Friday, May 13, 2016

Before There Were Pope Videos...

[Note: the Bear is working on another creative project, and taking it easy on the ephemeris for awhile.]

Before The Pope Videos, there was a gorgeous, buxom, blond Italian actress who asked women to send videos of themselves to Pope Francis. Although the promotion ignited a feminist backlash and was roundly ridiculed, today it looks pretty good after The Pope Videos. The Bear will take Nancy Brilli over Pope Francis any day.

Alas, Nancy didn't last long, and, to the Bear's knowledge, the Vatican never released a compilation of the submitted videos. But the Vatican learned its lesson.

Back then, culture chief Cardinal Giancarlo Ravasi complained that criticism from the U.S. demanded that they "must start with the abuse to which they are subjected, to focus on all that is negative." (In fairness to Cardinal Ravasi, this video wouldn't raise an eyebrow in Italy.)

So what do we get now? Abuse to which women are subjected and all that is negative. Sandwich Mom, and Scrubbing Woman. Confident Nancy, who at least looks like she has things together must give way to an unending stream of victims.

You've come a long way, baby.


  1. Tired of dealing in the peripheries and absurdities of how to bring salvation or something to women Pope Francis now has now gone full fem-lib with his up female deacon initiative and political wedge issue. You can just imagine how much fun bloggers will have with this one. Or sadness.

    1. He was speaking off the cuff, of course, and what he actually said was correct: we don't know what women deacons did, but yeah, maybe we should set up a commission. Another example of his tired old trick of setting expectations while not actually saying anything he could be tagged with. Or maybe he has a pathological need to be liked by whatever group he's talking to. But Lombardi's already spinning it.

  2. Just more of the same. It seems like we do know what women deacons did, they did not have Holy Orders (ever), and assisted at immersions and helped Bishops by checking for bruises on the bodies of women who complained they were beaten by their husbands. Both roles clearly for the sake of propriety, when we had propriety. They did not preach (thankfully) nor act in other deacon-esque roles. But by all means let's stir up the pot here, upset millions of Catholics who are still reeling from AL, and give hope to the dissidents for more novelties from the pope of surprises.
    We don't need a commission for this. We don't need to study it. I doubt he's doing this for nothing.
    But his MO, setting up situations where dissidents "ask" for things and he, "spontaneously" mind you, thinks it's a brilliant thing to study, has become altogether aggravating.
    We shouldn't still be assuming nothing will come of this. This has all the earmarks of a change he will make.

    1. The Bear's Tar Baby Alert System identified this story as a tar baby. Enormous amounts of effort will not go into an unnecessary debate on early women deacons. There's not much to be said. Pope Francis probably threw the commission bone to them so he could get out with his skin.

  3. John Paul II looked at this issue, and not just for the priesthood - other ordained/lay were studied too. We know the results: females? NO! So Francis now wants to re-cover that old ground to see what was done in the Apostles day….and he'll do what he wants to do.

    Can we imagine for one second that a commission appointed by Francis is going to come out and tell these gargoyle priestess wannabes that they can't 'be'?

    On a personal note, and perhaps an uncharitable one: why the heck are these ladies so darned ugly? I ask that as an old woman myself who has seen better days. Take a look at some pictures of sisters and nuns from the good old days. You see smiling faces, yes, but a serenity and peacefulness, as well as rosy good health - bodies covered so those lovely faces could shine out.
    I identified a while back as a chipmunk but I'm researching to see if curmudgeon is a woodland creature. Are curmudgeons male? Too bad! I want what I want as my right.

  4. I think her eyes are too close together.

    1. She looks a tad unnatural for her age. Maybe too much plastic surgery, botox, or something. There's not a visible line on her face.


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