Friday, April 8, 2016

Helicopter Dads

Sorry Pope Francis, but the Bear made it his business
to know where his kids were and what they were doing.

Imagine dating a girl whose father was a very stealthy and terrifying Bear.


  1. Damned right. Yep, I said it!

    1. I'm on "Dime Bag" in the Americans. Very dark. Elizabeth is a brain-dead Commie zombie.

  2. Oh, from last year. Ok. I'll keep that in mind. Did you get my Martha post? Apparently Timman's caught up enough to get it...Happy watching. I noticed a lot less porn last year and this year.

  3. This is the time of the bishops, priests, and laity to say, "No, we do not accept this."
    no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no etc. I will not use all caps because then people think you are crazy mad. Even the news folk are confused in reporting it.
    Alright then, NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!
    but what good does that do? Damage been done...unless the courageous priests & bishops do as you suggest.

    1. should have gone under your Apostolic Exhortation...

    2. Yes, the newsies don't seem to grasp the implications. That's why there are ephemera.

  4. One time the Bear's daughter was out on a date. It was very dark, and the Bear sat on the bench near the front door, because she was late in returning. Finally, the two young persons went up the steps to the house together. The Bear just said, "Hello" from the dark. You have never seen a boy as scared as this kid was. He didn't last long :-) Her eventual husband was made of sterner stuff, and endured all manner of supervision and other forms of abuse.

    Does the Bear feel bad?

    Nah, he was just doing what Bears do. Watching after the cubs. Not having a proper Mama Bear (who are sudden death on four feet), the job devolved upon the Bear.

    But the Bear did not go Revenant on any of them. Technically.


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