Monday, January 11, 2016

Voris: Half of Priests and Bishops Gay?

Just yesterday the Bear in one of frequent rants (life with him is just like this ephemeris) told his mate that half the clergy in the Church was gay. Little did he know he might have been accurate.

Michael Voris, whose gaydar is unmatched in the Western World, cites research about priests and even bishops dying in a clerical AIDS epidemic. Studies show, according to Voris, that anywhere from 15% to 58% of Catholic clergy is homosexual.

Guess they weren't wearing their "gay lobby" labels, per Pope Francis' humorous airplane quip. Except maybe not so funny when massive numbers of of priests are dying of AIDS. Even less hilarious when you consider the skyrocketing rate of AIDS among homosexual priests next to the homosexual sex abuse scandal where pubescent boys were at risk.

The Bear has no doubt this is largely true. (The reservation he has is how can reports come up with such a huge difference and claim validity?) Recent history has shown this has consequences. There was the tragic homosexual sex abuse scandal. Right now there is a burgeoning homosexual scandal in the archdiocese of New York. But more importantly, how can we expect priests and prelates to defend the ancient condemnation of sodomy if up to 58% of them are themselves sodomites?


  1. Bear, have you seen the movie "The Spotlight"?

  2. Priest and laity alike who go against church teachings probably are not going to be a prophetic voice to the world. How many contracepting catholics are going to show the truth of the Church, every vice and disobedience to church teaching probably runs over 50% in every category of thou shall not, not to exclude others who proclaim a Christian identity. Can you think of one vice that does not have a rating of at least 50% amongst christians, lets give thanks if its not 90% and celebrate with Heaven for lost treasure regain. Such treasure, so close, everyone sees the gold coin but waits for a little movement to the
    right or left to go in for the snatch. And if it
    goes to the left its still in view with an Angel
    ready to pounce on any moment to the right.

  3. This is an old, old story of scandalous immorality from 1000 years ago repeating itself now in these neo-pagan, post-modern times: Liber Gomorrhianus:

  4. My estimate (as a diocesan priest for 20 years) is two thirds of priests suffer from same-sex attraction.

    1. Yikes....
      My own unscientific survey using my simple observation of tell-tale signs would def be 50%. Roughly. Many are priests I admire & respect- and I try to put it to the side, although it bothers me. I like to assume they are not acting out on what I think their leaning is. Also- I have heard 2 priests who I respect & admire, and I don't see as having a samesex attraction- openly discuss their struggle with chastity. I was shocked, but try to adjust my thinking about priests being above that. I hoped it would help me see them as more human. But still disturbing.

  5. Most of the saints have said that few will get to heaven. Jesus wondered that when He again would He find any faith on earth. The Catholic Church of 'what's happening now' is assuring that the saints and Jesus were correct in their predictions.

  6. Many of the Presiders ABS has had the misfortune of being in the presence of at their Lil' Licit Liturgies are epicene ecclesiastics who seem to have sought ordination so as to actualise the social worker/change agent instincts they long possessed.

    The Feminisation and Sodomisation of the clergy are the twin scourges lashing the Body of Christ and all of this was quite predictable for as the great Dom Prosper Gueranger long ago noted, when the strictures of asceticism become lax or, worse, abandoned, then effeminacy is the inexorable consequence and who alive can even remember mandatory days of fast and abstinence?


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