Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hanoi Frank

1972: Jane Fonda visits North Vietnam, providing the
enemy with propaganda.

2016: Pope Francis visits Sweden to celebrate 500th
anniversary of Martin Luther's revolt against the Church.

The Bear is just checking in with a brief observation.

St. Francis is well-known for saying, "Preach the Gospel at all times. If necessary use words."

When Pope Francis goes to Sweden this Halloween to celebrate 500 years of ruinous heresy with a woman Lutheran bishop, what will he be preaching?

What must be said of a pope who abuses the Church's highest office to personally promote heresy by deliberately and knowingly enhancing its prestige and credibility? How can he do this, then say a word to any Catholic who decides he would rather have a go at Lutheranism?

Just, thinking out loud here, as a simple, uneducated Bear. What would a man have to do in order to no longer be recognized as the Pope? Radio Francis is all indifferentism, all the time. Someone please correct the Bear, but is not indifferentism a heresy? Lutheranism? Is it safe to assume that a cleric educated well-enough to be Pope could fairly be charged with knowing what indifferentism is, how it differs from ecumenism, and the fact that it is a heresy?

Of course, maybe the Bear is the only sentient creature bothered by all of this. The bishops don't seem to be, and they are far more knowledgeable than a Bear. So the Bear is probably wrong.

"We don't think in terms of 'heresy,' any more, Bear."

"Some people like oysters, and some people like snails, Bear. Pope Francis likes both."

"Mercy is the answer to every question, Bear."

Bear out.


  1. Hanoi Frank meet Isis Jesus (this is a whopper):

    Seattle Kim

    1. God wants us all to flip a coin and either follow a complete idiot or do something else, which will presumably result in our damnation. So check your brain at the door and join Pope Francis on the crazy train and be a good Catholic. Yes, I have great admiration for the Pope. Yes, he is a wise and holy man. Yes, he is my leader in faith.

    2. How does one survive in the military when one's commanding officer is a blooming idiot, but not so much of an idiot that you can nail him for breaking a serious reg?

    3. Guess I've chosen damnation because I don't believe in him. Last I checked you had to be Catholic to be a pope.

      Seattle Kim

    4. Complain. Make fun of him behind his back, Lurker. It relieves the pressure. In Viet Nam they fragged them, sometimes. We don't do that anymore. Oh, unless we're Muslim.

  2. Yes. The difference is that Jane Fonda wasn't leader of the Free World. She was a dissident and thought of by most as such.

    It would be as if Jane Fonda had been elected President for the United States and THEN hobnobbed with the North Vietnamese.

  3. Oh this fall is going to be lots of fun. I am already having flashbacks of dealing with the fallout from the "Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification", which produced a bit of confusion for the common man. There is no Card. Ratzinger around this time to issue a magisterial clarification.

    Luther did great evil to the Church, but a lot of people have this myth about Luther, just as they have this myth about St. Francis. In a way, Pope Francis embodies both of these myths.

    What is the best way for Pope Francis to show mercy to the Lutherans? Intercommunion.

    Why not? If you don't care about doctrine, can you distinguish between a Catholic Eucharist and a Lutheran Lord's Supper? Is not intercommunion a major project of the Luthern - Catholic ecumenical project?

    There are other things out there, but this, from 1984 is a good read

  4. In light of the latest atrocity, this hardly even matters. The Bear takes this personally. The Bear ran a law office better than the Roman Catholic Church gets run. The Bear can't do Francis anymore. The Bear will probably be leaving the mountain for good after the Pope says Christian Europe was colonization, and Jesus sending out the apostles was an act of conquest like ISIS. There's just no coming back from this.

    1. Oh, Great Bear...what can be said? This all is for the long game. We are not going to fix Pope Francis or even our local parish. We will all die as failures. But we do what we do because we do things together for the sake of the salvation of the far off generation. You have great big bear paws, mighty and fierce. In them you must hold the gift of Faith, which is fragile as a dandelion gone to seed. You must not loose one seed and you must insure that it is passed to all that you meet.

      We woodland creatures are glad for your time on the mountain, and would be sad to see you go, but go one day you will. Pray for us then in your kindness.

      There is no commuting back from this...never was...never has been. The story of the Church is filled with such nonsense.

      The whole world is on fire, not just the forest. We seek to save as many as we can. That is why we fight on.

  5. Either you will experience bodily pain or you will undergo tribulation of spirit in your soul. At times you will be forsaken by God, at times troubled by those about you and, what is worse, you will often grow weary of yourself. You cannot escape, you cannot be relieved by any remedy or comfort but must bear with it as long as God wills. For He wishes you to learn to bear trial without consolation, to submit yourself wholly to Him that you may become more humble through suffering. No one understands the passion of Christ so thoroughly or heartily as the man whose lot it is to suffer the like himself.

    Imitation of Christ
    Book Two
    Chapter Twelve

  6. Bear, there is something to be said about just living your life, and making it fit the Will of God in all its minute details. I like to think of that peasant in France 1000 years ago. He didn't know, perhaps, who the current pope was, and this did not make a difference in his life. He could hear the bells of his Church so he knew to bow his head when the Angelus was being sung. He celebrated all the Feast Days, and worshiped God on Sundays - and got a good sermon afterwards in the square in front of his Church.

    He lived his life as it rolled out before him. His worries were linked to nature, to his family, his wider community. It was enough, more than enough, it was plenty. We quote Chesterton a lot because he said so many good things. He once said something like: we say we can't go back, but we only say that because we don't want to go back.

    But how can we stand not to know there is a ton of bad stuff going on out there, and in our beloved Church? How can we stand not commenting and giving others the benefit of our knowledge? How can we stand to let 'them' get away with this?

    Ah, there's the snag. Bottom line: our days should be so taken up doing our duty, reading, thinking, praying, that there are not many hours left for digging around in the dung. Just sitting and thinking instead of gathering more and more 'information' is what used to take up time - and a good use of time it was…

    If you decide to stop blogging about Francis and the 'crisis' please consider leading a new blog movement - sharing your ideas on going back, reading, thinking, doing one's duty, enjoying what Our Loving Father has given us to enjoy, describing what looks like sanctity in your life.

    1. God gave a Bear an excellent but limited skill set.


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