Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sermon Notes: Snowed in Bear Edition

Oh bother. There was less snow in The Revenant.

The Bear and his family are snowbound today and were unable to attend Mass. Feel free to share your homiletical experiences, good and bad.


  1. The sermon was very good today on Satan and the 3 Temptations of Christ in the desert, the priest empathised that Satan knows our needs similarly to how God knows our needs, that he puts a temptation in front of us to tempt us into not following the will of God. He used examples of people going into prostitution, stealing or committing fraud as ways to make money and survive over following the laws of God (despite the very real consequences of doing so) A very good sermon.

  2. Our Mass today was wonderful. We had the pleasure of three visiting seminarians all in black cassocks singing Gregorian Chant for the Latin Mass. It was just lovely. The homily was about Jesus in the desert and how Satan ultimately got around to his real goal, the one he always has, that he be worshiped instead of God.

  3. Since our snow was forecast for Sunday morning we attended the 5pm vigil mass on Saturday...with every other member of our parish. I will be honest. I can't remember the homily. At all. I'm too old and have no long term memory left. But we did sing two songs at communion rather than sing one song over and over and over again. That was a treat.


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