Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Does This Antidepressant Commercial Remind You of Anything?

Same basic format. Unhappy people of various ethnicities. Introduction of the drug. People are happier, the music ends on an upbeat note.

The only difference between this Cymbalta commercial and the Pope Videos is that there is a warning about the side effects of the drug at the end. Unfortunately, Pope Videos do not have to abide by truth-in-advertising requirements. But if they did, it might go something like this.

Side effects include: confusion between social justice issues and the Catholic Faith; a growing disinterest in devotions, or actually praying at all; indifferentism; papalotry; nausea; cognitive dissonance; irritability; Marxism; loss of faith; and an unusual interest in Bears. If you experience any of these symptoms, consult your Jesuit or liberal Priest.


  1. I'm allergic to the pope's videos so I don't know about these symptoms. But I do have an interest in bears so maybe I should worry.

  2. Excellent point Bear. Love your side effect on Papal utterances. It would be best they claim with a Warning: Destroy Before Reading or Looking.

  3. Only thing left out is that screeching mezzo soprano in the background of Frankenpope's vids.


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