Thursday, April 21, 2016

Germans, Art, Murder in Zoar, Invitations, and Lights Out

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Ivy, known affectionately as "The People's Goat" due to his friendly personality, succumbed to injuries suffered several weeks ago by being butted in the head by Goatburger, a larger Boer. Goatburger should have lived up to his name a long time ago, but will, as soon as he is fattened up.

And here's a brief tour of the new 55 million euro headquarters of the Archdiocese of Munich-Freising, the Bear's old home. What would St. Corbinian say? And what the Hell is that rusted piece of junk they've erected in the courtyard? Of course, the Bear knows. It is a "sculpture."

A Bear would have been better, and St. Corbinian with a Bear would have been best. However, the Bear suspects that whoever fabricated this industrial eyesore lacks the skill and talent to execute a proper sculpture. It's one more in-joke, such are scattered all over the West like pigeon droppings.

When art is reduced to technique, it is nothing more than an object meant to occupy space and proclaim the evolved tastes of the owner and fabricator. True art is expansive and genuine; today's art is collapsing and false. When God wishes to punish a culture, He first takes away its prophets, then its saints, then its artists, then its righteous men..

Artists are the final witnesses but one to God, a culture's penultimate defense against the howling darkness. When they and the righteous men are gone, there's no human testimony left, and all that is left is the destruction of Sodom. A brave and pitiful platoon of belles-lettres and film survives in some quarters, but they are being overrun even as you read this.

In 1914, at the start of WWI the British Foreign Secretary Sir Edward Grey, said, "The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our life-time." Nor ours.

But recently, this was literally true. The Cathedral of Cologne turned out all of its lights to demonstrate solidarity with Islam after a peaceful protest by fed-up Germans. As the Bear recently observed about Pope Francis' feminist complaints regrding "the Patriarchy," the Germans' irony alarm is broken, too.


  1. I didn't hear a title given to that "sculpture". Perhaps they can hold a contest and let the people decide. I propose: "Pope Francis points the way to Heaven".

  2. Yay, the chapel is the heart of the building. At least the Father they interviewed's name sounds like Bear. :-).

  3. I'm so so sorry to hear about Ivy....poor poor guy.

    Hope you enjoy Goatburger with a nice dijon....and soon. How's Deuce?

    1. Whenever he is sufficiently fattened up on grain. That is not Bear's call.

  4. I am always astounded at how well bears can write when they want to. Amazing.

  5. And poor Ivy! :( I am so sad about a sweet little goat with a friendly personality being harmed. Darn bad old goat. grr.

  6. Oh no. Poor Ivy.
    Glad to find you on FB for the latest updates.


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