Thursday, March 17, 2016

Cute Chicks

Chick Day at Zoar

Nothing says spring like buying chicks! We chose Buff Orpingtons again over Wyandottes. We had good luck with the previous Buffies. Our little Buffies are warmed with lights in a box in the tiny back hall.

There were ducks, too. The Bear loves few things better than duck eggs, which are bigger and taste richer. But they were a straight run (unsexed) so it's a crap shoot how many layers you get, therefore we passed. But the Bear will not give up on ducks.

The Bear has been suffering from his distemper the last couple of days. The Devil's final assault before Easter. He doesn't like those who shine even the feeblest of lights on his pequeñas cucarachas.

Then there's this: a good article on the Breastplate of St. Patrick from a good site that seems to be attractive to young Catholic men, The Catholic Gentleman.


  1. A chick in my teacup would make my whole week!

  2. Did you get the white Pekin ducks?

    1. No, they were $5 for unsexed ducklings. If we get them we'll make sure we get layers.

  3. It's a simple little chick, but seeing it makes me happy, every time. Thank God for His gifts to us!


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