Friday, April 1, 2016

Pope Video 4: Small Farmers

A new month, a new Pope Video.

April Intention: "That small farmers may receive a just reward for their precious labor."

So how can Pope Video producers screw that up? Let the Bear see if he can foretell the video.

A montage of men and women of all different races are shown happily tending the good earth. Uplifting music plays in the background. Suddenly, the music becomes scary. Big machines work huge, menacing plantations. Cut back to farmers (maybe a child or two thrown in) who look sad. Interspersed with all this, the pope says something perfectly orthodox. Then inspiring music as a priest and woman (nun?) hand out Kalashikov assault rifles to smiling farmers. Final scene:

Yup. Sounds about right.


  1. How about a plug for "sustainability" and how small farmers show reverence for Mother Earth by not poisoning Her with pesticides and fertilizers?

    And of course, buying local so that we don't need to use refrigeration (cf air conditioning) to keep produce fresh?

    Maybe even a pitch for grass-fed ruminates so that grain is not wasted on animals that could feed the hungry.

    Lots of fertile ground here.

    The problem the pope-video people have in April is competing against the press on the upcoming Exhortation. Imagine the pressure they're facing. We should pray for them that they'll find favor from God and receive the inspiration to conceive an idea to avoid being Overshadowed by the Exhortation.

    Wouldn't we all be happier if the Exhortation news was shuffled to the back page in favor of the video?

  2. The energy from these things has been alarming and subtly self-idolatrous. If the focus is on economic problems, as opposed to the disrespect which is the actual cause of their hardship (farmers'), it'll be inverted, even if maintaining the guise of pointing out that the general attitude is inverted. I mean to say that this looks like it'll be a validation of charity outside of a state of grace, like saying the 'charity' of throwing those poor backwards uneducated saps some pennies and buying yourself some peace of mind while you're at it is valid. This is of course not what Francis would say, but I am so sick of the lack of heavy handedness allowing that sort of interpretation.

    but we could be wrong, and Schönborn presenting the exhortation is also probably a good sign. One would think a Wiener would be more concerned about the Turks invading, but noooooooo...haha, Wiener, lustig. Small pleasures.


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