Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Bipolar Bear

One of many bipolar bear meme variations.

The Bear prefers to say that his energy and will to live are unevenly distributed throughout the year. You do realize that if bipolar people did not cycle into depression, they would be your overlords. It's nature's failsafe. Don't worry, SCB is not going to turn into some emo support group. Just thought this was funny in light of the recent post about Pope Francis. Don't want to get too heavy, man.

"There's that word again. 'Heavy.' Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the Earth's gravitational pull?"


  1. If a bipolar polar bear switched his residences between the North and South poles, would he then be a bipolar bipolar polar bear? Umm, where's my meds?

    1. No, he would have to move back and forth between the two poles randomly. Complicating matters is that the answer to the question, "what is someone who unpredictably swings from one extreme of mood to the opposite called?" Answer: a Bear. But until there's a Bear psychiatrist, the Bear must adapt to human concepts. Fortunately, the Bear's intellect, insight, analytical ability, and creativity are a constant. So don't even try to tune the Bear out based on the meme above.

  2. The Woodland is an old growth forest. There are in there that lurk since before the beginning of time. Some of us live our lives in shadows. But some day, some day, the night too shall be beautiful.

    But until then.....*red flames glow behind the eye slits of a replaced fox mask*

  3. Every body's a statistician. "unevenly distributed" good one. I hear baseball announcers talk about "small sample size" when talking various stats. Baseball is a stat person's dream.

    1. I suppose over the years, the mean is normal. But baseball stats are real. I've played enough Stratomatic baseball to know that.

    2. Oh Wow!
      You're in good company, Bear. My husband used to play Strato extensively and loved it. He says it's the best baseball board game ever. Best if played by NL rules.

      Glad to have you back-didn't like bunny rabbit.

  4. For the record, besides the sacraments and adoration, I would have long been demoralized about the faith under Pope Francis if I didn't regularly research history and regularly listen to convert-focused programs like EWTN's "Journey Home".

    History gives perspective on the current crisis that allows you to stoically accept that this crisis will eventually end, even if it takes a major schism, violent persecution, and 300 years to fix itself. God's job is Providence. Mine is just to prepare myself and everyone else I know to hold fast to the faith, become a saint in these times of trial, and not accept counterfeits, even if it's offered by the Pope.

    As for convert-focused programs, they remind us of the precious gift we have in the faith and that people still find themselves to the faith despite all the current problems. New converts and reverts tend to be fired up to the faith to a greater extent that cradle Catholics since they know first hand what it is like not to have the faith. Whenever I feel particularly low, I turn to the converts for energy.


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