Saturday, January 16, 2016

Francis: Another Biggest Problem -- Fortune-tellers

Bear foresees many more pieces on Pope Francis in 2016.

In a piece that did not much appeal to the Bear (he's being polite), Kathryn Lopez (whom he thought knew better) talked about reading Pope Francis' new MercyBook while grieving over David Bowie.

After quoting extensively from a homosexual about how great Bowie was, she quotes this from Pope Francis' MercyBook:
Pius XII, more than half a century ago, said that the tragedy of our age was that it had lost its sense of sin, the awareness of sin. Today we add further to the tragedy by considering our illness, our sins, to be incurable, things that cannot be healed or forgiven. We lack the actual concrete experience of mercy. The fragility of our era is this too: we don’t believe that there is a chance for redemption; for a hand to raise you up; for an embrace to save you, forgive you, pick you up, flood you with infinite, patient, indulgent love; to put you back on your feet. We need mercy. We need to ask ourselves why today so many people, men and women, young and old, of every social class, go to psychics and fortunetellers.
 Forget the over-the-top sentimentality. In the popedown, it's Pius XII-1, Francis-0.

How anyone could look at today's world and wring his hands over people overwhelmed by their sins is beyond a Bear's simple 450 gram brain. Venerable Pope Pius XII had it right. We need more of a consciousness of sin in the world. Mercy after repentance,

Now the Bear knows Pope Francis doesn't like to talk about these matters, but you've got people cohabiting who don't feel sin. You've got homosexuals who feel great about themselves. (Including a large percentage of priests.) You've got Catholics who contracept and don't feel the slightest twinge. Or think they're doing God a big favor if they manage to get to Mass twice a year. Elderly parents are forgotten because they're not pleasant to be around, and their children are not burdened by an overwhelming sense of sin. Couples who divorce and remarry, where one party is probably messing around beforehand, any feelings of sin drowned by the thrill of new love. People who don't even know what their carbon footprint is.
Sweet tiara on this Tarot Pope.
And the big problem is freakin' fortune-tellers? Seriously? Maybe in darkest Latin America where Mumbo Jumbo is still honored with orgiastic rites by the natives --

Sorry. The Bear fell off his chair laughing. Fortune-tellers. By all means, fortune-tellers are the greatest threat to the Church. Well, thank goodness the Church doesn't have any serious problems!

Holy Father, you're in luck! The Bear is here tell you why people are going to fortune-tellers.

[Bear deletes immensely entertaining rant his mate said was unfit for publication due to its graphic Bearish content.]

The reason is, with all due respect, is that it is just possible that some in positions of power within the Church, have used their power somewhat less than wisely in a few areas since 1958, causing the common people to lose confidence in their Church. It is only natural that people will seek spiritual solace somewhere else, if the Church fails to provide it. It might be further conjectured that the more unhinged the Church becomes from its tried and true liturgy and doctrine, while promoting itself as some sort of syncretistic New Age love cult, people will go to the real New Age experts instead of a bunch of elderly wannabes.

But the Bear can tell you this. The Catholics who are overwhelmed with guilt are blessed, because this will cause them to go to confession, where they will be absolved from all their sins. The Holy Father's many friends who are Evangelical, or Lutheran, or Jewish, or Muslim do not have this wonderful opportunity. Wouldn't it be swell if they were all Catholic and could receive the Sacrament of Penance? What do you think, Holy Father?

Wow. How simple that was. Catholics' guilt gets taken away, and they receive the mercy of God's forgiveness. Just like it has always been, Holy Father, even before you patented Mercy.


  1. "The reason is, with all due respect, is that it is just possible that some in positions of power within the Church, have used their power somewhat less than wisely in a few areas since 1958, causing the common people to lose confidence in their Church." How So?

    "It is only natural that people will seek spiritual solace somewhere else, if the Church fails to provide it." How did she fail?

    "It might be further conjectured that the more
    unhinged the Church becomes from its tried and true liturgy and doctrine, while promoting itself as some sort of syncretistic New Age love cult," How has the Church promoted itself as a New Age Cult?

    We know the Church had a council, I haven't heard from any of our recent Peter's say that it was heretical, scripture was not abused or challenged, mass was not abolished, doctrine was not changed, the wind of the world swept into the 60's with a hurricane, sweeping up marriage, purity, sanctity, sanity and hurled it into a crumpled society, we are still cleaning up from the mess when earthquakes rock us with more damage to our fragile self image of human. We are a mess and we can't keep up with hauling away the trash from each disaster, society is barely holding on with a finger to the hand of
    Christ, will we let go, the storms cannot break or move the rock of refuge. If we do not have Christ and his Church we're screwed, had they been closed or dysfunctional during this time of trial, we would have been Satan food, truth has never left the flock. The flock and shepherds can beat against the rock all they want, it won't crack, ...truth ,doctrine, food, has always been supplied to the flock with no amount of whiners.

    1. I have one question. Are you basing your rosy view on your personal experience and observations, or a dedication to the truth that the Church is indefectible?

      I have never said the Church is NOT indefectible. I have said it is clearly a mess, and if I have to recite all the problems, it would do no good, anyway. How you square indefectibility with the undeniable serious problems, I have not given an opinion on.

    2. Bear , the above statements you made, I'm trying to understand the facts that you use for yourself to make those statements, thus the questions. Catholics, from the beginning have had to overcome betrayal, dissenters, factions, immorality, etc. the community of believers has always had its challenges, heres to hoping for a strong faith and clear view of the One Holy, Catholic Church.

    3. I do not accept that the current crisis can be dismissed with a wave of the hand and a "Oh, every age has had its problems." That may be true, but prelates were content to refrain from undermining the Faith.

      Fortunately, all articles are archived, so I don't have to repeat myself.

      But if you are undisturbed by the Church, I am genuinely happy.

    4. debbiecs, it is a complete mystery as to how any serious Catholic could look at our church today and not see how seriously bad things are. Where would Bear, or anyone, begin.

    5. I think there is a mentality within the Church to look at the last 50 years and not see the Church but all her human elements who have acted out with disobedience, disregard and disrespect. Not all have defaced the image of the Church and her teachings. How many laity have taken the
      image of the Church and have step on it before the crowds, how many clergy have hurled mud upon the sacred with the cheering of the multitudes. An apostasy reflects badly on the Church, people doubt her perfection, her wisdom in guiding the people through the desert into the promised land, she is viewed as imperfection by association with her members, weak for letting Judas among her elite, faith shakes many away for the contradictions unreconciled now, the cross before the resurrection will usher her
      truimph, the Church will follow her Lord.

  2. Very good Bear. Folks go to fortune tellers to learn about themselves, where they are going, and how to get there. This is supposed to be the job of the Catholic Church and it's members. Leading this effort is what Pope F. is supposed to do, but all of this is hard work for everyone.

    Much easier is the MERCY program where hard work, repentance and leading a virtuous life is excused. This is all very magical and mysterious. Come to think of it, kind of like psychics and fortune tellers.

    1. Yes, Mercy does seem to bleed over into superstition on occasion. There is mercy. Francis is up to one of his old tricks (he has only a few, if you'll notice) where he sets up one thing falsely in opposition to another to push an agenda. There's a word for believing God's mercy will see you through anything. It's the sin of presumption. God's mercy is indeed infinite, but so is his justice. When is the last time you heard Francis speak of justice.

      The secondary point (besides the fortune telling) was how right Venerable Pope Pius XII was in lamenting how little sense of sin there was, and how Pope Francis turns that on its head and says yes, but it's at least as bad that there is so little sense of mercy.

      Pius XII was right, because he was the last popely pope.

  3. Wonderfully succinct and instructive, Bear. I should think that even those persons who avail of fortune-tellers, soothsayers, and phrenologists are sincerely seeking god after their own fashion and are therefore in perfect accord with religious syncretism of Francis.

    “When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything.” - G.K. Chesterton

    As for fortune-tellers, I believe the great philosopher Bob Dylan said it best:

    "You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows." Subterranean Homesick Blues.

    1. I think it's safe to say that superstition is not equally distributed around the world. Midwestern Americans don't go to fortune tellers as much as Sicilians, and, I would venture to say, most Latin American countries. I would guess, but don't know, that Germans are relatively less prone to the vice.

      I also wonder how many take it seriously, as to how many consider it a lark. And while horoscopes are published in many newspapers, I think people read them for fun, and don't plan their day around them. After all, it's not likely that people on earth are going to experience an equally divided twelve types of days.

      A more serious concern is New Ageism, and I consider the January Intentions video to be on the fringe of that.

      Paganism is now seen as a legitimate religion, with the U.S. Air Force Academy building a "Stonehenge" with taxpayer dollars, for the Wiccans to perform their mummery. Wicca was invented well into the 20th century, despite their claims to be the heirs of an ancient "Witch Cult" driven underground by Christianity.

      Then a level up (or down) is serious occultism with established lodges and a genuine historical, intellectual and spiritual appeal. Again, thinking about that video, it is common among New Age and occult circles to refer to deity as "The One."

      I stand by my mockery. The problems are within the Church, contrary to dear Debbie, whom I am sure is a sincere and wonderful person, and I wish I had her sanguine spirit. Once again, the Pope is worrying about something relatively trivial and not directly under his control instead of acknowledging the damage he and his ilk have inflicted on the Church and continue to do so by pursuing non-Christian goals to the exclusion of the mission and responsibility Christ gave him.

    2. Hear hear! Or is it here here. I wish I could unknow and believe as Debbie does as well. A big dose of not knowing might do me some good about now.
      We are now faced with, now what. It's much worse than even it seemed at the beginning. He's not alone. And the Bishops are either afraid of him or in agreement. Either way an appalling proposition.

  4. While fortune-telling may not be the biggest problem as you note, it's more common than you'd think. Horoscopes are quite common in magazines for instance. At least the pope is railing against a real sin and not something really stupid like "not recycling garbage".

    1. I don't think people take horoscopes seriously, but read them for fun, like my mom used to do. She'd laugh and tell me what I should watch out for, or whatever, if I happened to be there when she read them.

      I suspect we are seeing his provincialism again. Having suffered from prejudice all his life (murderous, lazy, smelly) the Bear is sensitive to stereotypes. However, he would wager that there are more fortune tellers per capita among Latin Americans than North Americans.

      But, yes, he seems to have accidentally stumbled upon an actual sin (superstition) to show concern about, so bravo!

  5. So much of the most entertaining stuff the Bear writes ends up getting cut. Maybe the Bear could have a premium program featuring Rabid Bear.

    1. I like it. Sign me up. Call it 'Bear Droppings'?

    2. Technically, it's called "scat."

      I think my mate became concerned when I wrote, "And I sincerely hope that you suffer nightmares every night, with the weight of your sins crushing your chest like an elephant. I hope that the judgment you apparently do not believe in is presented to you vividly at 3 a.m. so that you may at long last repent and use your few remaining years of life to start repairing the damage to the Church you have caused."

    3. Great curse bear. Might even apply to our dear leader. You wife should not be concerned about such genuine outrage.

  6. I started reading National Review in high school. Thanks to Jonah Goldberg and Kathryn Lopez I stopped years ago.

    1. Goldberg was a disaster. And firing Mark Steyn was the last straw. (I think he might really be a Bear.)

  7. Having known many people who went to palm readers, tarot card readers, psychics, reiki, etc. (I'm in Southern California after all), I can tell you that in my experience they fell into two camps: those who were doing it because they were searching for God; and those who were doing it because they didn't have enough faith in God. Of the two groups, the latter by far had more people.

    Latin American countries are known for the continued paganistic practices under the guise of Catholicism (for example, Santeria), and for its syncretistic melding of many devotions with superstitions (like wearing the Rosary alongside fetishes of various types). It's a problem, but one that can be addressed through proper formation of the Faith. Again. Always. Proper formation in the Faith will eliminate so many other problems, but this pope always seems bent (when he admits that these are a problem at all) to treating the symptoms rather than the cause.


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