Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Charles Martel and Melania Trump

A Bear's Lent Season Finale; Not Yet Renewed for Second Season

Based on the Bear's traffic, he concludes that a few people seem to really like the somewhat didactic adventures of the Bear's Lent of 741 A.D. Others, not so much. The Bear gets that. Maybe not many people are that into the 8th century. And the series took on a different tone from the "cozies" once the Bear set out for Rome. Things got dark, and there was not always a neat lesson to be driven home by St. Corbinian.

That in itself is significant.

Dark and confusing. Lots of different names and places once the plot became Lombard-centric.

There will be one more episode. It has not yet been renewed for a second season. The Bear does not know exactly how the next season might be delivered. Maybe a separate fiction blog. Sadly, the Bear could easily write two separate blogs. He has no life. Maybe hand puppets on YouTube.

741: Charles Martel Died

It struck the Bear that Charles Martel, who staved off a Muslim invasion at the gates of Paris in the Battle of Tours, died in the year 741 -- the very year of these memoirs. Pity the Bear never met him. What would Charles Martel, El Cid, Jan Sobieski, Don Juan of Austria, and Charlemagne make of today's situation? "Ungrateful," and "idiotic," are a couple of words they might use.

Literally from one end of the Mediterranean to the other, and points north, an Islamic tsunami attempted to swamp Christendom. The Christian heartland in Asia Minor and North Africa were lost. The land of St. Augustine is swarming with Muslim factions in Libya. The west was never entirely submerged, but much was lost. More is being thrown away in our day.

Full disclosure: God has not given me the grace to care much for Muslims. That's neither here nor there, Bear supposes.

Shock: Professional Model Has Posed as Professional Models Do

And as for the anti-Trump ad featuring a tastefully nude Melania Trump (taste is a subjective thing, and hard for a Bear to calibrate, which is why there is no link)... first, off she was a model. The Bear is having a hard time getting worked up about this. It was GQ, not Hustler. Marilyn Monroe posed waaaay nuder, and still got to sing "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" to JFK in public.

But after eight years of this, maybe America deserves a first lady who can compete with European princesses.

Of course, this argument is just as stupid. Ted Cruz has conveniently washed his hands of the ad, and Trump threatened to expose Cruz's wife in return. The Bear loves human politics. Nothing much has changed since the 8th century. In your face, Queen Letizia!


  1. Bear, I honest to Pete wish you were a relative or a neighbor. Your personality comes across so wonderfully in your writing. You may not think it's much, but it is, to me, and I bet others. You are on the very short list of blogs I visit with great regularity, and it's for the wisdom, the humor, the good writing, your ability to capture the way I personally feel, and your personality. We can get a lot of things from blogs, but I can't think of any blog more full of someone's endearing personality. You're not a bloggist, you're a grumbly and funny and beautiful old bear. I would sincerely miss this blog, and now is a perfect time to throw you a fish! I haven't kept up with your adventure in the 8th century, my job has kept me writing reports and reading less. That will change in a week, thankfully.
    God bless you and yours during this Holy Week. Wishing you health, happiness, and many fish. :)

  2. Just for you, the Bear added a bit here and there, but especially at the end. Nothing essential, but adds a bit to the intrigue. How long after Easter do you imagine the Bear is going to be allowed to enjoy his peace? At least the author will not be locked into a real-time schedule, which adds a new meaning to "making it up as you go along!" and "performing without a net!"

  3. Thanks Bear for all you do. You bring hope and humor which is short supply in our time. It would so easy just to give up due to the sorry state of the Church and it's non-leadership today as well as the non-leadership in the political world. It is curious and indicative that the two individuals leading the way in the presidential contests are distrusted by the majority of the public. So it is good to know we have the Bear out there someplace giving us guidance, humor and love as best he can. Please keep it up. We need a daily dose of the Bear. It makes life a little easier to take. Happy Easter Bear to you and your family.

  4. St. Corbinian's Bear, as I will now call you, unless I get upset at you and then it might be "barely bear", you have been a Godsend to me and I know I speak on behalf of many others. PLEASE God, help St. Corbinian's Bear continue to do what he does to bring You glory & honor.

  5. The one comment we hope you one day hear...

    "You have written well of Me, Bear..."

  6. A holy Triduum to you, Furry Beast of God. Please say a prayer for me and the husband as we take planes, trains and automobiles and tread the Big Apple this weekend. Hopefully, no violence. And praying for all Catholic bloggers and their audiences.

    1. Prayers for all good Christians make,
      And bad ones lest the Devil take.

      For men in purple, Pope in white,
      Wisdom to uphold the right.

      For peace this holy Lenten season,
      Christ's Passion gives us all the reason.

      Blest be all who read this Bear,
      May Jesus hold you in His care.

  7. How loose is your caboose....?!

    Blessed Triduum to you and yours.

    1. All cabooses are not created equal.

      Easter is coming, but not before Good Friday. I must confess I have had the worst Lent ever. A travesty. But only God knows.

    2. I understand that Michelle gave a talk in Argentina about being different and such. I wonder if she's going to promote caboose equality. Now that's a cause we can all get behind!

      My Lent has been lousy as well. I've kept the fast of what I gave up. That's about it. I tried on an area of sin...well...sorta....

    3. I don't feel so alone now, considering my lousy Lent.

    4. Gentlemen, with have a caboose gap with European monarchies.

  8. As per your comment on this being your worst Lent ever, I think many of us can say the same. A blessed Tridium to you and yours.

  9. For me, the Limbourg Brothers' little painting "Christ in Gethsemane", from the Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry, is one of the most haunting depictions of one of the most harrowing themes that we commemorate during Holy Week. It is a dark, eerie scene in which Jesus, visible more because of His radiant halo than by way of the scant moonlight or small, flickering points of firelight, moves among the inert forms of His sleeping disciples. Paradoxically (given that these men could not stay awake), this scene evokes insomnia for me: that dreadful, desperate wish to quiet the anxieties of a day that refuses to turn itself off. Maybe that is a "lousy Lent": that dreadful, desperate feeling of being helplessly awake when sleep would be such a pleasant avoidance of the awfulness of unfolding events. Maybe, as we agonize over our wretched shortcomings, at least we are awake and watching helplessly with Him one hour -- something we can do in spite of everything.

    When I look at that little miniature by the Limbourg Brothers, I feel as though I have been given the privilege of watching the Lord move silently among the sleepers on a hillside in "dark Gethsemane", the scene bathed in shadow but His halo brighter than fire.

    1. P.S. Slight correction: the painting is based on the account in John 18 of Jesus' arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane; the inert figures around Him are soldiers and Pharisees.

    2. It looks like a jumble of dead bodies. Yes, that makers more sense. Thank you for sharing, and elevating the conversation.



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