Tuesday, March 8, 2016

New Earth-Like Planet Discovered, for Real This Time!

Check out this slick artwork that proves intelligent life practically next door!

"Scientists say..."

The Bear always reaches for his revolver when he hears those words. He knows what follows will be the big news for a few weeks, until it isn't.

You all remember Gliese 581 g, don't you? That earth-like planet just 20 light years away discovered in 2010 and announced with much fanfare? It was probably teeming with life, what with being just like Earth and all. Possibly even intelligent life. (In fact, scientists say the ease with which astronomers are able to find stars with habitable Earth-like planets indicates more than ten percent of stars have such planets orbiting them.)

It is important for the scientism narrative that the universe be teeming with intelligent life. That makes us, you know, not special, somehow, and proves that, if you think about it, there is no God.

Except other astronomers said there was no such planet.

Nonetheless, you can still find fascinating details about this non-existent planet like how much imaginary water it has, what it's fictitious temperature is, and so on.

Now meet Wolf 1061c. CNN says, "Alien life may be closer than previously thought. Scientists have just discovered the closest habitable planet to Earth." This earth-like, totally habitable planet, probably virtually crawling with intelligent life, is only 10 light years away!

Scientists don't know what conditions are necessary for life to even begin on a planet, much less to thrive, and evolve into talking Bears writing ephemera. So it is difficult to predict which of the 1800 or so "earth-like planets" NASA acknowledges actually have life. Instead you get, "the math says there is likely a rocky planet here in the Goldilocks Zone (just right orbit) which would allow for non-frozen water, therefore there might be (probably is) life there.

But it's not that simple. It turns out that Earth has so many unique features it is doubtful any pretenders could develop and support life. The Privileged Planet by Guillermo Gonzalez is a wonderful book that explains all of this. A documentary of the same narrated by John Rhys-Davies is also available for $1.99 to rent. Another good book is Rare Earth. It also appears that not only is Earth uniquely situated for us to live here, it may have been set up to be the perfect observation post for learning about the universe around us.

In other words, God left his fingerprints all over our home.

Scientists must multiply habitable worlds, and, these days, they multiply universes, because ours is just so weird, there must be an infinite number, man.

Meanwhile, we've been searching 24/7 for just one intelligent signal from just one of the greater than 10 percent of stars hosting habitable planets. Maybe that will be this summer's big "scientists say" article.


  1. Nice article, and also pretty neat that i'm one of the first to comment, knowing this site will be blowing up soon.

  2. If there is another habitable planet I don't think God would want us to get anywhere near it. It's not where you live; it's how you live where you live. We flunk big time.

  3. God is ultimately the author of all life and all intelligence. So if the universe is filled with intelligent life, then (1) it is isn't us, and (2) it does nothing to detract from the faith and everything to confirm the faith. God loves life! God loves intelligence! Why then would there NOT be other planets with intelligent life on them. However, I concur with Michael Dowd. We fail the sentience test big time. After all, we murdered the author of life and intelligence.

  4. I find it very difficult to reconcile Christian theology with intelligent life on other planets, so the Rare Earth hypothesis strengthens my faith.

    But..what about UFOs? Richard Dolan is the best ufologist, IMO. If you read his latest book, UFOS for the 21st Century Mind, or listen to any of his interviews on YouTube, he makes a strong case that Earth had been visited by non-human intelligences. I sometimes think UFOs might be demonic in nature, but if we've recovered exotic technology from UFO crashes like at Roswell, then obviously they are not purely spiritual.

    Not really making a point. Just thinking out loud.

  5. It is possible that earth is the only plant in the universe that we can set foot on without life support.


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