Thursday, May 19, 2016

You Won't Believe What Pope Francis Just Said

Sadly, though, you probably will. Sure, he thought, the Bear's on vacation. I can say whatever I want.

Nothing the Bear could say could possibly add to this.

Where are the grownups in the Church who should be seeing Pope Fruit Loops off for a long rest somewhere far from microphones and telephones? And if the Catholic Church has no mechanism for dealing with a disaster like this, the Bear must begin to wonder some things.

The Bear is done with the make-believe, pretzel-logic, endless excuses, complete abandonment of self-respect, and tacit betrayal of Jesus Christ that goes with accepting this malignant buffoon as pope.

Now the Bear will try to  return to his vacation.

He wonders, however, how Jorge Bergoglio's evangelical buddies are going to take comparing Jesus and ISIS.


  1. I like this guy. Maybe you should videos like this one although yours was freakin awesome.

    Seattle kim

    1. The Bear isn't as pretty as he is.

    2. Well maybe you could do it in a bear suit.

    3. A Bear suit would be rather redundant.

  2. Bear, most people will not even know about this. Those who know it's wrong will rail in their small sphere. Those who hear it and don't know it's wrong will go about their natural lives and not give a thought to how this might impact their salvation.

    I've been thinking about all the books I have - many, many, and I keep buying them. I'm looking for the key to holiness. I buy books on Thomistic philosophy and what's written about this, and how I can view my world through a philosophical lens. I buy books about exactly how I should strive for holiness. I buy books written by saints. I buy books about saints.

    I read some of them, and skim some, and some I save for those mythical grandchildren who will 'need' them when they are converted.

    The books that really attract me more than others are those by St. Alphonsus and St. Francis de Sales. Why? Because they speak of God's Love for me, and my love for Him. Same with Father Faber. He, and they, are FULL of love for HIM. This theme is constant - they urge me to put everything aside and just LOVE Him.

    If time spent trolling blogs for bad news takes me away from this one goal what good is it? Especially as Our Lady has warned me that there is nothing but bad news coming.

    So my roadmap is there for me to read. What do they say about insanity? Doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result? We read blogs, and news sites, about 'the crisis' and we (I) expect to wake up one morning and hear something completely different! Cardinal ___ will speak! Bishop ___ will finally tell the truth! Father ___ will preach so all will hear that the world is the enemy!

    But all my books tell me that the 'difference' is going to be made one soul at a time.

    Even here and now I'm blathering on and lecturing when my bed has not been made and the dog hair gathers on the living room floor.

    How hard it is to let go of the world and worldly things! It's just so boring to unplug. Could we have a discussion about this? Am I the only one out here to want to experience peace?

    1. Absolutely NOT Barbara! I think a lot of us are in the same exact boat, but don't quite know how to get out of. The news about this Pope and his insanity is day in and day out, and we see it and hear it not only on Catholic sites but in the main stream news as well! I guess if we could just be cloistered somewhere with not much contact with the outside world, we may then find some kind of peace, but until then the insanity just keeps growing both inside and outside of the Church. I myself have taken breaks now and then, just to keep my own in depth news, no Catholic sites, just kind of hiding my head in the sand for a while. Just keep on praying and plugging along is what I do, begging the Dear Lord for the grace to become what He wants me to become, and to persevere this madness that has taken over.

      Blessings and keep the faith!

    2. The Bear does not expect anything different until Jorge Bergoglio's body is at room temperature. The Bear is reasonably confident that the cardinals at the next conclave will be so horrified by this pontificate that they will take pains to avoid a repeat.

      Why talk about Bergoglio anyway? Why not just all agree to bury our heads in the sand and ignore him? Now, the Bear has an excuse, what with being a Bear and all. The Bear has little control over his natural prey drive. No matter what drugs Fish, Game and Wildlife Department of Large Talking Predators give the Bear, the prey drive remains.

      And this is the point most people miss. This is not 500 years ago. You can't shrug and say, "We've always had bad popes." The Pope now has the ability to effortlessly create a cult of personality through modern communication. He can teach anything he feels like. Do you think one Catholic in a ten thousand can explain what's magisterial or not? When the Pope teaches, what is it? Nothing at all? All people know is "the Pope said." (And, in fact, a pope's repeated teachings on a topic are magisterial.) Do you think we can profitably split hairs about some comment or another not being part of the deposit of faith?

      We have a perfect storm of a Pope who -- literally -- may be impaired in judgment, or perhaps just doesn't have a clue about what Catholicism is. This is why it was a mistake to elect a Latin American pope. Too much envy and resentment, too much liberation theology, too much Peronism. And he's spreading his errors worldwide, every day.

      There was a pope once who taught heresy about whether the dead experienced the beatific vision before the resurrection. It was kind of a big deal. But compared to a Pope who is intent on changing the Church into a leftist secularist all-faiths love cult centered on his person, that old pope was nothing.

      We have a new heresy. Bergoglioism. If it survives him, the Church will literally be unrecognizable. He's already said the Jews don't need Jesus at all because they have their own magical way of salvation that's separate from everyone else. When his buddy "Bishop" Tony Palmer wanted to convert to Catholicism, "Father Mario" told him, no, I need you where you are. "Proselytizing is solemn nonsense." Emblematic of Bergoglioism is the end the first Pope Video where the Buddhist, Muslim, Jew, and Christian hold out the symbols of their faiths together in a tight shot after saying, "I believe in love."

      The Church is reduced to just being a good example on all the right secular causes under Bergoglioism. So desperate is this man to demonstrate his unrequited interfaith love that if he slips and speaks the truth about Islam's conquering spirit, he has to quickly add that when Jesus sent the disciples out to preach the gospel, that was also a conquering spirit. Jesus = ISIS. And then the ludicrous comment that "Christian Europe" made him cringe because it was "colonialism." In his warped little Latin American mind, he can't tell the difference between colonialism and evangelization. Of course, he hates real evangelization. We don't need it, and, when you get right down to it, why do we need the Church?

      One of the things the Bear is taking time off for is to consider these things. The Pope is a near occasion of sin for most of us, the Bear suspects. Perhaps we should just stay away from him. Run out the clock.

    3. yeah...that's kinda just what Jonah said.

      Don't be too surprised if you find yourself in the belly of a fish instead of vice-versa.

    4. Indeed Bear! Maybe I should rethink my vote for the Bear to continue coverage of Bergoglio. I, as well, have thought many times that reading another hum dinger about him is a near occasion of sin. It's dangerous! I pray every day for the Holy Spirit to fill him with the truth of Catholicism, and until then to quiet him just a bit.

    5. Barbara, I agree, particularly about St. Alphonsus' writings. Do you know that an Irish priest in the 1920's organized St. A's works into daily readings and meditations? They really help.

  3. Thanks Bear for bringing Pope Francis' latest outrage to our attention--I guess. I'm sure Hilary White, Ann Barnhardt, Maureen Mullarkey will have some in- depth analysis or perhaps clinical insight to shed some light on it, whatever. Of course, sometimes in your opinion and mine the less light the better.

  4. "Ignoring" could be a prudent choice for some. But for others, wouldn't it amount to a refusal to carry a cross? Complaining is no good, but lamenting - mourning - may be in order.

  5. Bear: As Captain Kirk would say:RUN.OUT.THE.ClOCK.


  6. I don't see how you can ignore the Pope. He's a ravenous wolf, seeking to devour anyone who opposes his heretical agenda. We need to know what he's doing to avoid being eaten.


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