Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Will the Last American Left Please Turn Off the Lights?

Irresponsible Rabbits or Saviors of the Country and Church?
The Bear was looking through Adobe's massive collection of stock photos for one to go with his 4orMore: Save the Country, Save the Church theme. Like Pope Francis' Video 3, it was nearly impossible to find anything but couples with two kids. As the Bear scanned page after page, he realized this is what family is today. It never even occurred to Adobe that someone might want anything crazy like more than two kids.

Eventually, the Bear did find one, with a prematurely gray father, but it appeared to be the only one available. So he paid his nine bucks and bought it. Let his gray hair suggest wisdom. It is a myth that children cause gray hair. As the father of a family where "stop throwing that ax at each other" was heard more than once, the Bear can attest to that.

Contracepting Ourselves to Oblivion

The Bear has been on a tear of late about the west's empty crib syndrome. To put it bluntly, we are contracepting and aborting our way to oblivion. This is not speculation. It's simple math. Divorce, cohabitation, and waiting until later in life to marry or have a baby are also factors.

Studies show Catholics contracept at the same rate as everyone else. Of course, you know all this from Father's regular homilies on the evils of contraception, right? Do you think there might be a connection between one-or-two-child Catholic families and the vocation crisis?

America: Death In Our Lifetimes?

To repeat himself, the Bear reminds everyone that it takes 2.1 births per woman to just maintain a population. That's one for mom, one for dad, and .1 to make up for children who do not survive. Anything short of that, and the population is shrinking. Even if every woman really was having two kids, it's still below the replacement rate. But they're not. The Total Fertility Rate (TFR) is 1.88 in the U.S., and it has been trending down since 1960. Here's the kicker. No population has ever recovered once it dips below 1.80.

Soon the U.S. will join Poland, Germany, Italy, Greece and many other countries that are already guaranteed a place alongside dinosaurs in the Museum of Extinction. We can say with mathematical certainty that these countries will eventually disappear due to Total Fertility Rates too low to support a population, and there's absolutely nothing that can prevent it. Nothing. The TFR asteroid will have already struck.

The Necessary Certainty -- Immigration

So who will pick up the trash and take care of us the nursing home? The answer is unavoidable. Immigrants from countries with high TFRs. like many Muslim countries, and Africa. Over time, immigrants will simply replace the original population and take possession of America. Mosques will replace churches, the cry of the muezzin will replace church bells. It isn't a controversy, or a policy, it's a necessity and a certainty.

Of course, it won't happen in our lifetimes. We'll leave these problems to the diminishing number of children in future generations after we've irretrievably thrown it all away.  More than two children are unthinkable in our culture -- and in Pope Video 3. The reason is that we value other things more than children, and it is simple to prevent having them. Career, vacations, or "sustainability."

Maybe in our lifetimes, the U.S. TFR will drop to 1.75, and that will be the end. No headline will mark a chapter in the biggest story in history: the death of America. The funny thing is, the ones shouting "death to America," won't have a thing to do with it. We are cutting our country's throat in our marital beds.


  1. THE

    (Genesis 38:8-10)

    If you plant
    God's seed
    It grows

    With holy
    An openness glows

    Then to man

    Wisdom to
    Grace which guides

    So abundance
    Will spread

    Feed the early
    Feed the

    And you
    Fruitful souls
    A cornucopia fills -

    While the deserts
    Of Onan
    Remain wastelands of spills.

    (our poor great grandchildren)

  2. The majority of my adult and married life were spent as a Protestant in which contraception within marriage wasn't even thought of, much less controversial. Small families were simply assumed as the subtext.

    Then I became Catholic and large families were the subtext. I looked around at the large, happy families and the satisfied parents observing their progeny play and thrive, and I was suddenly ashamed of my earlier contraception choices.

    My wife and I then chose adoptions as a product of our new faith and new relationship to the idea of life as a gift from God and out of obedience to what had always been expected of us. We now have our own large, crazy family.

    It is one reason the current controversies surrounding changing Catholic views on the family is so personal to me. I am not simply angry. I am enraged, since I know personally what these mistaken views took from me; what they will do to me at the judgement seat of my God.

    Great observation, Bear. The grey haired guy (slightly balding) is me. Happily, I might add.

  3. Contracepting ourselves into oblivion....it is a hellish nightmare coming to fruition. And all for what? To what end? As the Joni Mitchell song goes, "Pave paradise to put a parking lot." It grieves me so for the generations to come.

  4. I was trying to bring this to people's attention back in the '80s although with a little different nuance. That birth rates were not uniform across society and that it would lead to some significant changes in sociological makeup and stability. We've seen that already.

    As you've noted Bear about the kinds of pictures available about family, this has been pushed for years if not decades. If you take a look at the various marketing brochures sent to you in the mail and otherwise, you'll see the family pictured as one boy and one girl usually with older parents (late 30's - 40's). It's been there a long time.

    This has far larger ramifications than just overall population. Consider how many children grow up today with NO experience of what it means to have a brother or a sister--and therefore as well far less insight into understanding the opposite sex in relationships. It takes a minimum of 4 (2 boys, 2 girls) for every child to have a brother and a sister. Consider how much greater burden there will be on fewer siblings to take care of parents. There's been quite a bit of talk about attitudes of Millennials in the workplace. What do you expect from kids that grew up never having to share resources and attention with siblings?

    But it's deeper. The most shocking thing I heard in the GOP debates came from Rand Paul when talking about the social security numbers of fewer workers. He said, "Blame it on your grandparents for having too many children." Totally clueless! No candidate talked about people needing to have MORE children. And it's more than just social security: it's about enough personal care workers to take care of the aged. There's not enough. And certainly not enough others to generate income to pay for it--although our social engineers have introduced euthanasia as the solution.

    Had candidates brought that up, together with the what? 54 million surgically aborted and the others contracepted, it would have completely changed the conversation on immigration. We're easily 100 million people short. We desperately need those immigrants. Would have changed the whole dynamic.

    Don't worry about those great grandchildren, Long Skirts. We're going to hit the demographic wall far sooner.

    1. Excellent observation. We've gone from Soylent Green to Children of Men in a boomer's lifetime. In the latter movie a product called "Quietus" is sold for DIY suicide. (Note the Hamlet reference.) We will be acculturated to accept euthanasia. Where will the Church be? Where is it now on contraception? Does the Church really stand for life? Or is it occupied with other matters.

      Great post.

  5. I wrote about the "birth dearth" in American Thinker maybe 7 years ago. I simply pulled the stats (which are online) from the UN global Population pages. I remember that most of the comments were negative. I obviously hit a sensitive subject, even with Conservatives.

    Since then, things have gotten worse. Sometimes it is more accurate to look at the Birthrate of a society in conjunction with its median age. For 2012-2014, the US hit rock bottom on the birthrate of females ages 18-35. We now stand at about 62 births per 1000 women in that age group, whereas we should be at 100/1000 females in that age cohort. Additionally, our median age has gone up from around 25 in 1972 (that is, half of all Americans were younger than 25) to 38 in 2015. In Germany the median age is close to 50. If trends continue, we will be where Germany is in about 15 years.

    But, forget the dry stats. Most people's eyes gloss over when given raw numbers. The next time you're at Sams Club notice how many young families with children are there. Last month I noticed 4. Three were Hispanic and one was a Muslim Somalian family. Almost everyone else were middle aged. If that's not convincing, do the same at the grocery store. The middle aged and elderly will out number the young couples with children at least 2-1.

    1. To keep sane, the Bear must often shrug and observe there are problems to which there are no solutions. This is not a topic you can raise in polite society because people think you're poking your nose in the most personal part of their life, and most people still believe 70's propaganda about overpopulation, if they need a moral salve. But oh, how many times has the Bear and his mate heard from strangers, "Do you know what causes that?" Har har. Good post.

  6. My office has a mix of ethnicities and of immigrants/US-born. There are 20 people in my unit; 21 children for my co-workers, plus 1 on the way. The parents of all but 3 of those children are are "minorities," with 2/3 of the minority parents also being immigrants.

  7. I would submit that the premise of these comments and even that of Bear has it all wrong.

    This is not, nor should it be about economics, demographics, national ethnic pride or social security system solvency.

    The case is simply this. Life is precious. Life is from God and there is nothing finer in life than to take one of these precious little gifts, add it to all the others, and enjoy life together as one big happy family. Sure, not everyone can have children, but we should make the case that the ultimate reward in life is children and lots of them; that a table surrounded by children is finer than an evening alone having coffee at Starbucks.

    Life is good! If it's an argument about economics and not LIFE ITSELF then we are conceding their premise as true. What caused me personal anxiety was not the fact that I don't have enough kids to care for me in my old age, but that I'd turned my back on life and I was incalculably worse off for it.

    1. There is more than one way of looking at it, to be sure. The inescapable results of underpopulation is certainly a big story, and a way to raise the issue in a way simple math can illustrate.

      But your angle is also true. Children are a blessing. Contraception is evil.

      However, since most people want the "child experience" without a large family, they are not going to be moved by either the Bear's or your arguments. There is zero moral leadership on this issue, and the Bear is looking at the Catholic Church. Sure the USCCB has an NFP section on their website, but where is the Pope? Where are the Bishops? Where are the parish priests, and the high-profile Catholic ephemerists? The Bear will say. They are too busy talking about global warming so they get Milk Bones from Ban Ki-Moon.

    2. I just thank you for raising the topic at all, and seeing through the haze to realize THIS is the primary issue at play in our Church, not to mention the world around us.

    3. Brian, in my post, do not take it as disregarding your point, but rather laying out the dire consequences of not valuing Life.

      That is part of what I was aiming at in pointing out that so many children are raised without the experience of siblings, or at least siblings of both sexes. That, too, is part of the whole preciousness of Life.

  8. What the Bear finds interesting is that Muslims, who have a 3.1 TFR overall, quickly drop to 2.0 when they come to this country. We have a culture against life, and the Bear has to hand it to the Traddies for bucking the trend. Buried in the comments elsewhere the Bear told about his frustration dating American women. He's all but given up on finding one that is interested in putting family first.

  9. What the Bear finds interesting is that Muslims, who have a 3.1 TFR overall, quickly drop to 2.0 when they come to this country. We have a culture against life, and the Bear has to hand it to the Traddies for bucking the trend. Buried in the comments elsewhere the Bear told about his frustration dating American women. He's all but given up on finding one that is interested in putting family first.

    1. It's not just Muslims that adopt the culture, but the Central/South American immigrants. Second generation immigrant catholics quickly adopt the American culture in vice and church attendance.

      If the bishops were really concerned about the salvation of souls, they'd be telling immigrants to stay home and supporting Trump's wall--not to protect America, but to protect the immigrants from US! And by US I mean "us" and "the US". What does it profit an immigrant to gain a job, just to lose their soul or the souls of their children?

  10. agree whoelheartedly. However, we were unable to have children, so could not do what we could to prevent this

  11. The Bear loves his children. They are precious to him, and represent earthly hope. If given the choice, which one would he contracept? What a question! None of them! Bear feels sorry for people who have one or two children. He thinks of their children that never came to be. What would such couples say if they could see the children they are contracepting? Suddenly, those vacations, that career, would not matter so much.

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    1. Hi, Ben! The Bear is very happy that Dr. Temple was able to save your marriage after you betrayed your wife. He must have been pretty amazing to reverse all the effects of your adultery, even after you were caught by your wife! Maybe he could give you some help with your punctuation and grammar, though.

      Or maybe (since this seems to be the kind of doctor he is) he could just cast one of his SPELLS to give you mastery of the English language, since he can do things like make "Juliette Moore" in Australia get pregnant. (Still looking great in "Children of Men," btw.)

      Anyway, always glad to see people in the Third World find employment. If you want to come to America, the Bear will get you a green card and put you up at a reasonable rate in palatial Zoar Manor.

      If you're interested, email the Bear with your bank account information so he can arrange (refundable) deposit.

      All the Best,
      The Bear


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