Friday, January 15, 2016

Rorate Caeli on Pope's Insidious Video

From the Pope's January Intentions Video

The Bear has some more growls regarding the awful January Intentions video.

First, he has reviewed it and done his best to see it as a harmless, and even benign call to dialogue with other religions. But the video is simple and effective agitprop. It is designed, like all good agitprop, to bypass the critical faculties. One cannot escape the impression that the all-important imagery is suggesting something more than mere dialogue. It is showing a love fest among equals, whose different religions make no difference whatsoever. The producers obviously know what they're doing, therefore they must have intended it, therefore this must be Pope Francis' intention also. This is inescapable.

Second, Jimmy Aikin has posted a defense of the video at National Catholic Register. It is about as effective as our own Jimmy Bacon's defense, that the Bear rebuts in the same piece. (Note how all of Aikin's proof texts are Old Testament. Compare with the Bear's New Testament quotes on what "children of God" are. In the New Covenant, it is a term of art for the relationship with God that begins with the Trinitarian baptism and God's adoption.)

Third, there is an excellent piece on how to analyze suspect material at Rorate Caeli.
More recently, on January 6th 2016, a video-message from Pope Francis diffused all over the world’s social networks, was dedicated to inter-religious dialogue, where Catholics, Buddhists, Jews and Muslims seem to be placed on the same level, as “children of (a) God” whom everyone encounters in their own religion, in the name of some common profession of faith and love. Francis’ words, combined with those of the protagonists in the video and above all with the images, are the vehicle of a syncretistic message which contradicts, at least indirectly, the teaching as regards the redeeming uniqueness and universality of Jesus Christ and the Church, reaffirmed in the encyclical Mortalium Animos by Pius XI (1928) and the Declaration Dominus Iesus by the then Prefect for the Congregation of the Faith, Joseph Ratzinger (August 6th 2000).  
As ordinary baptized Catholics wishing to apply the theological censures of the Church to this video, we should have to define it as: inducing heresy as far as the content is concerned; equivocal and insidious as far as the form is concerned; scandalous as far as its effects on souls are concerned. 
Good analysis. Read the entire article here. (h/t reader Marcel Ghost)

Every month we're going to get one of these things. The Bear can't wait for the global warming video with polar bears stuck on the ice.


  1. This is all about MERCY Bear. Don't you get it? MERCY is the new hermeneutic of understanding scripture. All prior methods and understandings have been declared anathema.

    1. Coffee's for closers. Mercy's for Catholics.


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