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Vatican I on the Jews vs. New Teaching

In the wake of the publication of the non-magisterial, yet nonetheless scandalous, document by the Pontifical Commission for Religious Relations With the Jews, headed by Cardinal Kurt "Photo Op" Koch, "The Gifts and Calling of God are Irrevocable," faithful Catholics must push back with the truth. The Bear reckons the faithful are a tiny remnant. But we -- if the Bear belongs -- may be more important than anyone realizes.

The following is largely based on the book, Salvation is From the Jews, by Roy H. Schoeman.

The Faithful Remnant

For God, one man, Noah, weighed greater in the balance than all of humanity, a seed of which was preserved through that righteous man and his immediate family.

In God's mysterious math, ten people are more than the entire population of the thriving twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. For the sake of ten righteous men, God promised to spare the cities. However, they lacked even ten.

When the prophet Elijah complained to God against Israel that they had killed His prophets, demolished His altars, and were now trying to kill Elijah, God was unconcerned. He revealed to Elijah that he had reserved 7000 men who had not bent the knee to Baal, out of the whole chosen people. Again, the faithful remnant.

To God, the faithful remnant is what is important. You are, or can be, be counted among that number. We do not know how many faithful Catholics God requires for today's remnant. We cannot afford to take any chances, and come up short, like Sodom and Gomorrah, by even one.

So, yes, you can do something. You can be a part of the faithful remnant wherever you are. You know what to do. Mass, sacraments, devotions, penance, good works, and true humility.

The Church and the Jews

The Bear has repeatedly hammered home the error of this document because it is beyond belief that a Pontifical Commission could crave the approval of men so badly that it would promote lies and incoherence, not to mention treat the salvation offered exclusively by Our Lord in such cavalier fashion. Believe it. Allow yourself a moment of astonishment that bad fruit like this is the new normal in your Church.

Cardinal Koch and Rabbi Rosen: Jews don't need the Church.

The Bear would like to share with you a postulatum from the Vatican Council I declaring the Catholic Church's position on the Jews. It was signed by nearly all the Council Fathers and heartily endorsed by the Pope. It reads as follows:
The undersigned Fathers of the Council yet urgently beseechingly pray that the Holy Ecumenical Council of the Vatican deign to come to the aid of the unfortunate nation of Israel with an entirely paternal invitation; that is, that is express the wish that, finally exhausted by a wait no less futile than long, the Israelites hasten to recognize the Messiah, our Savior Jesus Christ, truly promised to Abraham and announced by Moses; thus completing and crowning, not changing, the Mosaic religion.
On one hand, the undersigned Fathers have the very firm confidence that the holy Council will have compassion on the Israelites, because they re always very dear to God on account of their fathers, and because it is from them that the Christ was born according to the flesh.
On the other hand, the same Fathers share the sweet and intimate hope that this ardent desire of tenderness and honor will be, with the aid of the Holy Spirit, well received by many of the sons of Abraham, because the obstacles that have held the back until now appear to be disappearing more and more, the ancient wall of separation now having fallen. 
Would that they speedily acclaim the Christ, saying "Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed be He who comes in the name of the Lord." 
Would that they would hurl themselves into the arms of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, even now their sister according to the flesh, who wishes likewise to be their mother according to grace as she is ours.
Unfortunately, the Council was interrupted by the outbreak of the Franco-Prussian War, and could not complete its work, which would have included an official proclamation of this postulatum by Pope Pius IX. It says the exact opposite of what "Gifts and Calling" says. How is that possible? Neither is magisterial (the Vatican I postulatum only by an accident of history), but when the Church is plainly saying something, that is beside the point, if one is trying to learn her mind. And it is doubtful Cardinal Koch would have been able to issue "Gifts and Calling" without Pope Francis' tacit approval.

It puts Catholics in an awkward position of deciding which Pope to believe, and which Church is right, because this is just one example of how the current Church determines truth by a finger in the wind. Now you may say, "But, Bear, I am not a Jew, so what does it matter to me?" Nothing, except the integrity of the Church. The thread is hanging from the ecclesiastical sweater, and the Bear dare not pull it lest everything become unraveled.

We have to, first, personally be better. Be the faithful in the remnant. Then we must push back every way we can when the Church tries to foist a shameful document on the world, or a heretical intentions video. Be wary: the men running the Church may be neither your friends nor God's.

Not if the Church before 1965 has yet to be shoveled entirely down the memory hole.


  1. Thanks for digging up the Postulatum. Its history is quite interesting: the two twin brothers Joseph and Augustin Lémann, Jewish converts who had become Catholic priests, attempted to gather support among the Council Fathers for a document in favor of the conversion of the Jews. It received 510 signatures from the Council Fathers, only 23 less than the Postulatum pro Infallibilitate. All would have signed had not the Lémann brothers withdrawn their suggestion out of respect for the document on Papal Infallibility.

    1. They converted when they were they were 18, without the knowledge of their family. They were severely beaten by uncles until rescued by the police. It became something of a controversy and they wrote a letter to the editor to counter allegations that they had been forced to convert. They became friends with Pius IX and were active in Vatican I.


  2. I guess Rabbi Israel Zolli was wrong when he converted during the papacy of Pius XII - - inspired by his behavior and faith.

    We have an intractable contradiction on our hands at this point, and one which is now setting the current pope and his associates against Christ himself and his claims.

    1. Yes. The way the Bear gets through it is to repeat, "not magisterial, not magisterial, not magisterial..." In other words, it's a glorified press release from Cardinal Kurt "Photo Op" Koch and does not constitute the official teaching of the Church. It's just wrong. But it's just the unofficial teaching that everyone believes is official because stories say "The Church now says..." and the ADL issued a press release basically rubbing our noses in it.

      To show how silly this is, the whole deal was to have a special commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Nostra Aetate. In order for Cardinal Koch to get his photo op with the rabbi, he was willing to give up nearly everything the Church has always believed. So Jews on are on their own "covenant track" to salvation and are free to reject Christ. (Again.) They should not come into the Church. Oddly, Koch got permission to include a provision that private Catholics may seek individual Jews' conversion, as long as they are sensitive to the Holocaust. (What does that have to do with anything in this document -- it's just a gratuitous reminder.) But the Church has no mission to the Jews.

      This is the fruit of "interfaith dialogue" and ecumenism. The Church is in a poor bargaining position because it so badly wants the photo op. The picture of unity, or at least tolerance. To show how much better prelates are now, compared to the past.

      The other side, Lutherans, Jews, whatever, are not as invested. They can hold out, in a much better bargaining position, knowing that Cardinal Koch has to be ready for a photo op on the 50th anniversary of Nostra Aetate.

      Lutherans have Catholics thanking God for "the gifts of the Reformation," and "the spiritual insights of [the mentally ill] Martin Luther." On their part, they give up nothing. No thanking God for the Council of Trent, for example, no thanks for the Church maintaining the true position on faith and works.

      It looks to the Bear like a one-world religion is the long con. This Pope has felt secure enough to tip his hand.


    2. Reminds me of Paul Newman in The Sting: "the big Con." As Ratzinger said in 1985 when he was a cardinal: "the Church has passed over from self-criticism to self-destruction." Bergoglio is walking proof of this.

    3. Watching the interfaith dialogue is a bit like watching Obama and Kerry dialogue with Iran. Except Obama and Kerry are only trading away this world.


    1. The Bear does not necessarily endorse every link people post in comments. He found this interesting, up to a point. It gets into Freemasonry conspiracy. The Bear acknowledges hostility of Freemasons to the Church, and the way Freemasons network. The Bear wonders if somebody is behind the scenes of this destruction, which exploded with Vatican II.

      The Bear understands "the universality of Christ's salvation" as a polite way of saying "the exclusivity of Christ's salvation. Everybody who is saved is saved by Christ. Even "Gifts and Calling" acknowledges that Christ is somehow involved in the Jews' salvation (even as they reject Him) but it is a "mystery."

      The article reads "the universality of Christ's salvation" as a statement of "universalism," i.e. the salvation of every single person and an empty Hell. The Bear thinks that is incorrect.

  4. Salvation is From the Jews, Jesus


    The Anti-Christ will come from the the Jews who reject/deny Jesus, the Messias-Deniers

    1. E. Michael Jones. Bear was wondering how long it would be before he showed up in comments. Jones believes the universe revolves around the Earth, and all evil revolves around the Jews. There are much better people to follow, in the Bear's opinion. Now, the Bear is not going to get into accusations of antisemitism, because he is not that familiar with Mr. Jone's works, and it's an easy accusation to make. The Southern Poverty Law Center does not have the Bear's endorsement.

      As for the review, it seems Mr. Jones commits the common error of reviewers complaining that an author has not written the book they would have written. Apparently one that justifies pogroms.

      The Bear understands that Mr. Jones has renounced racism as inconsistent with Catholicism.

      The Bear would prefer to keep Mr. Jones out of his combox, as it lowers the property values.

      Please don't take this as a swat to you, ABS.

    2. Jones believes the universe revolves around the Earth, and all evil revolves around the Jews

      Although inaccurate, that is a clever line :)

      No more Mike Jones links from ABS, Bear

    3. I supported E Michael Jones until about two years ago, but I had to drop my support when he started to publish Pro-Muslim articles in his CW magazine. I wrote to him protesting this unwise move, but to no avail. He just couldn't get it through his head that both the Jews and the Muslims were equally Anti-Christian.

  5. When Pope Francis landed his historically inaccurate cheap shot about Christians being responsible for the sacking of Rome, people called him out for it. They recognized that the Holy Father was--for his own twisted and at best inscrutable reasons--recycling long-discredited aspects of the Christophobic narrative by which we are currently beseiged. Both dedicated apologists and honest historians denounced the pontiff's deliberate mischaracterization of the very Church he is charged to represent.

    And yet, when it comes to analyzing Pope Francis' explanation of why there is no longer any "institutional" Catholic "mission" to the Jews, he is given a pass. Is no one going to raise a hue and cry against his attempt to lay the blame for the Shoah at the foot of the Cross? If we are not to evangelize the Jews any more because of the Holocaust, then the Holocaust--so goes the inverted logic of the Holy Father who enjoins us all not to think past his own vacuous pet buzzwords--is our fault. This is scurrilous! Reprehensible! Profoundly contradicted not only by Catholic doctrine itself, but also by the testimony of all non-revisionist history. And yet, who among us is willing to say so?

    Yes, we must stand against the content of what the Bergoglian pontificate has proposed regarding the people of the Old Covenant. We must also, however, unflinchingly and courageously contradict the reason Pope Francis has proffered for this intolerable innovation as well. And if we have been taken in by Francis' horrendous accusation ourselves, we have a duty to do our research and to stand by the truth in this sensitive area as well. Something doesn't become true because a pope says so. A pope has a duty--surpassing that of any other human being on the face of the earth--to submit himself to it. Just because the elderly gentleman from Argentina can no longer hear any voice but his own doesn't mean we are free to commit this same fault ourselves. Our duty to know and speak the truth isn't something he can alter or lessen in any way.

  6. Once had a priest remark to me, "You don't have an ecumenical bone in your body." I replied, "Yes, I do. It's called RCIA."


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