Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Catholics, Will You Stand Your Ground With a Stubborn Old Bear?

"Radical Catholic Reactionary"
The Bear has been fed sufficient honey to improve his temper, although he does not regret a thing. Nonetheless, the Bear would share some honey with the woodland creatures to restore balance to the universe.

First, the personage treated rather brusquely in the Bear's last post is without doubt the Pope, for whom the Bear offers sincere prayers at Lauds and Vespers, for his health, safety and wisdom.

Second, the Church of which Francis is the supreme pastor is without doubt the Roman Catholic Church. The Bear was amused to find himself described elsewhere as a "radical Catholic reactionary," which is the sort of thing Bears enjoy being called, especially if they are in good company. (Does that mean Catholics can become radicalized through this ephemeris?)

 But let no one doubt that the Bear belongs to the plain ol' Roman Catholic Church, that needs no adjectives or qualifiers. And please, do not call it the "Novus Ordo Church." Like it or not, it's just the Church. The Bear enjoys the perspective of observing the Church for most of its existence and is quite certain on this matter.

Third, Catholics belong to the Catholic Church, not some "more correct" entity they may find. The Bear concedes that there are others who are speaking more clearly in our times, but Catholics belong in the Catholic Church. It's like a family. If you looked around for a better family, you might be able to find one. One that was richer, had sounder political views, possessed more attractive members, and was blessed with a paterfamilias who was a veritable sage. But no one changes families in that way. It would be absurd, if not impossible. So please, stand your ground with this stubborn old Bear, where we belong, in the Roman Catholic Church, brothers and sisters.

Sure, we've got problems. Maybe many of them will soon be resolved, maybe not, After all, if everything was clover honey there would be no need to nail your foot the floor in front of your favorite pew would there? That's to keep you from bolting from some very real problems. A Bear knows. Bears are not naive. In fact, whatever the opposite of naive is, that's what Bears are. We live to bite the faces off of troublemakers.

As an aside, the Bear did not intend to pick a fight with anybody in the last post. This is a tricky subject and there is another side to this. Some, more temperate, perhaps, ephemerists have emphasized the preservation of actual Church teachings and the non-magisterial nature of much of what comes out of the Vatican. This is legitimate. But the Bear thinks it is more important to emphasize the risk to his brothers and sisters in the Lord posed by a pattern of bad teaching from high places.

If there is one thing Scripture teaches us, it is that the way to victory is through fire and blood, and sometimes we seem forgotten by God. When Job asked why, God firmly put him in his place without giving him an answer. Jesus cried "why" from the cross. "Why" is the quintessential expression of the aching heart and exhausted intellect. It is perhaps. the most human of all expressions.

The Bear does not know why the Church is being tortured in our lifetimes, and he won't know this side of the grave. It's happening. It's a mystery. Keep faith. We are all in the invisible hands of our God, and Christ knows what the magnificent victory of His Church will be. The Bear has a hunch it will be a surprise. In this matter, perhaps it is the God of surprises Who will act. Pray. Love.



  1. You may have seen this thought of mine at 1P5:

    Why don't we get together a letter, à la Filial Appeal [] asking each and every living Bishop and to every Bishop Conference to condemn the Pope [worded clearly but respectfully]. I volunteer to deliver a copy to my good Bishop the Most Reverend Clarence (Larry) Silva, Bishop of Honolulu [].

  2. Whew! I am glad you did not offer an "apology" (gag) and also glad your tempter temper is better.
    You are a bearish treasure.

  3. Radical Catholic Reactionary? Was that me?

    In any case, it was tongue in cheek. I was making gentle fun of Dave Armstrong's cloth-eared slogan for any Catholics more skeptical of TPTB than he is.

    1. Might have been. I think it was at one peter five. Bear is more than happy to be described as a radical Catholic reactionary. He thinks every Catholic should be.

  4. An interesting post, Bear. A quote might suffice for me...

    I’m reminded of the great missionary to the Mid West, Rose Phillipine Duchesne who, after arriving in the remote Missouri territory met with the bishop.
    He asked her, “What do you desire?”
    The little Frenchwoman said, “A cross”
    The bishop replied, “Good, because that is all I have to offer you.”

  5. Pray. Love. I like those ending words.

    Sure has been a rough week for us plain ol' Catholics. Stickin' wif ya. Don't feel like commenting much anymore but I'm loyally following you, Vox, Mahound...

    Louie Verrechio over at aka Catholic thinks Paul Vl really did promote contraception to nuns in the Congo and that the pope clumsily let the cat outta the bag. Interesting implications says Louie. Why not have a look-see if you've not done so yet. What do you think?

  6. I suggest Francis is packing The Judge's future docket with many a likely plea of detrimental reliance:

    "And that slave who knew his master's will and did not get ready or act in accord with his will, will receive many lashes, but the one who did not know it, and committed deeds worthy of a flogging, will receive but few." Luke 12:47-48

    Thanks to Francis I suspect there will be much need of a good tort lawyer to handle the issues of estoppel at the Pearly Gates for years to come.

    1. Yes, Your Honor, that has crossed my mind as well. We try to educate ourselves, since no one else will do it, or if they do they do it poorly. We are at the mercy of our confessors all the way up to the Pope of Rome. God have mercy on our souls -- and theirs.

  7. "Radical Catholic reactionary"

    Mark Shea must have found you and added you to his enemies list. That's big time! ;&D

  8. Respect and honor for the Divinely-Constituted office, yes.

    Respect and honor for the AntiChrist who is its current occupant? No.

    ABS does not respect any AntiChrist no matter what office he occupies.

    ABS, long ago, came to understand that the sine qua non of Catholicism is maintaining the Bonds of Unity in Worship, Doctrine and Authority and he has.

    But, he has no patience for enemies of the Faith ad extra or in extra.

  9. We are with you Bear.

    What sprung to mind when I read your piece was the predictions of our Lady of La Salette which is about the end times. And those times appear to be now. One of her predictions is: “Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist." Of course, we can't be exactly sure when any of this will take place but actual events seem to point to the hypothesis that that time is now or the near future.

    Whatever the case it is certainly clear that now is the time for lots of prayer especially to Our Lady.

    1. That was a lie by Melanie and it has been condemned by the Church . She made it up out of whole cloth.

      Mary did not appear and tell any children, at any time or any place, that Rome (Which Catholics take to mean the Pope in this instance) would lose the Faith and become the seat of the AntiChrist and such an obviously false claim is worse than insane, it is illogical.

      Jesus Christ is the Head of Hie Church, He always has been and always will be but those spreading the false and lying "vision" are required to believe that Jesus will let The AntiChrist take His seat.

      Come on...

      Look, we all know that Mons Lefevbre cited that lie in his sermon during his schismatic consecration of Bishops - in addition to citing another Marian vision during which she said one man (gee, Marcel, who could that be?) would save the church but he (Lefevbre_) was too reticent to say the prophecy pointed to him.


      O, and this ought be noted. The Uncle of ABS, Father Francis, was a LaSalette Priest who faithfully labored with his yoke on until his death (Lithuanian Parish in New Hampster) and we used to laugh about this putative vision.


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