terrorist who had been radicalized by an obscure Catholic blog called "St. Corbinian's Bear."

Cardinal Timothy Dolan called a press conference to plead for calm after the attack. "Catholicism is a religion of peace," the chief American cleric said. "We hope this regrettable incident is not used as an excuse to attack peaceful Catholics who are good citizens." But the Cardinal continued that it was essential to find the "root causes" of the "alienation" of people like Sobieski, and suggested that violent video games might have been a factor.

Actual slide from U.S. Army Reserve training on terrorism.

As evidenced by recent U.S Army Reserve training identifying Catholicism as an extremist ideology similar to al Qaeda, there is growing concern among experts about the rising threat of radical Catholicism.

Satirizing U.S. Army Reserve training.

"Catholicism is a classic example of religious extremism," says Dr. Saul Levin, director of Rosary Watch, a terrorist watchdog organization. "It is exclusivist, meaning Catholics believe they are right. They don't come out and say others are wrong, but it is strongly implied. It is a short step from believing someone is wrong to hating them, and then killing them, a step many Catholics are all too ready to take. It is directed by foreign clerics backed by immense Vatican wealth. They run their own Catholic schools where little children are taught to idolize martyrs. Cells run by radical groups such as Opus Dei operate quite openly. Incredibly, there are even training camps on American soil run by Benedictines, Franciscans and other extremist factions. It's almost as if they are daring the government to do something."

Those who know Sobieski expressed shock. "She seemed like a normal lady," said neighbor Violet Bingham. "She made the best perogi." But in hindsight, Bingham admits there was a dark side to her seemingly peaceful neighbor. She went to Mass every Sunday, and sometimes even on weekdays. And it was not unusual to see her brandishing a rosary. "She made no attempt to conceal it, which I thought was odd," said Bingham. "Maybe she'd be waiting for a bus, but there would be that rosary."


  1. You had me going until the police shooting, but even then, for a second....Sad when things have reached a state where one can't discern reality from satire.

    1. Poe's Law. A satire depicting an extreme position will be taken as real by a some readers. I've seen it again and again, which is why you really have to be careful with satire.

    2. I did a stutter-step when you mentioned that Musloid's "wives", but proceeded on.

    3. His name also means "Death to America." Might as well explain it since I doubt many of my readers are Arabic speakers. The name of the mosque means "Sword of Islam." And "Sobieski" is a tribute to Jan Sobieski, best known for giving the west coffee.

  2. Very powerful weapon, that rosary is. Beware!

  3. LOL. Thanks.

    Several years ago my mother's friend was going through airport security on her way to a flight when she was pulled out of line and taken to a side room. The TSA personnel made her take off her blouse.

    The reason: She was wearing what turned out to be a Miraculous Medal, and the TSA employees had no idea what it was.

    One of the TSA workers called over to another TSA employee, an Hispanic woman (of course, right?), and requested that she come and look at the offending object to determine its level of danger.

    The Hispanic woman took one look at it and said, "Oh, that's just a medal of the Blessed Mother. She's fine."

    My mom's friend was permitted to revest and proceed to her flight.

    I know that the Blessed Virgin is pretty powerful, but I never heard of anyone hijacking a plane, or blowing one up, with a Miraculous Medal.

    But, then again, ya never know!

    Of course, we know the Catholic Faith is sinister. Look at the way they dress in Spain. Who knew?


    1. The capriote is basically a dunce cap, also used to humiliate prisoners in Medieval times. Penitents in Spain use them with masks to conceal their identity. Even with the black hoods and white robes, don't see it catching on here.

    2. I've been wearing the Brown Scapular almost everyday for over a year now...flew 4 times last year and never took it off, TSA never noticed it.

    3. I wear my Miraculous Medal at all times, including passing through TSA. The only time it's been a problem was at Newark a couple of years ago. The Newark TSA required us to take off all jewelry, but the medal drew no more notice there than the watch and earrings.

  4. Best not to let your children play with toy rosaries, indoors or out, not even if the Crucifix is replaced by a bright orange Heart symbolizing Love. Cops are only human and have to make a split-second decision...

  5. Hahaha! Beat u are so witty and cativo!!

    My oldest son is in the army reserve. Though a lapsed Novus Ordite, his dog tags still say he is Catholic. He went to Mass every Sunday during basic training. If you stayed in the barracks you had to work.

    Seattle kim

    1. "Cativo" is the Bear's middle name. Or would be if he had a middle name.


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