Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Pope Video 4 -- Small Farmers

The Pope Video franchise starring Pope Francis as the eponymous lovable commie Pope character has cranked out its April video. Like previous Pope videos, it predictably relies on montages of people's faces, looking directly into the camera lens. It has a synthesized score that makes you expect Enya to start singing the intention. The visuals, however, are up to par, with a beautiful opening shot of green fields.

The intention is, that small farmers receive a just compensation for their hard work. Who could be against that, right? Except, as with all these horrible, horrible cookie cutter productions, there is a subversive message.

The supporting actor is a middle-aged white farmer with a hoe and one donkey.

But, all the Pope Videos are little morality plays for our times. The villains of the piece are capitalists. Unless you can think of something else represented by frenetic activity on Wall Street while the Pope intones, "It is not right to exploit [the earth] for the benefit of just a few, depriving the great majority of their rights and benefits."

In other words, Donkey Man would be rolling in dough if it weren't for evil Wall Street somehow exploiting him and his acre of land. The truth is, in farming, both nature and the market are unforgiving. If your farm equipment is a donkey and a hoe, you cannot compete in the modern agricultural business. Like other folk, Donkey Man has the right to try; he doesn't have the right to succeed. Realistically, Wall Street probably doesn't have much to do with the local farmers' market where you sell your produce.

Of course, if there were somebody to make other people give Donkey Man a bunch of cash for his hard work, instead of paying him for the market value of his produce, things would be better for him. Sign the Bear up for that free cash, please, for all the hard work that is evident in this ephemeris. Or, since the Bear is a small farmer, after all, how about giving him some(body else's) money for his miserable goat farm?

In short, more commie agitprop from the Pope. At least this one doesn't attack a dogma of the Church, so it's not quite so appalling.

Over at Mahound's Paradise, the Hound wonders "Where are the black people?" Now that he raises the point, yeah! Black lives matter, Pope Francis. Why are you banning them from your videos?


  1. The true exploitation is on the part of those appropriating images of real people pursuing an honest and socially useful occupation in the trading pits (and many of them surely Catholic and therefore spiritual sons of this Holy Father, but let that go) and holding them up to the whole world as selfish exploiters blocking the way between Donkey Man and his dream of buying a new hoe.

  2. I am all for Donkey Man. I have a vested interest in small ag since I own a 540 acre ranch and have navigated my way thru the minefield of agricultural economics and it is indeed a minefield. It isn't my main source of income but I sure do wish it was a greater source of income.

    However, what is my biggest enemy isn't capitalism, it is government involvement in the agricultural economy that subsidizes some production while disincentivizing others. You can guess which side of that coin I'm on. Yeah, it is hard.

    As far as justice is concerned, I'd be with the Pope if I actually thought he had a clue how to achieve it. But he has admitted himself he knows little about economics though that doesn't stop him from making economics the topic of some of his most assertive rants. Generally, I thought, pensive people with integrity steered away from making hard statements about things they know little about.

    The Pope believes in Big Government. We get it, Pope Francis. Problem is that Big Government has killed more of its citizens in the last 150 years than all aggressive wars combined, so forgive me Holy Father if I don't bother to watch one more of your attempts to organize one big giant Utopian commie love fest out of the national states of the world.

    1. If you had the money to hire lobbyists, maybe the government would treat you better.

    2. I take it this could mean "If I had the money to hire the Pope..." because in truth, there are many times I wonder who his boss is and who is springing for his ideology. It is not clear to me. Not judging, mind you, but rather, inquiring. I just don't know. I mean, when I see him promote and cater to staggeringly rich German heretics, the question does not appear to me to be moot.

    3. In California, the biggest problems faced by small family farmers do tend to be government-imposed, as Valdemar states, or from environmentalists. The most obvious one here is the lack of water. Drive anywhere north of Los Angeles along I-5 and you'll see "Congress Imposed Drought" (there are fewer of those now because they pre-date the actual drought, but they're still out there), "Dams or Trains?" (referring to the amount of money being spent on the not-high-speed-train-to-nowhere instead of water storage), and "Stop-- Politicians created water crisis: Boxer, Costa, Pelosi" The signs referring to California's Congress and the three politicians pre-date the real drought and came out when our legislature decided to save the Delta Smelt, a non-native fish that lives in the delta around Sacramento, by restricting the water allowed to leave the Delta, thereby starving out small farmers.

      You have the environmentalists (are you listening, Francis?) jumping up and down every time a new proposal for a reservoir or dam comes through. When Schwarzenegger was governor, before he became a RINO, he pushed for the construction of water storage -- but the environmentalists and the Dems shouted him down. We had quite a few years of good rain before the current drought -- but Southern California, with the bulk of the state's population, doesn't have enough reservoirs, and the rain we did have a few years back mostly ran out to sea. When the water restrictions were imposed, farmers were forbidden to take any water at all from the Central Valley Project. That meant that farmers had to use their reserves (leading in some cases to subsidence), or purchase water. Many of the farmers lost their livelihood. Thanks, environmentalist wackos!

  3. And as a not-unimportant aside: Not everyone in that video is a "child of God", I suspect.

  4. This is the third pope video I haven't watched.

  5. Explain to me again why I'm not converting to Eastern Orthodoxy?

    1. Been there, done that, discovered they have their own problems and that in my bones I'm a Bear of the West. Glad to be back in the Church, even with the Pope's commie propaganda.

    2. Never will. Better to fight to stop the fire in the kitchen than to flee the house to live under a tent in the backyard.

    3. I'd be interested to hear more Bear, because I am not kidding. I converted to Catholicism 5 years ago and am now only go to TLM when I can and am absolutely disgusted by the NYC Archdiocese and this Commie Pope. I can't waste all my spiritual energy being enraged at the pontiff.

    4. Ben, let me interrupt. I am a convert. I was received into the Church 3 years ago, along with my wife. I hold a Masters Degree in theology from a Protestant seminary and spent my life studying the doctrines of the faiths of the various Protestant expressions of Christianity. As a Protestant, I had encountered Jesus, but knew, at each stop along the trail, that something was not quite right, especially vis-a-vis the Scriptures. Then, I got a copy of the CCC while I was teaching Lutherans how bad the Catholic Church was, and...actually read it. That led me to my conversion.

      Almost immediately upon entering the Church I saw what I can only describe as unrelenting evil attacking the Mystical Body from within. I won't go into the litany of evils. You know them.

      But all along I kept studying the Scriptures and the documents of the perennial Magesterium. I looked at the Orthodox positions. Now I am not about to condemn the entire Vatican 2 Council as heretical, but I will say it is crystal clear things have changed AND WERE INTENDED TOP by the progressives at that Council. How could this be?

      But as I read the documents of the faith previous to that, especially the writings of Popes Pius IX, X, XI, and XII and Leo XIII, and as I observe the war being waged by modernists {the sum of all heresies} and as I read of the apparitions, especially Fatima, LaSallette, etc, a picture is formed in my mind and heart.

      We are not alone. God has in His perfect will allowed this time of great struggle. Apostasy has, like the smoke of Satan referred to by Pope Paul VI, permeated the Church. But in all those writings we were warned. We are not being blindsided. No, we have been given fair warning to arm ourselves for this fight. As our FSSP priest has said; The way to fight this spiritual battle is to STUDY the documents of the faith and READ the Bible. Arm yourself against the devil.

      In the first 2 chapters of the book of Job we see God allowing the devil to tempt Job. God literally stakes His Holy Name on the courage and strength of one of His Own to resist, to remain and to endure to the end. God is asking us to do nothing more nor nothing less.

      Today we are seeing the Crucifixion of the Body.

      After the Crucifixion will come the Resurrection.

      You can count on it.

      Be one of those who endure to the end. Let the Lord find you with lamp alight and wick trimmed for the marriage feast.

      Don't give up.

      Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners...

    5. go to the search box and type orthodoxy

      email me if you need more

    6. GREAT stuff there, Bear.

      I love the little, short and deeply profound piece here:

      Nails it.

      It's easy to say the Catholic Church is at this time in history, "run by fags". Obviously it is not entirely true, but in the NO world, well, it hard to argue the opposite in my experience. I don't have to mention the Mass is chanted in tenor vs the Orthodox in bass!

      Having said that, we really do find men gravitate easily to the TLM. The queer OCP ditties aren't there to remind you of Kumbaya Campfires of the 70's and bossy women don't run the show and try their best to make you feel like Christianity is all about handing everybody in the world a Coke.

      We men, tho, stand to be blamed for much of it. We, like Adam, laid around on our sorry keesters and let the effeminates have the steering wheel.

      Time to make a change in drivers.

    7. Look for an Eastern rite parish. The Chaldeans still think Christ is King and basically fluff off most of what is coming out of the Vatican.

    8. To Valdemar at 1:41 PM on April 6,

      Thanks, I needed that reminder!

  6. You got me thinking. For better or worse, this was the result:

    1. That's exactly what I noticed when I re-watched the video earlier! I'm not going to claim that I realized that none of the Papal videos have been exactly replete with images of black folks, but I did notice it in this one.

      I suspect it may be because Black Catholics tend toward the orthodox--at least, all the ones I know do. Several are Trads, and I know speaking of my boss, she didn't like going to her local parish because the Masses were too "whoop de-do" (my term, which she said described it perfectly).

      Perhaps that's why Bergoglio leaves them out of his videos.

    2. Black Lives Matter. Or maybe Pope Francis hasn't heard.

  7. Allow me to chime. My husband and I discovered a local Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form about five months ago and hardly looked back. There is simply no comparison to the NO Mass, and it is what we've been looking for. Life is a series of tradeoffs and you can't have everything on this side of the grass. Do we miss our neighbors and the lovely people at our former church, yes, a bit. Do we feel badly about not supporting our former church, yes, a bit. We enjoyed a pastor who is faithful, no innovator he, but still, the Latin Rite allows you to worship, in quiet if not silence. The verbal responses are fewer, so there is less of a "performance demand". The priest's orientation toward God reminds us of our reason to be there at all, and we are much more conscious of receiving Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, what an awesome reality that is and that in point of fact we are not worthy of such a mystifying reality.
    I cannot in good faith financially support the Catholic church any longer. I'm horrified by what has happened to the church, but at the Latin Rite that all feels very far away, it doesn't exist actually, as far as we are concerned.
    Weekly angst, resolved.
    Nonetheless, it does bother us a great deal, all that has transpired, and I have a feeling on April 8th we are about to be more bothered. We worry about the church naturally, and in particular about our loved ones who have no idea what has transpired, or the little ones who are coming up.
    And by the way, as a woman I can't stand the feminization of the church either, either by feminized men or just too many grey-haired ladies.
    And don't get me started on singing Protestant hymns in a Catholic church.

  8. It's so Soviet. In Latin Am, the small farmers do not have property rights, and less powerful lack just access to courts. Hernando de Soto (modern economist, not explorer) has written much on this and is persona non grata in his homeland in Latin Am. It is the communism and cronyism, which go hand in hand, that are hurting small farmers. It is foolish for a small farmer to think of competing the global market, but he can make a local, regional living if given the chance. He might become known and do some exporting, but all that growth takes time. As Ben said, it's govt subsidization of large operations and certain crops that hurt little guys. Regulations that large operations can absorb put little operations out of work, whether a small grocer or a farmer.

    1. In Mexico, however, small farmers do own land. I know because my grandfather was a small farmer, and my mother and her brothers sold his farm after he died; it was their inheritance.

    2. I understand. Mexico is not Latin Am. In any case, there are exceptions to every generalization of course.

    3. Anywhere, the worst thing you can hear is "We're from the Government. We're here to help."


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