Friday, February 12, 2016

Coming This Spring

Wow. This looks impressive. Bill Murray as Baloo? Bear can't wait to wash the taste of that awful Revenant out of his mouth with an all-CGI Jungle Book that apparently puts a Bear in the starring role, where he belongs.

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  1. It's the bear necessities,
    The good ol' bear necessities,
    Forget about the worries in you life!

    I loved the Disney movie when I was kid. Mowgli is saved with a blood debt by the imposingly masculine Bagheera, who disappears for a long stretch of time. Despair permeates the jungle amid the happiness and there is a true sense of malice towards Mowgli's very existence from Shere Khan, whose main fault is his pride. Awesome, awesome movie. I hope the remake isn't too happy. I'm tearing up thinking of Mogli walking away at the end.

    1. The animated version was great, and enjoyed it very much. But the Bear is tearing up at seeing his hero Bill Murray play Baloo.

      In an unrelated development, the Bear enjoyed his first all-you-can-eat Friday fish fry at his parish. Unfortunately, neither did anyone else.

  2. LOVE Jungle Book, even though we do whatever we can to avoid giving Disney one dime. But we must make exceptions and this may be one. I really have disliked CGI in the past, it always looked so obvious, but it's come a long way and there are times...I love every character in this story, but see how PC creeps into everything now? Why is Kaa a female? Must PC touch everything now? Ugh. Phil Harris as Baloo and Sebastion Cabot as Bagheera will be hard to top. Such voices! This Mowgli looks as cute as a button though. I have a feeling it will all be worthwhile.
    The end is a killer, even the animated version, when he looks back and shrugs at the inevitable.
    We had fish too Bear, but my brotherinlaw made it, and it was amazing.

  3. Speaking of voices, don't forget the magnificent voice of George Sanders as Shere Khan. Scarlett Johansson is probably going to be more menacing than Sterling Holloway's signature quirky voice for Kaa in the animated one.


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