Sunday, February 14, 2016

500,000 & Special Offer

As in page views, almost entirely in two years. Yes, it's totally un-Benedictine to boast, and Lent besides. But the world's only ursine Catholic ephemerist is not boasting, because he knows that is still small potatoes in the Catholic ephemera. He's just sharing the fun of a personal landmark with his friends.

Ironically, the entry for February 14, 2012 was entitled "The Bear Considers Putting the Blog to Rest." He complained about "4 or 7 page views." It would flounder for another two years, even being abandoned entirely at one point.

Stats were flat until February, 2014. Then the trend line went sharply up, flattening out in August 2015, when the Bear's output slowed, then shooting up in September 2015 to the present, with no sign of slowing down.

Thanks to readers, donors, those who linked to SCB, Pewsitter, and most of all, Pope Francis.

But Pewsitter links to SCB a lot. So they have to get a special thank you. And thanks for starting to identify me as "the Bear," which reinforces my brand. (Whatever that's worth.) Frank must be an arctophile. American Catholic sent some traffic with its "Bear Growls" feature, so thanks to them as well.

To mark this auspicious occasion, the Bear extends a welcome to all readers who wish to join the Bear's Facebook page: "Corbinian's Bear." Now, the Bear is not promising anything but an experience much like that at the zoo, just watching the Bear in a simulation of his natural environment, posting pictures of goats and jetliners and what not. Except in this zoo, you can talk to the Bear if you want to.

Come to think of it, zoos are pretty boring. And you can talk to those Bears, too, although it is doubtful they will answer. If they do, please notify the Bear.

But your choice. Thanks again, visitors, friends and woodland creatures. Let's go for a million in 2016, shall we?



  1. Congrats Bear. You do good work with a smile. 1,000,000 here you come.

  2. Congrats Bear! I knew you had it in you!

  3. How wonderful! I'm awfully glad for you, although I have no idea why higher numbers are better. Really I don't, but if you say they are, good enough! You are a pleasant bear, and we woodland creatures all have common, creatures we should keep an eye on. I'm currently trying to think of what forest dweller I would be. I'm pretty sure a squirrel.

  4. We don't have a squirrel.

    Perhaps men are different, but, surprisingly, Bears like to keep score, even if it doesn't mean anything. It is silly, but it is a tangible representation of "success" to do better than you have done in the past. To grow your readership. Keeping this ephemeris fed with original content every day is hard work. It's nice to see it do better. The Bear will never be Fr. Z, or Mark Shea. But this year, at some point, maybe he'll have a million page views. And that's not bad for the largest of all land carnivores (take that polar Bears). See, there the Bear goes again...

    1. No, you will never be a Fr. Z or Mark Shea .... So what? You are da BEAR and God has given you a perspective & talent unique only to you for which I am eternally grateful.
      (I know you were comparing the "hits" the other guys get to yours, not your person/bear hood - but that was my first thought).
      Also, thanks but no thanks to special offer. Facebook for me is too much like your "fat pony", so I took myself out of that field.


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