Sunday, April 3, 2016

Another Adorable Baby Goat Picture

One flap down. Anyone remember that? Pete will.
Javert's left ear is permanently raised like this. Few things are more adorable than a baby goat. Look at his little smile. The Bear wishes you could feel how soft he is. The buckling, not the Bear.


  1. He is a sweet little thing and at he probably smells like fresh hay.

  2. >Few things are more adorable than a baby goat.
    Baby lambs. Cuter than kittens.

  3. He is as sweet as honey. Love his little smile. Baby lambs are darling too. Baby anything! Javert, is that really his name. It's a superb name.

  4. Congratulations! It's a boy!!! :-D

    1. P.S. He reminds me of baby Blanquette.

  5. Too cute. Wonder why his ear stays up. Gives him a bit of a dapper look...a bit like a french chapeau


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