Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Bear's Ephemeris "Placed on Index"


The Bear cannot sleep. Not only did he find this (left), but Slava finally told him that the U.S. Embassy closed in 2012. The Bear would appear to be stuck in Damascus for as long as somebody finds him useful. Slava said he would "speak with some people" and see what the Russian government can do for the Bear.

The Bear is beginning to feel a little exploited. He supposes it is the price he pays for getting out of Turkey alive.

On the bright side, he still has his good friends Slava and Kostya who never permit the Bear to leave their sight. And the Bear supposes being "mentioned in dispatches" is always a good thing. But on the whole, the Memorial Day weekend didn't turn out as the Bear expected. The Russians will help their "Misha" though. The Bear remains confident and in good spirits.


  1. How truly wonderful is the mercy?!

    First the point that Bunny Rabbit has friends in high places, but,more importantly, if one was to lookup the USCCB Media Blog, one will see NO COMMENT after NO COMMENT, unlike this chatty place. Truly living out Inter Mirifica.

    The MERCY is powerful there and all are in agreement, so much so that there is nothing left to say. Such Fluff!

    This Woodland could learn a thing or two.

  2. OH BEAR, GOOD FOR YOU!!! These imbeciles would put Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John on a 'verboten' list too....if they had any clue who they are.

    Way to go good and faithful servant! If that didn't make your day and lift your spirits, I'm afraid nothing will. And just think, Ann Barnhardt and Hilary White are gonna be positively green with holy envy.

    Man, I am impressed.

    1. The Bear was hoping people would be impressed! He loves that.

    2. Same here ... we used to look at the L.A. Times to see which candidates they supported, and vote for the opponent. In the same way, I'd be likely to be in favor of whatever the USCCB forbids. ;)

  3. Ah...Jacobines are so serious...

  4. Wait, what? I didn't see that text when I pulled it up. Did they change it? Am I missing something?

    1. The Bear believes the article speaks for itself.

  5. "The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops."

    - St. Athanasius


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