Friday, May 27, 2016

No Matter How You Slice It, Pope on Women Deacons Is a Big Deal

Hi. I'm St. Corbinian's Bunny Rabbit. (And not that kind of rabbit!) What, you've never heard of me? Figures. Leave it to a bear to hog all the attention. Someday I'll tell you all about it. And notice that I don't say anything stupid like "the Bunny Rabbit" thinks this, or "the Bunny Rabbit" believes that. I always hated that.

Anyway, management has decided that settling for 15% of Catholics who aren't exactly in love with Pope Francis, while alienating the 85% of Catholics (and 50%+ of atheists) who worship him, is a bad business model. You don't continually complain about the most popular man in the world. (Think there might be a reason for that?) So from now on, you can expect lots of fluffy news about the wonderful things Pope Francis is doing every day. I think you'll find that the bear has been too negative. It's time for the truth!

So, sorry, malcontents, but your precious bear is gone.

Come back home. Everybody's joining us. We are the winning team. You can be happy. You just need to put your negativity aside and read some good news for a change.

Nuns sing as they await Pope Francis

Now, here's a wonderful story by Fr. Edward Beck in a respectable news source: CRUX: "No matter how you slice it, pope on women deacons is a big deal."

Women everywhere are ecstatic about the idea of female deacons, and, possibly, priests. The women interviewed by Fr. Beck are tired of being treated like second class citizens. They note that you couldn't even talk about women deacons only a short time ago. Now it's on the table. Fr. Beck reminds us that Pope Francis has more liberal views on giving women a place in the power centers of the Church because he came from a country where Eva Peron was powerful. However, Fr. Beck warns that the Church is still patriarchal.

Pope Francis is open to new ideas. He cares about women. The Planet. Refugees. You should put aside your sterile theological arguments and just embrace the love, the mercy and the openness to others demonstrated by your Pope, Francis.


  1. Sorry Rabbit, but Pope Francis will never love you. You breed too quickly.

  2. Hey, transordinists are real people and deserve our respect. They happen to have been born with a physical sex that cannot be ordained. But inside, the spiritual being that is the local manifestation of the great pan-consciousness of creation, can be ordained. Perhaps Pope Francis recognizes this and, being the first Pope ever to smile kindly upon the oppressed, is just the sort of man to "twist the hand of God" and bring ordination to these transordinists who, through no fault of their own, have been incorrectly born with the wrong material form.

    In other news, fluid ordinists are demanding that they be free to choose whether or not, at a particular moment in time, they are ordained or not and which religion they are ordained to.

  3. Where did I put that recipe for Hasenpfeffer?

  4. Yes, the POOR POOR women! (of which I am one) The Church has been vehemently sexist for all eternity! Thank goodness the Pope has opened this up for discussion, it's about time!! After all, Christ did have 'some' women hanging around during his ministry didn't he? I really think He would have wanted them ordained along with his 'men' followers, He just forgot to portray that idea.


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