Saturday, April 2, 2016

It's a Boy

Javert -- a buckling, or male.

Another boy. Not what we were hoping for. We're not getting the females we need to start our milk operation. The Bear supposes we need to buy more female goats to give all the boys something to do and increase the odds. That would kick start the milk side, as opposed to the meat side.

The daddy was Wellington; the mommy Blanquette. Remember her? It seems like only yesterday they were born here in Zoar. This is our second generation. The other does came into the barn as soon as the door was opened and gathered around Blanquette and Javert (pronounced Ja-vair). Kind of cute.

Sorry, little boy, but you have a rendezvous with the Bear's dining room table. If you were a girl, you could look forward to a long and pleasant life as a milk goat. Life isn't fair.

If you're bummed by Javert's fate, here's a cute video of an adorable 8-year-old teaching how to milk a goat. You never know when that might come in handy.


  1. Replies
    1. We have a deep bench lol. It doesn't seem to matter who the daddy is.

  2. He's cute. Looks like you might be carrying him around in a golf bag. I ate roasted goat off a spit in Greece. Washed down with retsina. Memorable.

  3. We just had an outbreak of E coli on a goat farm in our state. I heard it made a few people extremely sick, something that affected their kidneys and may be fatal! yikes. It made about 30 people sick and anyone who purchased goats from the farm is warned to contact the state. Are goats prone to such things? I noticed the little girl warning about bacteria.
    It would be impossible for me to let Javert turn into dinner. Once he has a name, he's a pet.

    1. Yeah, that's what I said, but boys get eaten, name or not :-(

  4. I forgot to say, wow that young lady is amazing. Born teacher.


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