Thursday, January 14, 2016

Vatican Radio Mystery Man

"You are all dwarfs in comparison to me!"
Note the microphones in front of some of the popes.

Okay, woodland creatures, who is the mystery man in mufti in the picture on the Vatican Radio site? And how about the man on the extreme right? The shock of white hair makes the Bear think of Pope St. Pius X. That would complete the set, too. But the profile depiction makes it harder. Pius XI was the first pope to make a radio address (c. 1931).

Guglielmo Marconi
As for the mystery man, the Bear is going with Guglielmo Marconi (1874-1937), the inventor of the radio.

Other papal firsts:
  • to appear on film -- Pope Leo XIII 1896
  • to make a radio broadcast -- Pius XI c. 1931
  • to have a full-length motion picture made of him -- Pope Pius XII "Pastor Angelicus" 1942 (available on YouTube in Italian) apparently having something to do with the Prophecy of St. Malachi
  • to appear on television -- Pius XII
  • to admit cameras into the Vatican to film a "day in the life" -- Pope John XXIII 1961
  • to fly in an airplane -- Pope Paul VI (imagine!)
  • to talk to people in space -- Pope Benedict XVI 2011 to International Space Station
  • to do a question and answer on television -- Pope Benedict XVI 2011
  • to release a video celebrating indifferentism -- Pope Francis 2016

Mass with Venerable Pope Pius XII

In other news, Thursday the Vatican is sponsoring a circus for up to 2000 poor and homeless people, according to the Papal Almoner. Where are the Bears? People want to see a Bear riding a motorcycle, not some fancy horses prancing around. But see how fat and delicious they look! It takes the Bear back to his time in Pablo Fanques' circus. Another horse man, but he knew the Bear would be a big attraction.


  1. I think the man in mufti is the late Sir John Gielgud, a stage actor who played the role of pope, i.e. Pius XII, etc., in various theatrical presentations.

    The figure on the right with the shock of white hair appears to me to be holding a truncheon of some sort in a menacing fashion rather than a microphone. I will guess that person is a badly drawn representation of Venerable Fulton J. Sheen, a Catholic media star when there were such things in the firmament.

    Just spit-ballin', Bear.

    1. I thought Bishop Sheen, too, although it doesn't quite look like him. He looks more like Bishop Sheen than Pope Pius X. But, then, why skip a Pius? I think I see a white cap. I'm gonna change my guess to Pope Benedict XVI, who would be extremely odd to leave out.

  2. That handsome feller on the far right is the lovable and truly humble Benedict XVI in his Christmas cape. Can't see the ermine trim, so fit for the Vicar of Christ.

    1. Without a doubt.

      Watch the video. It is amazing to see what the Catholic Church was within a lifetime. Huge mistake for popes to abandon the regalia that made them POPES, not e.g. a guy named Jorge Bergoglio with a bad habit of shooting from the hip. Can you imagine taking questions from the press while you're being carried on the sedia gestatoria? Don't you think the papal tiara would confer a sense of propriety and dignity? It isn't humble to reject the trappings of office! It is PRIDEFUL to reject the trappings of the office, to have to demonstrate your specialNESS. The trappings aren't to make you special. The elderly gentleman from Argentina can't even wear the proper shoes. Who care what the world thinks?

      The pope should be required to make use of all the pomp and circumstance of his office at the time of Pope Pius XII, and, upon election, sign and read aloud from the balcony the Oath Against Modernism.

      When the Bear was a naval officer, that uniform reminded me of the role I had assumed, and was symbol of authority and comfort to enlisted persons. It would never have occurred to me to refuse to wear it because I was "too humble." Only someone completely clueless pull this, "Oh, look! I'm too humble to act like the Pope!"

      Thus ranted the Bear.

  3. You rant and growl and pace and snuffle and show your fang all you want. Me, I'll just weep in my pillow for what once was.


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