Sunday, January 10, 2016

Totally Original Feature: Your Sunday Sermon Notes

The Bear is curious if the homilies you get are as crappy as what the Bear has to put up with.

For example, today we began with Mercy (now always capitalized, you know), then suddenly we're talking about Anne Frank. Then it's -- no kidding -- Ivan the Terrible, who killed the Patriarch of Moscow. This was all in the first five minutes before he settled on the real topic.

Gun control. Sandy Hook showed that we need gun control. We especially need to get rid of Assault Rifles. The constitution says you can have guns for self-defense, but not Assault Rifles. We need to get treatment for mentally ill people. We need to fix the system. In Sandy Hook, all sorts of laws were violated. We need to enforce the law. [Immigration Law, not so much.] But there are things we must do to fix the system, like gun control. So there won't be any more Sandy Hooks. Now, I don't mean all guns, because there is a constitution, but still we have to be able to prevent these shootings. And that means gun control, especially of the dangerous kinds of guns that can hurt people.

The Bear's driver, bodyguard and factotum, Red Death, A.K.A. the Shepherdess, his mate, leaned over and said she was going to put her Concealed Carry License in the collection plate in lieu of our envelope.

Unsurprisingly, there was no mention of the San Bernardino shootings by our fellow members of the Three Amigos Great Abrahamic Religions, Muslims. And, oddly, there was no mention of Jesus or his baptism. Perhaps the Bear misread his calendar, and today was really the Feast of the Holy Disarmament of Citizens.

This is another reason the Bear has to nail his foot to the floor in front of his favorite pew: stream of consciousness sermons featuring the last thing Father read on Huffington Post, with zero religious content.

So, how was yours?


  1. During this holy year of Mercy we must act like Children of God toward our brothers and sisters, specifically those seeking asylum.

    The never ending mantra--Francis, Mercy, Welcoming Migrants. Francis, Mercy, Welcoming Migrants. Francis, Mercy, Welcoming Migrants.

    1. What about the Rape Gap?

      If America does not continue to admit Mahometans into America, we will continue to fall dangerously behind Sweden and Germany in the all important Rape Race.

      Hell, tiny Sweden is WAY ahead of us - sure, they have more and better looking blondes, but still....

  2. I just changed my mind; I think you should pull out the nail.

    Ours was much better. It focused on our baptism, mostly as infants, and how that proves that God loves us even when we have done nothing to deserve His love. We then should live out our gratitude for that love.

    1. Wait a second. You mean your priest actually talked about a religious topic during a homily? Get outta here!

  3. You suffered greatly this morning. I was simply bored. Jesus baptism was mentioned, but as a segue to Welcoming Migrants.

  4. Was yours a TLM? If yes, very surprising.

    1. What do you think? I don't mind the vast majority of the Church liturgy, though. It appeals to my Bearish boisterousness.

  5. Hmmm... my Deacon gave a good sermon about how the world has rejected God and how statistically Christians are no different from the rest when it comes to infanticide, gay marriage, and contraception; how we need to re-evangelize Christians who have forgotten their faith.
    You have my condolences. Unnail your foot out of the pew and drop the bloody thing in the collection plate. Maybe educate the priest on the danger of blood-borne diseases.

  6. Our very Thomistic Deacon talked of how disturbed John was that Jesus came to him for Baptism - it was Jesus who should be baptizing John! Jesus told John "Let it be so now..." And John did, and the heavens opened and the Holy Spirit descended like a dove - GLORY! Deacon likened it to trying to discern God's Will - even if we don't "get it".....ALLOW IT FOR NOW...
    Yes, I thank God for this Deacon and our holy priests at St. Catherine's.

    And I don't think Fr. Z would blame you for your totally original feature after what you had to listen to.

  7. The Baptism of Our Lord shows that He wants a personal and intimate relation with us, and it is only through that intimate relationship with Him that we may become children of God. Just like baptism and confirmation make us intimate brothers and sisters of Christ, the holy union of Marriage is also a sacrament. (Didn't go so far as to outright say, "Divorce is immoral" but Father mentioned he often takes part in Annulment tribunals and is very concerned about what he sees there.) Married couples need to commit to growing together in sacramental intimacy and love every day so as to be an example to the world of the power of that love that is a reflection of the perfect love given to us by Our Lord. This is the holy vocation of married people and nothing (specifically, not even children, which - he said - a lot of people use as a crutch to avoid working on their marriages) is more important than living up to the marriage vows and preserving that holy sacrament.
    Um...y'all might think about moving to a different parish. Especially if you have children. Find a good, orthodox parish and support it. If there's no fire of the Holy Spirit in the church, don't warm the pews with your behinds.

  8. Feast of the Holy Family

    "But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God." 1 Corinthians 11:3

    As always from our young priests, virile, manly & Christ like amidst many little children, elderly & handicap.

    "Thus the priest, as is said with good reason, is indeed 'another Christ'; for, in some way, he is himself a continuation of Christ. 'As the Father hath sent Me, I also send you,' is spoken to the priest, and hence the priest, like Christ, continues to give 'glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to men of good will.'" Pius XI, Ad Catholici Sacerdotii

    aka - CATHOLIC!


    On, campy clergy
    Wasted women
    It's all about just you

    You cannot think
    Outside the globe
    Or past the sixties view

    But Holy Mother
    Catholic Church
    Universal on this earth,

    Her stars and moon
    And sun helped grow
    Our boys beyond their birth,

    Where deep dark nights
    And mornings gold
    Protected as we prayed,

    First light's low Mass -
    Eve rosaries, while you’ve grayed.

    Time waits not for
    Your desires
    Or you, new truths to declare…

    The Universal
    Truths are set --
    Our celibate sons will bear!

  9. I go to Mass for the Blessed Sacrament. I gave up hope long ago of hearing something edifying. My children were subjected to "gay marriage is a matter of equal rights" from our pastor in his sermon. (As he mingled with his cheerleading section up front). No TLM in reasonable distance. Except for the Sacrament, we are fed stale, recycled crumbs. I implore Our Lord and Our Lady to rectify the situation somehow, some way.

  10. The priest (OF/NO) talked about how Baptism is a sacrament and in Jesus's doing so, he gave a example for us to follow (though Jesus being God was sinless) to gain Eternal Life, with a focus that Baptism, as a sacrament, gives us a new identity as children of God. A excellent (unintentional?) counterpoint to the Pope's pantheistic "We are all children of God" statement.

  11. At Corpus Christi Church in Manhattan, we were blessed with an excellent sermon from Fr. Dan O'Reilly, our administrator. He began with a description of the painting of the baptism of Jesus by John as it was rendered by Leonardo da Vinci. He made a beautiful point out of the opening of the heavens, spread by the hands of God, and the Holy Spirit descending upon the Christ. Then he explained the various meanings of water in relation to our own baptism--it cleanses, it nourishes, it can cause death. So we have died and risen in Christ through baptism. He ended with an exhortation that we remember or recall our baptism, think on it with joy and gratitude, and to let that joy radiate out from us to everyone we encounter. Thank God for Fr. Dan!

  12. We have no political sermons at our at Epiphany Cathedral Parish in Venice, Florida. Our sermon yesterday had to do with our Lord's baptism and how fortunate we are to have that gift which can make us happy, joyous and free. The Charismatic movement was mentioned to illustrate the joys of baptism in the Holy Spirit. We were invited to carry the joy of being Catholic to others.

  13. Oh my gosh....THAT was the priest's frigging Sermon? I thought you were joking at first.

  14. Wow. The Bear is happy for all of you that have actual sermons at Mass. He was starting to think his own parish was the norm. But, no, this is not a joke. This is what we get every Sunday. It's a horrible attitude, but the Bear's just there for the Eucharist. But, he's there, with his foot nailed to the floor in front of his favorite pew. The parish council meetings are similar.

  15. We had our coadjutor pastor celebrate last Sunday. He's not quite so good as the outgoing pastor, but ...

    He started off talking about how the three readings noted the special relationship God established with His people and tied that into baptism's being the means whereby we all become true children of God (he referred to it as "spiritual children of God). While noting that yes, we are all children of God, he emphasized the change in relationship created via baptism. He also talked about how that baptism grants us the gift of the Holy Spirit, enabling us to become part of God's spiritual family and giving us the responsibility to share His gifts with others, with the goal of bringing them into God's family as well. He went on to talk about how we can damage the relationship through failing to meet our responsibilities, and how "distractions" often kept us from being entirely God's children even after baptism. He said that we were often distracted from trusting in God, often distracted from loving each other and treating each other like fellow children of God, etc. He brought up the Year of Mercy (of course), BUT he said that the Church has already got a means of re-establishing ourselves fully as spiritual children of God, and that is the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

    There was more in that vein. Overall, it was a good homily, although I could do without the "distractions" substituting for "temptations" and I prefer the good, old-fashioned, "When you are baptised, your soul becomes the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, but when you commit a mortal sin, the Holy Spirit is no longer within you. How do you restore it? Via confession." I like the direct teaching rather than all this softening up. But still, not a bad homily. For reference, I'm in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

  16. The Bear and his mate were considering an anonymous donation of "101 Sermon Starters," or maybe just, "We discovered this book that may help you give on-point sermons." And when he unwrapped it, it would be a Bible. We think he just doesn't prepare, and when he gets up to deliver his sermon, he just talks about whatever is in his memory from the last few days. But not a single mention of the Baptism of Our Lord is pretty inexcusable. This is how worldly issues trump the faith from the parish level all the way up to the Vatican.

  17. I read this stuff and our problems seem paltry by comparison.

  18. We are normally in the Church of the Refugees. But, yes, our pastor's homily yesterday was about baptism.

  19. The priest shortage means priests know they have a 00 license to kill. No way will the Bishop say boo, and if they transfer him, there's no one to replace him. We literally have parishes without priests in our diocese. So Father knows he's 100% safe no matter what. He spends more time in the air than preparing sermons. He's always off to some ecumenical conference in some other country, of back to St. John's in Minnesota for a retreat, then there's the reunions in Louvain that seem to be four times a year.

    1. I don't think it would hurt to inform the bishop. You are right that not much may change, but the bishop may possibly say something. I think he got an earful from my parish about some things a retired fill-in priest said one week.

      Tell it honestly and in charity.

  20. We did hear a sermon on the scripture and Jesus' baptism. I was dismayed however to hear that John got that baptism idea from all the other world religions, nothing new. Yeah, I guess he learned about buddhism and non-existent Islam and whatever else never having traveled probably more than 30 M from home. Sure. Why couldn't father talk about cultural traditions of cleanliness? Why not relate to Jewish tradition, from which John and Jesus came? I mean, duh!

  21. We recently heard that Jesus did not disobey Joseph and Mary when He was found at the Temple. Father gave a sound, edifying homily full of thought-provoking insights. He had to contradict His Holiness Pope Francis quite flatly in order to do so.

  22. If it makes you feel any better, even a Texas "bishop" went on an anti-gun tirade:

    Seattle kim


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