Monday, May 30, 2016

And Now, the Bear Himself

The Bear is aboard the Russian landing ship Azov on a short, but pleasant Mediterranean cruise to Tartus, Syria. Captain Chernetsky Pavel Tarasovich has kindly allowed me to post a brief message.

First of all, the Bear thanks Captain Chernetsky for all of his assistance. It was providential that he was close by with his ship when the Bear accidentally fell into the waters of the Bosphorus. The Bear also thanks the crews of the Turkish patrol boats who were so eager to rescue the Bear they risked colliding with Azov in the dark. 

The Bear thanks his Turkish hosts, and apologizes for not saying goodbye. He regrets any inconvenience he may have caused certain individuals. Thank you for the zebra. The Bear will never forget his tour of the zoo, nor all those who helped arrange it.

The Bear thanks the pseudonymous "Bunny Rabbit" for stepping up and taking care of the Bear's ephemeris while he was on vacation. Of course, the Bear also thanks "B34R" for their volunteer assistance on various technical issues, and for helping keep the Bear in contact with his friends. (The Bear has no official relationship with B34R, who operate entirely independently of the Bear.)

The Bear shall never forget his second great adventure in Turkey, nor all those involved with it. Turks have always occupied a special place in the Bear's heart.

The Bear suffered a few scrapes and scratches. Never fear, he has received excellent medical care.

The Bear has not been informed of the subsequent legs of his return journey. He does not know when you should expect the next post. 

Stay fluffy.

Just kidding. Do svidaniya!


SSGT Jordan Bear, Denver, Colorado
PFC Peyton Jones, Marble Falls, Texas

2nd Battalion, 508 Parachute Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division. Gave their lives March 1st, 2012 near Sangesar, Afghanistan in a dastardly green-on-blue attack in which an Afghan soldier and an Afghan civilian literacy instructor seized one of the towers of their FOB, killing PFC Jones, then attacked the sleeping soldiers in their own camp. SSGT Bear rushed out of his tent without his body armor to assist the wounded and organize a defense, and was killed. 


  1. Do you ever wonder if the principle of the Collective Unconscious maybe has something to it? Technically, it's among creatures of the same species, and you're a bear, but ...

    1. The Bear recently noticed this very thing when researching illuminated Bears. Many more rabbits than Bears. And, for some reason, much passing of gas.


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