Friday, January 8, 2016

Saints' Blogs

The Bear feels everyone could use a little fun. Here's one of the Lost Entries.

Of course, most people didn't get to be saints by sitting in front of a computer. They would spend their time doing more worthwhile things than blogging. In fact, blogging should probably be a disqualification for sainthood. That's why this blog is "St. Corbinian's Bear," not "St. Corbinian's Blog."

Still, it is fun to imagine saints blogging.
  1. StPeter. Starts a blog called The Daily Catch; gets into a flame war with St. Paul.
  2. StPaulEpistles. A prolific blogger in his own right, with entries like, "Faith Alone? I don't Think So." Spends most of his time arguing with Protestants. "Look, I wrote the Epistle of ME to the Romans. I think I know what I meant." 
  3. StAugustineConfessions. "Oversharing? You really think so?"
  4. StSimon StylitesFrom Where I Sit.
  5. StBenedictDear Abbey. "Welcome to my blog! Here are the rules..."
  6. StFrancisIn The Garden. In addition to his popular "bird cam," he shares tips on church repair and controversial articles on Islam.
  7. StLouis. Starts a blog called The Crusader's Sword, banned inside a week by Blogger for hate speech.
  8. StThomas AquinasThe Doctor is IN. Takes questions, gives answers.
  9. StLouis de MontfortTrue Devotion to Mary. No actual entries, spends all his time refuting trolls accusing Catholics of "worshipping" Mary.
  10. StGabriel PossentiGod and Gun. "Clinging to My Bible and My Gun since 1860." Often features unusual recipes for lizard.
Catholics do not forget the humanity of their saints. A Catholic who loses something might say, "Tony, Tony,  come around, something's lost and must be found." You can view it as superstition, a lack of respect, but it can also be seen as a mark of fraternity between members of the Communion of the Saints.

When thunder booms, we say "St. Scholastica." That's because St. Scholastica prayed that her brother St. Benedict's return to the monastery might be delayed, and indeed a storm prevented his leaving.

Blogging is easier to imagine some saints doing than others. St. Maximillian Kolbe was a publisher before he was killed in a concentration camp by Nazis. He is the only saint to have his own amateur radio license: S3PRN. Venerable Servant of God Archbishop Fulton Sheen was a flash of media brilliance before the Catholic light went out in America. (He is said to have invented the red light on top of television cameras, so he could know which one to address.) He consistently beat big name stars in the ratings. When someone asked Milton Berle why Sheen had a bigger audience than he did, Berle said, "He's got better writers."

Any contributions to Saints' Blogs? 


  1. Well, I must put in a good word for St. Jane de Chantal who had to step over her tantrum-throwing teenaged son, Celse-Benigne, when leaving home to enter the religious life. She probably would have started a parenting blog emphasizing tough love. (She had arranged for Celse-Benigne's needs to be provided for by her father and brother -- who may have had their hands full with the young man, as he reputedly developed a fondness for dueling :-)

    1. Well, Nightingale, we need a name. Bear's all creatived out at the moment.

    2. St. Jane de Chantal: Philothea

    3. Thank you, Elizabeth -- that is much better than "Tantrum Ergo", lol

  2. St Isaac Jogues: The Pertinacious Powwow

    St Margaret Clitherow: Pressing Catholic Issues

    St Helen: Digging Up the Good Stuff

    St Thomas: Subcontinent Scoop

    St Lawrence: Turn, Turn, Turn...

    St Dismas: Hanging Around

    St Thomas More: Henry's Thorn

    St Bridget: Bardot I Ain't

    St Damian: The Untouchables--Not!

    St Elizabeth Anne Seton: American Heretic to Holiness

    St Pius X: The Modernist Buster

    1. Bear will have to look some of them up. "Henry's Thom?"

      Maybe "Grilling With St. Lawrence?" or "I'm Not Done Yet." an ephemeris that features that catchphrase to punctuate sections of argument.

      St. Dismas: "Cross Words" -- a polemical blog.

      Funny! Although I don't know St. Margaret Clitherow. I like St. Pius X.

    2. Thomas More was a thorn in Henry's side--simply would not sanction his marriage to Ann Bolyn. Henry gave him lots of opportunities.

      Margaret Clitherow, the Pearl of York, was pressed to death with a large slab of stone for harbouring priests in Recusant England. Her home in the Shambles is a holy place of pilgrimage.

      I like the more literary angle you gave to my proposed blogs!

  3. Maybe should have elaborated a bit...

    St Dismas: Hanging Around--the View from Calvary.

    St. Bridget: Bardot I Ain't. Or, Musings of a European Unifier.

    1. St Damian: Untouchables--Not! The View from Molokai.

  4. St. John, The Patmos Blog, AntiChrist update, Prophecy
    Now, fundies & trads converge.

    The Baptist Blog, "to death do you part", Elijah happenings & how do get ready for a wedding.

  5. St. Stanislaus: Can I Get a Witness?

    Wow, that shows that I'm an 80s baby.

  6. St Joseph: Workshop Shavings, In Plane View, Hammering Away Jose, Dreamscapes, May-December Musings

    1. Haha, Hammering Away Jose, that made my day!

    2. Thank you Comrad. My St Joesph ones were probably the best. St Joseph lends himself to wonderful things!

  7. St Faustina: Mercy Me!

    St Gerard: Somethin' Lovin' in the Oven (patron saint of pregnant women)

  8. St Andrew: The Kibitzing Kilt

    St David: Yes, for Wales.

    1. Sandpiper, these are wonderful! Thank you for making me smile today.

    2. My profound pleasure. I love stuff like this.

  9. St Abraham: Ur Gonna Like This

    St Sylvester: Tweety Tweets

    St. John of the Cross: Night Lights

  10. St Agnes: Lamb's Tales from the Coliseum.

  11. St Jerome: The Lion's Share

    Sts Cyril and Methodius: Eastern Promises

    St Olaf: North Country Natterings

  12. St. Lawrence; Flipping for the Faith, grilling but not chilling


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