Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ephemeris News

In order of least important to most.

The masthead is being revised to "A Bearish ephemeris of Catholic culture." Not that there was anything wrong with the other one, but things are going to get a bit more Bearish here.

The Bear has found buried treasure! Once upon a time, the Bear ephemerized for an audience of two to ten people. The whole beginning of this ephemeris was lost in The Great Disaster. While it would not be humble to characterize his own work, the Bear is mighty glad to have them back. They'll be new to everyone except Jane Chantel and Pete at Et Cum Spiritu Tuo. (You can thank or blame Pete for the Bear starting this ephemeris.)

"I'm so humble I'm going to change the world!"

"Pay attention!
I'm about to be infallible."
The elderly gentleman from Argentina's January intentions video is an outrage. In the Bear's view this is nothing less than an early effort to supplant Christianity with a pan-human religion of love. Behind it is the spirit of antichrist. The Bear accepts Jorge Bergoglio as Pope, but a very dangerous one.

It seems that the only principled position is to openly declare resistance to His Holiness. First, to specific errors he promotes. Second, it is clear that Pope Francis is a bad tree, and will never produce good fruit. This is a trickier one. The Bear will be thinking about this, and welcomes suggestions.

Remember, one of the most effective tactics of Modernism is to throw out orthodox-sounding language every once in awhile to silence critics, so don't be gulled. The Bear does not trust Pope Francis. He may be the Pope, but he is not Catholic. It is amazing that our generation is watching this.

From now on the Bear will use every rhetorical weapon and agitprop in his arsenal against the elderly gentleman from Argentina. If the Bear could reduce his credibility to zero he would happily do so.

Even though he sits on the seat of Peter, he is an enemy of the Church.


  1. Your witness and resistance is meaningful. Thank you for it. I am consoled by it. I agree with everything stated here. This is a big deal. This is a "game-changer."

  2. I think he's a formal heretic now. He's done. The Church will shake him off eventually like a bad habit.

    1. No, because in many ways he is a reflection of the Church. Francis isn't really the problem, he's just the immediate threat. We may be seeing the new normal.

  3. Have you retrieved the entire pre-Great Disaster body of work? If so, that is cause for rejoicing indeed. Is there a link to the posts in question, or will gems be plucked from the trove at random, and appear as featured posts?

    1. There's a link, Jane, but I think it would be more fun to slip them in as regular ephemera :-) (Bear does happy dance.)

  4. "...he is an enemy of the Church". I agree, Bear. I can come to no other conclusion.

    By the way, my father always used to colourfully remark that there's nothing more terrifying than a bear with a sore...something or other. I forget.

    1. Probably tail, "Cranky as a sore-tailed Bear." That was the saying in my family.

  5. "Second, it is clear that Pope Francis is a bad tree, and will never produce good fruit."


    Disease has crept
    Along the branch
    Rotting from within

    A pestilence
    And blackened stench
    Mold that smells like sin

    And in a crook
    On branch near Vine
    There are some plants who sit

    Preferring Vine
    Accepting branch
    Their leaves and stems are split

    But years ago
    A faithful farmer
    Grafted growths to Vine

    Broke from branches
    Twisted cracked
    "These shoots I know are mine."

    And to this day
    Forever more
    To Vine these stalks adhere

    Branching churches
    Priests and schools --
    Glistening grapes appear!

    1. Yes, LS, one of your better efforts. Good to see you again. You're not going to believe this, but people used to think that when St. Paul talked about branches being broken off and "wild" branches being grafted onto the vine, he was talking about the Jews and Christians! In our more enlightened times, we now know that Jews were never broken off, and, in fact are themselves the vine to which Gentiles were attached and from which we draw nourishment.

    2. Romans 11: 17 - 24

      Good point. It refers to a pruning and a grafting; a horticulturist doing His work. Not ALL branches. Some. The Covenant was not revoked, but FULFILLED. Jews remain in their proper place if they accept their part of the Covenant through Jesus, it's fulfillment.

      Not all new branches will remain either. Don't become proud of your new position on the vine, (He says). You may remain only in Faith and good deeds.

  6. Indeed he needs resisting....believe me, I'd love for the opposite to be the case.

  7. "Dues caritas est", right?

    Meanwhile Francis says nothing about Cologne.

    1. Because the Muslim perps "believe in love."


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