Saturday, May 14, 2016

Cute Twin Newborn Baby Goats Video

Today, you get two videos from your old friend the Bear. Don't forget to check out The Bear Video below.

Unfortunately, more boys! Looks like meat instead of milk. (Although we have never actually killed a goat.) Apparently, they're from two different daddies. Here they are: Badger and Willow. Both breech births.


  1. oh my goodness! what could be cuter!!

    1. The black and white one is so little! Much smaller than any of our other newborns, but twins often are. But he can yell!

    2. "what could be cuter!!"

      Lambs. Lambs are cuter. The other ovine.
      Not that I'm going to get that admission out of a goat farmer.

    3. Have you ever actually spent a lot of time around sheep? They look like a filthy shag carpet and smell like a bathmat. Nasty creatures. Goats have short coats and look clean. Although it must be admitted that billy goats have some pretty foul habits.

  2. Two different Daddies? Now Bear you mention in your other video post the lack of real Catholic teaching but looks like you fell down a bit in that area in your very own barn! Shame!!

  3. Russian zoo names baby black goat--Obama:

    Seattle Kim

  4. Just got back into town after a long visit with my mom....Badger, eh? :) Bet he's an ornery, opinionated, Church loving, Jesus adoring little thing. If he is truly my namesake, he's gotta have really, really, r.e.a.l.l.y. bad hair.

    Congratulations on the girl've been waiting a long time for that one.


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