Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Another Dog-Bites-Man Story

The agitprop is apparently from the wonderful The People's Cube. The site is a parody of communism, where everyone stays in character and tries to out-do one another in acting like an enthusiastic comrade, lest they be ordered to the beet collective. 

Now don't take this the wrong way, but a Muslim stabbing some people in Germany is a dog-bites-man story. In other words, these attacks are so common they can hardly be called news. We professional broadcasters with degrees and extensive secular experience (does anyone even remember this one?) look for man-bites-dog-stories, like:
  • During the past week some dumbass screaming Allah'u akbar did NOT kill anybody
  • CAIR has unequivocally condemned a terror attack by Muslims, and did not use the word "backlash" once
  • imam at local mosque foils terrorist attack by turning in terrorists to the FBI
  • Pope Francis spoke out against Islamic terrorism and kicked Islam out of the Three Amigos Great Abrahamic Religions club
  • during the last year, no Afghan "allies" murdered any American soldiers
  • during the past week, no world leader reminded us how great Islam is
  • after a terrorist attack, a world leader actually shows more concern for victims than Muslims
  • trending: new fad has Muslims doing their best to integrate into Western societies
  • The U.S. and Russia jointly bomb the Hell out of ISIS, destroying chief ISIS industry of affixing human heads to spikes
  • the President of France mentions "Charles Martel"
You get the idea. These would be news.

In other news, the Bear finds perfect inspirational video, except for the crazy part. Okay, crazy is optional. Dr. Strangelove, General Ripper.


  1. I have been a very, very naughty flea.

    Here's one (actually two) for the Trump supporters I may have offended earlier this year. Absolutely plague free entertainment. Guaranteed.

    One: Melania's Revenge

    Dawn Eden (Goldstein) has just gotten her doctorate from the pontifical university associated with Mundelein Seminary. Pontifical sacred theology doctorates are not Phd's; they're STDs.
    (for those you who don't know Dawn Eden https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/dawn-eden-driven-to-pro-life-and-faith-by-rebellion-lifesitenews-interview)
    This was covered by the Chicago Tribune and by GetReligion where Dawn is a sometimes contributor.
    (http://www.getreligion.org/getreligion/2016/5/7/will-dr-dawn-eden-goldstein-touch-third-rail-of-catholic-doctrine-of-course-not-). She's going to be teaching at some seminary overseas. Terry Mattingly goes out of the way to note Dawn's wittiness for the NY Post headline for the (Melania) Trump wedding: "The Lady is a Trump".

    So I posted a few Headline Karma comments on GetReligion which they won't approve. [I guess humorous headlines are not appreciated when they're aimed at you.] Maybe a Trump supporter could pass it on to his buddy at National Enquirer so Melania could get her revenge.

    Melania's Revenge:

    "After years of promoting chastity, Eden announces STD"

    More revenge from Melania:

    "Dawn Eden gets STD at Mundelein"

    "Priests give Dawn Eden STD"

    How did I miss these:

    "Pope Francis gives STD to Dawn Eden"

    "Life after an STD: Dawn Eden vows to pass it on"

    The possibilities are endless:
    “Thrill of the Chaste author announces STD”
    "Life after an STD: Dawn Eden vows to pass it on to seminarians"


    Two: re Man bites Dog.

    Timers/Counters/Countdowns are all the rage in activism: Debt counter, Doomsday clock, Last child in Japan, and of course the workplace OSHA counter: "Days since last workplace injury".

    Wouldn't it be cool to have a couple of others:
    "Days since last Muslim terror attack in America"
    "Hours since last Muslim terror attack in Europe"
    "Minutes since last Muslim terror attack in the World"

    Now, if Trump put those on his campaign site, THAT would get some serious attention in the refugee debate.

    The Bear is invited to steal the idea. Good Luck trying to keep it up to date.

    1. Yeah, the Bear knows what an STD is. Michael Voris has one. The Bear only has a degree from the Bavarian Culinary and Equestrian School of Theology. Doesn't matter. No one recognizes it.

    2. Voris has an STB as in Baccalaureate.

  2. Trump wants a pause on Muslims coming to America and criticizes Merkel for "ruining" Germany. That ALONE should make every Christian vote for him.

    Think of your granddaughters being forced into Muslim harems. They will spit on your grave if you don't vote for our Glorious Leader.

  3. I like your change of pace Bear. Here is my thought on the subject.

    Isn't true that good news is not news because people are perverse and love to hear about people and situations worse off than their own? Accordingly. it would follow that bad news causes bad news and increased perversity. And thus it we would be better off shutting down all news sources except those providing good news. Attention would only be given to people and events that had a positive effect on others. Therefore society would be improved and we would have less perversity. Is this what you are getting at Bear?

    1. Not exactly. "Dog bites man story" is an old newspaper term for a story that is not news. Dogs bite men all the time, so what? Editors always want the "Man bites dog story." Now that would be news because it is a departure from the normal situation. So the point rather elaborately made is that Muslim terrorist attacks are so common now they are "dog bites man stories." Proposed are examples of great "man bites dog stories" that we'll never see.

      The cure for bad speech is good speech. The Bear is not in favor of censorship. He hopes that one day millions of independent producers of content will simply make professional media obsolete. Even today, you can listen to NPR, or be entertained and informed and challenged by a Catholic talking Bear who is only slightly narcissistic.

    2. You do good work Bear. One thing I have found that some of these "independent producers of content" cannot tolerate dissent. I have been banned from two different blogs: one for criticizing Pope Francis and the other for supporting Donald Trump. Don't you think Bear that over sensitivity is an example of Diabolical Narcissism? http://www.barnhardt.biz/2016/05/08/anns-latest-at-the-remnant-diabolical-narcissism-why-princes-betray-their-king/

    3. As an example, the Bear would not allow someone to promote some "other" Catholic Church, because that would run counter to the mission of this ephemeris, which is to keep people in the Church despite its current difficulties. This is not a news site. The Bear has a stated agenda: to keep people in the real Catholic Church. There are all sorts of comments that would not last here. Ones that denied God's existence, ones that promoted some alternative to the Catholic Church. A blog is not a public forum, but a private creative enterprise. The Bear thinks ephemerists have a right to stay on focus, and not get bogged down in combox debates. Running an ephemeris is time-consuming enough as it is!

      Some blogs do seem more sensitive than others, and ban people for strange reasons, seemingly.

      The Bear hardly ever disallows a comment. He could probably count them on one paw. But he is also blessed with good commenters. If SCB ever became a first-tier ephemeris with ten times the audience he has now, he might attract people who just came to argue. He would probably kill a lot more comments in that case.

      Personally, the Bear doesn't care who anyone supports for president. You can support Bernie Sanders or Hillary for all the Bear cares, and you can have your say here. But that probably won't happen much, because this ephemeris hardly every gets into politics.

      So, here, as long as you are not promoting something really strange or urging people to leave the actual Roman Catholic Church, you can say whatever you please. There is a lot of room for conversation within those parameters.

      Hope that explains at least my position.

    4. P.S. comments that challenge the Bear's position of something are not unwelcome. The combox is the primary way of keeping an ephemerist honest. There are ephemera that do not allow comments. Personally, this seems an unfortunate choice. If you are getting so many negative comments you have to close down discussion, could that mean that you need to reconsider your message?


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