Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Snowmageddon! Global Warming!

Every winter the same thing happens. A winter snow storm is hyped to Fox-News-Alert-We're-All-Gonna-Die levels. Then, it turns out to be more fizzle than blizzard.

Now they'e naming them. "Winter Storm Ilias" was what they threatened poor old Bear with. The poor Shepherdess was running around buying coats for goats, sweaters for wethers, and stocking up on snowmelt and bananas. The Bear doesn't know why, but judging by the empty banana stand at the supermarket, everyone seems to agree that bananas are the key to surviving a winter storm.

We're not kidding! This has catastrophe written all over it!

Came the big night, and the Bear peeked outside about 2 a.m. The winter storm had done its worse. There was a glistening two inches covering everything.

The Bear supposes it is better to have a few extra bananas than be caught without if we did get six feet of snow. But you would think they would get it right once, if only by accident.

And yet, we're to believe they can predict weather trends for the entire planet decades in advance. Humans never fail to amuse Bears.

All the usual suspects are trumpeting that 2015 was the "warmest year on record." However, the scientists at the Heartland Institute say 2015 wasn't even close to being the warmest on record. Satellite records since 1979 show that 1989 was by far the warmest, followed by 2010, with 2015 third. And 2015 should have been hotter since we had the most powerful El Nino on record.

The more colossal the lie, the more people will believe that no one could be so bold as to broadcast it. After all, it is beyond belief that the president of the United States, the Vatican and the U.N. would just make up a story about global warming, right?

News like this is why you should visit St. Corbinian's Bear every day. The world's most popular Catholic ephemeris.


  1. "And yet, we're to believe they can predict weather trends for the entire planet decades in advance."

    Yes! This is what I said when I first heard about Gore's movie (I never saw the movie; I heard enough from the gullible around me). Seriously, they can't even predict the weather a week in advance with any kind of real certainty, but I'm supposed to believe their gloom-and-doom scenarios?

    When I heard about carbon credits and exchanges, I knew this was deliberate manipulation and not just some Chicken Little scenario.


    The rain for pain.
    The sun for fun
    And falling snow
    Slows everyone.

    The fluffs of white
    Float to the ground.
    We look, we feel
    But there's no sound.

    It falls from Heaven
    So it's blessed twice
    Like rain and sun
    An earthly spice

    For nature's needs
    It's all created
    And to our souls
    It's tightly mated.

    For rain can soothe
    A sobbing breast.
    The sun sheds light
    On one depressed.

    And snow so cold
    She takes our breath
    In silence comes
    Like old man death

    Reminding us
    Slow down and make...
    Your souls as white
    As snowy flake.

  3. Yes, and once it hits the East Coast, it's going to be epic, the worst snow storm-ever! Worse than last year, which was worse than the year before... They say that with each 2-4 ft snowfall that comes most years in DC and cripples the whole darned town.

    And to have global warming at the same time! Oh, my!

  4. By the way ... those little kids look really good in argyle!

  5. My relatives in the Keystone State tell me the drill is to stock-up on toilet paper, milk, and bread (though some argue for whiskey and ammo).

    I think the Vatican and UN may know whereof they speak when it comes to snow jobs.

  6. Question: Which is more ridiculous? What the Pope says about the climate or what he says about the Catholic faith? Interesting that Pope seems to believe weather forecasts more than he does what Jesus says about eternal life.

  7. Oh.My.Gosh. Those argyle sweaters on your little babes are adorable.

    1. Must confess that's not ours. We have a coat for Holly, but the other goats tear it off of her. Shepherdess hasn't knitted any sweaters for the goats yet.

  8. Snowmageddon
    aka "#SNOWvWADE"
    Yup, orgs that fund abortion/are abortion related are FUNDRAISING off of the blizzard & picking on the high schoolers & college kids at March for Life. Even if one was prochoice, this is pretty weird. Examples from wading through them:

    [I take it this one means due to the blizzard there will be lots of time indoors leading to the conception of lots unwanted children:] Funds like us, @RRFPva @DCAbortionFund @BaltimoreFund @NCAbortionFund and others will be scrambling to meet the new needs. #snowvwade"

    Yes we did! Abortion Activists Have Found a Way to Benefit Through East Coast Blizzard

    (From a guy w/a pic of his little girl, and his profile states I care a lot. Probably too much. Dad. Prep School Archivist. Vegan): To mark 6 yrs of wedded bliss, me & pledge $6 to @DCAbortionFund for every 1 in. of snow that falls by 12am tonight! #snowvwade

    _____ Retweeted ____This is the best idea ever. I'm in, $5/inch. #nonprofitlife
    ____ added Im in for a #SnowvWade @AbortionFunds fundraiser! $10 per inch? Also snow makes it hard to travel to your abortion.

    When did the Right to Life Become the Right to Terrorize?

    Planned ParenthoodVerified account Tomorrow, anti-abortion extremists will trudge through #SnowvWade to bring insulting message to DC. Denounce them:

    Why would you trust a teen to raise a kid but not to have an abortion? @JessicaValenti via @guardian #reprorights

    And this site has a live COUNTER running of how many carbon-producing children are born! (with lots of pics of blacksso insulting) (and looks like they are a partner of the carbonfreefund?)

    We have later term client traveling out of state needing $1000 next week- PLZ HELP!

    [Huh?] In our country right now our sexual education is abysmal. We're still struggling with our puritan hangover. #SnowVWade

    @Aman_Foundation Join the conversation #ICFP on why #FamilyPlanning advocacy is critical for sustainable #growth.

    Family Planning 2020 Retweet if you agree #FamilyPlanning is key to healthy families, thriving communities and strong economies. #ICFP2016

    My favorite part of this week is schaudenfreude because peak snowfall over March For Life #SnowvWade

    @DCAbortion Fund This is a serious and life-threatening winter storm. Stay warm and safe this weekend!

    IUDs don't get snowed in (it's always toasty in here), but DO support abortion! $2 for every inch to the @DCAbortionFund !!

    I can't wait to win powerball and start bankrolling every abortion fund so hard. @NYAAF @DCAbortionFund
    (show less)

    (Abortion must be on their minds 24/7. Creepy. Just creepy.)


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