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You Might Be a Benedictine Oblate If...

You might be a Benedictine Oblate if...
  • You have made a phone call and recognized the beeps as Tone Four.
  • When you punish your children, you call it "excommunication" instead of "time out."
  • You not only know the words to the Hail Holy Queen, but can sing it. In Latin.
  • You have welcomed Jehovah's Witnesses into your home as an expression of Benedictine hospitality. They left as quickly as possible.
  • When someone has asked what time it is, you have said, "Vespers, care to join us?"
  • Your wife giving you the silent treatment after Compline doesn't mean she's mad.
  • You have ever chanted Psalm 124 in the passenger seat of a moving vehicle.
  • When people have gotten upset about politics, you have shrugged and said, "Well, we survived the fall of the Roman Empire, so I guess we'll manage."
  • Your dogs think they are monks, and promptly join you for Lauds and Vespers.
  • Your plan for surviving the zombiepocalypse is The Rule of St. Benedict.


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