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Amoris Laetitia Pt. 5 "It Was Already Broken When I Got Here"


The Bear has realized that he has inadvertently misled his readers. Obviously, WWI and the Russian Civil War occurred after the Bear's association with Houdini in England at the turn of the century. The Bear would like to blame the tempestuous nature of those years for the lapse, but, alas, he must plead a deficient memory and ordinary lack of attention to what he was writing.

Like many older people, the Bear's memory is often sharper from a century ago than yesterday. Worse, he often forgets what he wishes to say mid-sentence! And let's not mention the many lapses in his slap-dash ephemeris. Could it be that time is finally catching up with the Bear? And to think there is a proverb, "All things fear time, but time fears the Bear." Or is it the pyramids? See? The Bear isn't as sharp as he once was.

Let's hope Adam's curse is a positive sign that he is finally becoming a real boy.

Anyway, the Bear -- having lost half his body weight and great patches of fur -- traveled westward, until he made it to Constantinople. Then he swam across the Bosporus to the European side. (Ursus arctos is an excellent swimmer, even when trailing a heavy iron chain.) A kind-hearted Greek hunter took pity on him, and eventually had the rusting relics of his captivity removed. It was painful, but pain is the price of freedom, the Bear has learned.

Pain is also the price of captivity.

Oh bother.

Not-Our-Fault Problems Pressure the Family

The Bear hopes you will accompany him on another painful lesson on Amoris Laetitia. He admits to being lulled into a sense of security by the last part, so let's see if it is a false one. (Of course, you already know, Dear Reader, having read summaries in reputable ephemera.)

Paragraph 44 (isn't this just whipping by?) continues to identify challenges to the family, although solutions are less clear. The lack of "dignified and affordable housing" is a factor in people postponing marriage. (Many would take one look at Zoar Manor, crawling with chickens and more goats than the Air Force General of an Argentine Junta has and question its dignity.)

After admitting that the Church's mission is to promote marriage and family (hey, good job, guys, just fabulous) it adds that families should expect “to be able to count on an adequate family policy on the part of public authorities in the juridical, economic, social and fiscal domains." Fair enough, if those words mean what the Bear thinks they mean, but he somehow doubts it. Pope Francis blames "economic constraints" on most of the problems. (You can take the man out of Peronism, but you can't take Peronism out of the man.)

No doubt, this is true enough. Yet isn't this putting the materialistic cart before the Catholic horse? Yes, the Church should raise her voice to the material and societal needs of families, but haven't Catholics managed large families in the past without being propped up by governments? The Bear is still waiting for the part where your Pope calls for Catholics to live up to their traditions. But he is sure it is coming. Later.

Paragraph 45 contains a laundry list of problems. Out-of-wedlock children. Sexual exploitation. (Especially in "Christian institutions.") War. Terrorism. Organized crime. (Say what you want, but the Bear and his family felt a lot safer in Sicily than here in the U.S.A. There, they had rules.)

"Human Mobility" -- Not Just Your Grandmother's Power Chair Anymore

Next up, in paragraph 46, "human mobility," or what we call "illegal aliens." "Natural historical process." "Enriching." (He has a point: they contributed the carbecue to France.) "Witnessing to the Gospel." But... (You might want to grab your emesis basin here. What? The Bear forgot to tell you have an emesis basin handy? Oh bother. SOP from now on, dears.) "With due respect for their cultures, for the human and religious formation from which they come and for the spiritual richness of their rites and traditions." (Blowing up and raping their hosts.) "Persecution of Christians" gets a mention, although for some reason they are supposed to "remain in their native lands." Weird, huh?

"Witnessing to the Gospel" is FrancisCode for "supplanting what's left of the Christian West with a foreign and hostile population bent on replacing Christianity with a hate cult." (Feel free to quote, with suitable attribution and hot link, all in bold, perhaps with a picture.)

Publicity photo of "the Bear." Except it's a black bear,
not a brown bear. Guess we all look alike to you.
The ears. Do those rabbit ears look like they
belong to a brown bear? Ridiculous.

"Special needs children" get their mention in 47. And "migrants," who are sort of like special needs children. Somehow. Pope Francis: "Dammit, Archbishop Fernandez, I said 150 mentions of 'migrants.' I don't care where you put them, just get them in there." And by the way, these "issues" are all hit in a perfunctory manner, pretty much as related herein. Building toward a crescendo of doom, as it were.

Next up, "elderly." Do not neglect or euthanize your parents, even if they insist on reading their ephemera to you out loud. (You can tell the Bear is getting bored, can't you? Well, that's his privilege. You, he expects to stay with this laundry list. But you'll be the star of every cocktail party!) But in footnote 35 he quotes the Relatio as saying, "However, when the elderly become an economic or emotional burden upon the younger generation, it may be permissible to euthanize them, with their permission, if possible."

Not really, just waking you up. The Bear is about ready to send in the clowns. (Circus trick when an act is failing, you may recall.)

Wait. Here's a great paragraph, 49:

For example, if a single mother has to raise a child by herself and needs to leave the child alone at home while she goes to work, the child can grow up exposed to all kind of risks and obstacles to personal growth. In such difficult situations of need, the Church must be particularly concerned to offer understanding, comfort and acceptance, rather than imposing straightaway a set of rules that only lead people to feel judged and abandoned by the very Mother called to show them God’s mercy. Rather than offering the healing power of grace and the light of the Gospel message, some would “indoctrinate” that message, turning it into “dead stones to be hurled at others."

So, all you Catholics throwing "dead stones" at single moms, stop it. Seriously. See how evil the Church was before Francis? Even a Bear wouldn't do that. Well, maybe a Polar Bear. But isn't this classic? If you object to whatever it is Francis' ghostie is thinking about with regard to single moms, you are no better than a Polar Bear. Who are pinheads. Unless they're photogenically "trapped" on icebergs. (The Bear saw a better video of a Grizzly Bear breaking the glass repeatedly at the Minnesota Zoo with a rock, but evidently the zoo lawyers got it yanked from YouTube. The Zoo Spokesman said the grizzly was "playful.")

Fun fact. Did you know all Polar Bears are descended from a single female in Ireland? The Bear's mate's great-grandmother came from Ireland. She was very beautiful, as are most Irish women the Bear has seen. He almost married her. Which never felt creepy before until he just wrote it.

You can't tell the Bear this Polar Bear is not aiming to do some serious misbehaving.

Well, now you know how to say, "Holy (whatever)!" in Euro. The rest of the dialogue goes, "See, the Polar Bear swims to us. Do not worry, Hans. This glass comes from Germany. It is very well made, like everything in Germany."

That's it for today. Looks like we have more laundry lists of issues. The Bear is certain this is just a set-up for wonderful, Catholic solutions. Only 251 more paragraphs to go! Pace yourself, Bear. Pace yourself.


  1. Wow -- that's one strong polar bear. Strong, and apparently quite motivated.

    1. Bears are strong. But, what, only two tries? The Bear does not call that motivated. The Bear wishes he could have found the video if the Grizzly. Now that was a motivated Bear. He kept smashing the glass over and over with a basketball-sized rock with a perfect chest pass.

  2. When do we get to the helicopter explosions?

    1. Hey, with 251 more paragraphs, the Bear is certain there will be at least two or three helicopter explosion. (Actually, he suspects the whole thing is a helicopter explosion.)

  3. Hey, Bear:

    You know how exceptions turn into new rules? Like how abortion was a "choice" before morphing into a "right"? And how persons who are not straight only wanted their lifestyle "tolerated"--back when we didn't have to bake their cakes? And how "death with dignity" was the noble privilege of anyone who "wished" it, until Michael decided that Terri had to go?

    As I was reading through AL, I was wondering (among other things) how long it would be before the bishops and priests who are now being "allowed" to extend FauxMercy to unrepentant sinners will required to do so. Check out what Cardinal Schonborn just said (I am relying on Father Z here) about selective absolution:

    "The discernment of the shepherd can be, and I would say 'must be,' you have to help this person be freed from (their) burden."

    Wow. That was faster than a chocolate-coated pill from Miracle Max could bring Wesley back from the mostly-dead.

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