Monday, June 13, 2016

Cupich Scapegoats Mentally Ill to Save Muslim Terrorist [UPDATE]

UPDATE: "Yusufiy said her ex-husband was bipolar. 'He was mentally unstable and mentally ill,' she told reporters in Boulder, Colorado." 

Well, there you go. This is Archbishop Cupich's excuse to scapegoat the "mentally unstable" in order to give a pass to an Islamic terrorist. 

After all, the ex, an undoubtedly completely unbiased and disinterested witness, says Islamic terrorist Omar Mateen was bipolar, mentally unstable, and mentally ill. 

That does sound pretty serious to the Bear. Highly informed and backed up with the evidence of professional opinion. It's bad enough to be bipolar, but when you add mentally unstable, and worse, mentally ill on top of that, it's pretty clear that this is just another bipolar crazy flipping out one day because his Cheerios tasted stale and shot up a nightclub.

Just as Archbishop Cupich insinuates. While, predictably, not mentioning Islam. The Bear doesn't expect Cupich to come out and say anything about Islam. The Bear's a realist. But to link the nearly 1 in 5 Americans who have some sort of mental health diagnosis to mass murder is absolutely despicable.

Archbishop Cupich Officially Lamest Tool in Pubic Life

According to Archbishop Cupich, in a sympathy letter to homosexuals, Muslim terrorist Omar Mateen might have been "mentally unstable."

This is actually a teachable moment on the problem with Catholic prelates. In a polemic, of course. A polemic is an ancient and respected method of rhetoric, not to be confused with the vulgar rant. A polemic, however cutting, is planned in cold blood and executed with style and relish. Unless a Bear writes it. Then it pretty much comes down to jawbone-rippin'.

Archbishop Cupich Fearlessly Illustrates Sin By Being Bad Example

First, when did Archbishop Cupich psychiatrically examine the Islamic terrorist in question? When and where did he receive his medical degree? What state is he licensed in? What is the exact diagnosis he reached? What is he actually saying? That anyone who is on prescription medication for depression is a potential mass murderer?

What? You mean Archbishop Cupich is just gossiping about something he could not be more unqualified to discuss? This should come as no surprise, since Archbishop Cupich has never given any indication of knowing anything about anything except how to suck up to the right people.

The guy may have been a terrorist, but being "mentally unstable" -- whatever that means -- carries a stigma, after all, unlike Islamic terrorism, apparently. Archbishop Cupich has committed the sin of calumny, since there is no credible evidence of Omar's mental illness.

He has also offended against the virtue of prudence by speaking recklessly. He is publicly commenting in his official capacity of a prelate of the Catholic Church on matters that are entirely speculative and cause harm to people with mental illness.

Archbishop Cupich is uncharitable in the extreme. He has just associated people who suffer from an illness that is almost always harmless to others with mass murder.

Realism  -- Yes, the Bear Knows the Church Hates It,  But It's a Bear Thing

Here is simple realism. Archbishop Cupich is unfit to have any public position. He is a fool, a tool, and a danger to the faith of Catholics, the dignity of the Church, and the well-being of the public. He is an embarrassment to the handful of Catholics still capable of feeling embarrassed.

Most of all, he is one of those odious and harmful little men who thrive in institutions where there is no accountability and no requirement to actually accomplish anything in the real world. He is coddled and protected by an increasingly out-of-touch Church to the extent he divorces himself from reality and basks in the reflected glow of his own imagined virtues.

Muslim, Not Mental

Here is more realism. The Bear cannot, of course, say whether Omar Mateen was mentally ill or not. He cannot say whether he had a brain tumor, AIDS, or a cold. Maybe Omar was gay himself. It is not all that uncommon among Muslims, after all, and he chose his target for a reason. [As it turns out, pretty much everyone who knew Omar is now saying he was gay.]

We'll never know any of these things. We do know this. He was a Muslim. Muslims tend to do this sort of thing for no more reason than they are Muslim. If he were indeed mentally unstable, a case could easily be made that Islam aggravated his condition and channeled it into homicide.

A small number of "mentally unstable" people, whatever that means, have indeed killed people.

Only not usually as spectacularly, or frequently, or successfully as the adherents of one particular religion. ISIS called for attacks in the West during their "holy" period of Ramadan. Sure enough, a Muslim who had been an FBI terrorism suspect since 2013 heard. Islamic terrorist Omar Mateen called 911 and pledged allegiance to ISIS before murdering 49 people in the name of his Islam.

But forget all that.

"Bipolar" is being bandied about. Bipolar doesn't mean you're nice, then become evil. Bipolar people cycle between depression and hypomania or mania. They kill themselves, not other people. If they're manic, they are more likely to max out their credit cards buying expensive gifts for their new best friend they met yesterday, not kill them.

Of course, we have zero reason to believe Islamic terrorist Omar Mateen was bipolar.

But what a "mentally unstable" person might do is anybody's guess. Oh, dear, what a broad brush the Archbishop wields to tar so many.

Islamic terrorism is feature of today's world.  Homicidal maniacs are not. In 30 years of criminal defense practice, the Bear represented a lot of murderers with not one insanity defense. The Bear represented a lot of jerks and losers (kind of like the description of Islam's latest hero here) and even a genuine psychopath, but not one person who killed because of "mental instability."

Archbishop Cupich seems pretty out of touch with reality, don't you think? We call that being "delusional." It is a symptom of a serious mental condition called psychosis. Is Archbishop Cupich psychotic? Certainly, there seems to be enough evidence to justify a thorough mental examination. Maybe he could be treated and restored to some minor, but useful role in society, but where his mental instability would not threaten others.

Yes, the Bear can see how rhetorically useful making baseless claims about someone's "mental instability" could be. But even the world's most prolific pony-killer would not stoop to such a low game.

So, no. Unfortunately, what Cupich is is not an illness that might be treated. For the mentally unstable, there is at least hope in modern medication. For people like Cupich, there is only insight, or an honest realization of just what a problem he is. Sometimes a fall will provide that. The higher one climbs on the ladder, the further the fall. But the tighter you hold onto those rungs. The Bear is not optimistic.

Catholic Church's Adultery With Islam

Archbishop Cupich cannot mention that terrorist Omar Mateen was Muslim, of course, without harshing the Catholic Church's interfaith buzz with Islam. So he will stand up like a good commissar and mouth the party line: we all worship the same God, religion of peace, etc. Actually, anyone who believes any of that crap has no clue, but would do well to remember that he who denies Christ before men will in turn be denied by Christ.

Perhaps another article is in order to explain why Allah is not the Holy Trinity worshipped by real Catholics. Why is this stuff always up to the Bear, anyway? If people like Archbishop Cupich were doing their jobs, this ephemeris would be about goats and television shows.

Personally, the Bear suspects that religious truth is the least concern of the smarmy parasites who have currently adhered themselves to the Church.

Muslims are the most officially protected group in this country. The slightest suggestion that there might be something glitchy with their hate cult will bring the kind of consequences pansies like Cupich dread more than Hell fire. Literally.

And, since it is looking like Islam's latest hero Omar Mateen was himself gay, the cognitive dissonance must be making heads explode. Maybe it's gay people who are dangerous, as long as we're just making up a narrative. Maybe the headline should not be "Bipolar Crazy Shoots Up Gay Nightclub," but "Self-Loathing Gay Shoots Up Gay Nightclub."

Actually, the only correct headline is "Another Act of Islamic Terror in America: 49 Dead After Muslim With ISIS Links Attacks Nightclub. Archbishop Cupich Diverts Blame From Islam to 'Mentally Unstable' Americans." Anything else is a lie, which the last the Bear heard, was a sin.

Scapegoating "Mentally Ill" to Protect Muslims

But you know who no one gives a damn about? "Mentally unstable" people. So it's easy to scapegoat them to preserve Islam's most-favored-religion status in the United States of America.

Funny, the Bear has seen this movie before. It was in German.

Let's escalate to invective. You're a pathetic, needy, little girly-man who lives on the nectar of others' approval. St. Corbinian would have told the Bear to go for a walk in the woods with you and come back by himself. Okay, maybe St. Corbinian wouldn't have said that in so many words, but the Bear would know. But different times.

Real Catholics understand Islam, too. We always have. You wouldn't get it. It's a Catholic thing.

If you think Muslims are going to love you because you get down on your knees in front of them, think again.

Love and trust Muslims? Go to ISIS controlled areas of Syria and tell them how they don't understand their peaceful religion and how we all worship the same God. Heck, St. Francis of Assisi wasn't afraid to do the equivalent in his day.

But here's the deal, and this is why all of you are such fakes. You know the score. Your head would be decorating a stick within 24 hours. But you'll sell out your country and your faithful to display your secular plumage by taking advantage of a premeditated religious attack by a Muslim to buff your tolerance cred. And you'll throw an innocent, already stigmatized group under the bus to pull it off.

The Bear has run out of anger. He honestly just despises you. You think you've got it all. You have nothing that's real. Quit. Run away. Go to a monastery, or a cave, and save your soul. It's far more valuable than your position, which is obviously very, very bad for you and the Bear's Church.

By the way, did you know homosexual acts are a sin, Archbishop Cupich? In the Catholic Church, that is, so never mind.

Go here for exhibit A in previous essay, at Mahound's Paradise.


  1. He can take the repulsive Bishop Lynch with him - Lynch announced that the Church was equally guilty of hating gays...blah, blah, blah. The same Bishop Lynch also known as Bishop Speedo for his interest in young men wearing the same, for having had to pay a settllement for sexual harassment of a married straight male employee, for his shameful acquiescence in the death of Terri Schiavo, for forbidding Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament - and for his total impunity with Rome. Something is seriously rotten here and it's stinking more by the day.

    As for the Muslim killer, he said he did it for Islam and for ISIS, it now turns out that he himself has been a patron of the gay club and some gay dating sites, and that he had checked out various Disney sites before deciding that there was too much security and the place where he could get the most kills would be a packed nightclub (full of a lot of young straight women, too, because it was "Latin Night" and they used to go for the hassle-free dancing and tropical drinks). So he wasn't even really targeting gays, but just going for the maximum body count because Allah really digs that.

    1. The Bear had speculated he might be gay, but that was to make a point about jumping to conclusions with no evidence. Interesting if it turns out he was gay. It is common. The Bear will tell you something very personal, that you must keep secret.

      The Bear has never been the object of a pick-up in a bar. He guesses the ladies find a Bear a bit much. However, once he was in a bar in a Muslim country, and sure enough, a Saudi, bed sheet and all, propositioned the Bear.

      Not really getting it, the Bear replied he already had someone in his room. He was like, "so?" Then the Bear realized what a disgusting little (actually he was pretty fat) perv he was. Needless to say, that was the last Bear he ever tried to proposition.

    2. A lot of my friends think he's gay. I don't. I think he's a straight man trapped in the body of a spiteful little queen. I imagine him as a henpecked accountant or some such, married to an ogreish wife. But now he has a bit of power, and so all the people who ever wronged him will pay and pay dearly. Don't mind me. I'm just thinking outloud, as it were.

    3. talking about the lunatic killer or the Bear?


    4. Can't be Bear. He has no power.

    5. that was the differentiator.

  2. Who does the Archbishop hate more, gays or Muslims?

    A good Archbishop hates sin and flees hell and will work to preach repentance and to confirm people in Christ. An evil Archbishop will confirm people in their sins by preaching acceptance of the level path that leads to hell because, in his hatred, he wishes to damn them.

    1. The Bear does not know, but he clearly hates Catholics the most. The Bear (or his agent -- Bear forgets) left a few choice words on his FB page. Hey, if you're going to be mentally unstable, might as well make the most of it, right? Diplomacy is not the Bear's strong suit.

    2. Owl knows that the Archbishop probably hates him, though they never have met. Owl won't play that game, but instead will pray...(edited for content surrounding the implications of why bishops wear red.)

      Owl never said he was a saint.

      Lord deliver us from evil men or have them deliver us unto you or deliver them into yourself. I am so sorry for having offended you so much that you would send us these shepherds.

    3. Pray that God might cut the Bear some slack for his enthusiastic jawbone-rippin' in the cause of truth. The Bear will never be a saint. St. Corbinian knew that all along. And yet here he is, 1300 years later. He must have some purpose.

    4. Yes.

      The Lord stay your claws or have them strike true. May the Lord hear the grief of your heart and strengthen you to carry your burdens. May the Lord see fit to keep your foot nailed to the temple floor with the nail that kept His foot nailed to the cross.Let this be done, if it so pleases you. Amen.

  3. Cupich celebrated a Mass at my church. Our pastor went 100 miles out of his way to be polite and professional. In return, Cupich's actions and words were filled with girlish pettiness and venom. I didn't write about it because I promised a priest I wouldn't. But though he's obviously an insignificant little snake, our Church is, to put it bluntly, terrified of what he might do.

  4. WHo needs Muslims and secularists to destroy our Church? The "leadership" (hierarchy) is doing a great job on its own.

    1. The Bear wonders exactly when the devil launched his successful decapitation strike on the Church. We are the first Catholics to start to do something about it. Not much yet, and probably not very well, but we'll find ways to get through this together. Probably should keep Bears to a minimum. They're very good at what they do, but most of what they do is best done out of sight.

    2. We cannot save ourselves, but we might be able to save each other. Or be martyred together.

    3. Does it count as martyrdom if you take as many of the bastards as you can with you? Is there a special Bear martyrdom that might make that okay? Like if the Bear was in the arena he could just go on an epic rampage and kill everything including the emperor? Best to get these issues resolved now.

    4. well just look at Samson...don't know that he's exactly a 'Saint' martyr, but God made him a great Judge...that's certainly something for an old Bear lawyer to aspire to, eh?

    5. Yeah! And Samson took down a whole temple and everyone in it! So there is legal precedent. Samson. Ill-tempered, a killing machine. Bad taste in women, though. Now that the Bear recalls, he thinks Samson lost it at a wedding and killed a bunch of people, too. Pretty sure Samson has the highest body count in the Bible. Awesome!

    6. There are some Saints who have died in battle with the sword in their hand...St. Oswald comes to mind and he is sometimes listed as a martyr.

      Martyrdom is death in spiritual battle, they are warriors who died for the Faith.

      Even if the crown of red Martyrdom isn't won, Great Bear might still be a hero and act virtuously. But there are a lot of ifs. There are always a lot of ifs.

      Owl gives this advice -- act to save the soul of the one who is abusing you. This truly is to "not judge". But also be a hero and defend the weak..pray for the courage to take up the sword when you don't want to and to accept the sword to your neck when you don't want to.

    7. Don't be too hasty in your judgment of Delilah, Bear; I think she gets an undeserved bad wrap. Word in-the-day was that she just couldn't stand the whole man-bun thing, and I gotta say, that's a good call. The unintended consequences were......regrettable. A shrew (distant relative on my mother's side) was said to overhear her say, " bad".

  5. Dear Unknown Poster in support of Archbishop Cupich. You are obviously not familiar with the rules of the Woodlands. First, a Bear lives here. He is not impressed by you, or your shaming efforts. Yes, Archbishop Cupich only said he "might" have committed mass murder because he was mentally ill.

    Now, it so happens that a previous poster has said only that Archbishop Cupich "might" be gay. So I suppose by your argument, you and Archbishop Cupich would find that completely unobjectionable.

    Are you in a position to know if Archbishop Cupich is gay? Apparently the topic is now fairly on the table for discussion. We call that "opening the door" in trials. Please enlighten us, if you can. Or perhaps you are as ignorant of Archbishop Cupich's homosexuality as Archbishop Cupich is about Islamic Terrorist Omar Mateen's mental instability and its role in his killing 50 Americans.

    Perhaps you have some expertise in the mental health field, especially as regard to dangerousness? That would be a useful contribution to discussion. Please state your qualifications, if you want to get published.

    Next, the Bear is uninterested in your blanket condemnations of the Catholic blogosphere. This is not a blog. It is an ephemeris. The Bear is sui generis. If you want to pick a fight with the Bear, then do so personally. The Bear is not interested in other Catholic ephemera. No offense, guys, but he reads very little of them to keep his Bearish perspective untainted.

    Before you decide to re-post your defense of Archbishop Cupich, these Woodlands are full of very dangerous animals whose posts will not be deleted because they play by the rules. Keep a low profile and they might not notice you.

    Also, the Bear has decided to exercise his arbitrary authority to require you to address the substance of the article, which is that Archbishop Cupich brought up mental illness on the basis of a lay opinion of an ex wife (what did she diagnose him with again, was it bipolar?) yet, oddly, failed to acknowledge that he was a Muslim who committed mass murder in the name of Islam? Could this be read as an attempt to divert cause from Islam to some imagined "mental instability" in order to scapegoat a less protected group to protect the good name of Islam?

    But more to the point, we don't allow unidentified posts. :-)

    1. Thanks. But guess the Bear discouraged him/her/zher whatever. Pity. The Bear is certain he could have made a valuable contribution.


    2. - The “Muslim, not Mental” section header says it all: If you believe that Islam is the main contributor to these mass killings, then the onus is on you to explain why the vast majority of millions of American Muslims have not killed anyone. Did you get this wound up when the media referred to the “IRA” rather than the “Catholic IRA” during the Troubles?

      Indisputable that the overwhelming number of terrorist incidents worldwide are now committed by Muslim terrorists, which indicates some very bad strain circulating in the wider cultural ecosystem pollinating such things, one that largely does not exist in Christianity, Buddhism, etc. But to infer the vast majority of Muslims are bad people, or that Islam is some sort of mental disease, is kind of an insult to the Muslims that risked their lives working with me in Iraq in 2003 – 2004, when they could have gotten their heads cut off for their trouble.
      - Finally, my criticism stands regarding armchair episcopacies. “Dangerous animals in these woodlands” actually causes me to chuckle over internet bravado at its best; yep, when I was deployed, I woke up every morning thinking “Thank goodness I am someplace safe like Tal Afar, instead of the ‘woodlands of the internet’.” And regarding the “he/she/zher” bit… someone who claims the persona of a hairy, forest-dwelling omnivore probably should avoid making identity jokes.

      I full well appreciate there was not a bridge to be burned here in the first place, though I am confident I have set fire to the lumber that might have built one with this reply. A shame, in that I was a daily reader of your blog, because your writing is clever for the most part. And I was not even defending Archbishop Cupich per se – I wish the Church were somewhere on the conservative side of Benedict XVI – but I felt compelled to say something about unfair analysis that is inconsistent with its own stated principles.
      And thus I depart – you have your blog unperturbed, and I have a couple of minutes of my time back each day. You pray for me, and I will pray for you.


      Bryan Kirchoff
      St. Louis

    3. Bryan. You followed the rules. You are quite mistaken about the Bear thing. Operation Desert Storm here, no combat, but in theater and in the infamous sarin gas plume. Son in Afghanistan, green on blue attack first night in FOB. Luckily for us they picked his buddy's tower not his. That kid and his sergeant killed, but hey, my boy got a CIB. Arabic linguist in Army back in the day 98G. Now some other number. The Bear can assure you he is smarter than the average Bear on this. And yep, it was usually the local Afghans that tipped our guys off about the IEDs supplied by Iran. Different issue entirely.

      The Bear's anger was directed at the fact that Cupich unfairly threw a stigmatized group without cultural protection under the bus to divert attention from the fact that this was simply another Muslim terrorist attack. That's why he's an asshat. Sorry if you disagree, but the greatest explanatory power is what we know with 100% certainty -- he was a Muslim terrorist. Handwaving about "mental instability" is just despicable. How would you feel if a family member was bipolar, treated, harmless, but a cultural figure insinuated that people like him were a danger to commit mass murder, which is just a lie? All to buff someones SJW cred?

      Of course not every Muslim is going to kill someone. But let's get real. We have a problem in the Muslim community and Muslim terrorist enemies overseas that is costing American lives. Reality.

      No bridges burnt. If you still disagree after this, it doesn't break the Bear's heart.

    4. Bryan Kirchoff~

      Well, Bear warned you.

      You may or may not be the same Bryan who typically uses Disqus, which may or may not be the same Bryan who is in charge of the WELCOMING COMMITTEE at the Cathedral Parish, but, really, is this little song and dance necessary?

      You had some unpublished blanket statements about what is wrong with the Catholic blogosphere. Please check the mirror. The real life equivalent to what you are doing is coming over to a party, interrupting the host to tell him why he is wrong, all wet,and in general not a good host (or bear), and then storming out after knocking a few things over.

      If we were at a party, I would insist on calling a taxi for your ride home.

      Now for the meat of things.

      Trying to prove that you are not *really* on the theological side of Archbishop Cupich by saying that you wish the Church was somewhere on the conservative side of Pope Benedict XVI, does not earn you "street cred". 1.) Archbishop Cupich isn't preaching "left of center" to scapegoat the mentally ill, so this isn't about conservative vs. leftists. 2.) You are making it sound as if the problems that exist in the Church are leftism vs. conservatism. That is viewing theology via a political hermaneutic, and a very limited one at that.

      The IRA was made up of Catholics. Saying, Catholic IRA is redundant, as redundant as saying Islamic ISIS. Islamic Terrorists is necessary to say because not all terrorists are Muslims. Omar was a devout Muslim by all news reports. He personally said that he did what he did because he is a Muslim. Not conjecture, but cold hard fact. Thus, he is correctly identified when "Muslim Terrorist" is used.

      Islam has a terrorism problem. Not just now, but always. You want to know the answer to your question? Because most people don't really practice their religion. In any religion, the majority of people are not devout -- they just live their lives and don't really get all that into it. The majority of Muslims do not actively work to spread the rule of Allah....just as the majority of Christians don't spread Christ.

      Actively spreading Islam doesn't not always include murdering people, but it can and is one of the recommended and endorsed by the Islamic holy texts and official interpreters options for devout believers.

      People generally hate it when outsiders try to tell them what they actually should believe and how they should act if they *really* want to follow their religion. Thus, I reject the notion out of hand that this is just something that got into the water of some Muslims and caused them to act against their faith. I believe what official Muslims clerics teach me about their beliefs. Please show me an authoritative Islamic cleric who has preached that specific terrorists have acted against Allah and are now in hell. Or just in general that spreading Islam through terrorism is a ticket to hell, or even a mild displeases Allah.

      People can be great, kind, and wonderful people while at the same time holding monstrous believes. I am also not worried at all about having Muslim friends or that a Muslim neighbor would kill me. But if he did, it would be because it was part of his religious duty.

      The Woodlands is dangerous because the creatures here live in dead and dying trees and are starving to death. Translation -- their parishes/catholic society and culture is dead or dying and their priests refuse to preach Christ crucified.

    5., just, dang,

      a deep badger bow....for what it's worth.

  6. Thank you for the daily dose of common sense. I feel much better.

    And your final statement is gold plated. We should all take its basic point to heart, not just its intended target, Bp Cupich. This "race" we run is for keeps and there is a very interested, (though unseen), audience; cheering us or hindering us. Nothing else matters than that we get it right.

  7. Cupich, with his insinuations and omissions, achieves something of mind-twisting dissonance: Solidarity with both sodomites and Muslims, two of America's currently top-ranking favored groups. That one group wants to slaughter the other makes his train of logic the more mind-boggling.

    1. There is a reason for cultural protection of Muslims. It's because they are dangerous. Not all, of course, but it is a known threat. The official organs of propaganda are desperate to divert blame from Muslims not only because they are a known threat, but they never offer an unequivocal condemnation (always crying "backlash" before the bodies are cold), the Muslim community does nothing to prevent attacks they know are going to happen, and they do not cooperate with authorities. CAIR even put out an infamous flyer urging non-cooperation.

      These attacks are priceless opportunities for SJWs like Cupich to buff his tolerance cred. Also, the government does not want people to notice that they are doing nothing about Islamic terrorism. Latest hero of Islam, Omar Mateen, was a person of interest in 2013 and 2014, and the FBI just lost interest? Do you think heads will roll? I don't. What do you want to bet agents are under pressure not to come down too hard on Muslims? There should be a congressional inquiry.

    2. Agreed. I've no more faith in congressonal inquiries than I do in federal law enforcement. Hillary has smirked and coughed her way all the way through the Benghazi inquiry without a scratch so far. Right on cue, Paul Ryan is decrying the suggestion that Muslim immigration be curtailed. What a country.

  8. Why is the bishop even talking? This terrible thing has nothing to do with Christians.

    1. Dear Dymphna, surely this is a rhetorical question. The entire hierarchy needs to take a vow of silence.

  9. Dear Bear,

    What do you think?

  10. Late to the party but, I enjoyed that many were quick to point out "this is the worst mass-shooting in history!" "Boy, are we proud! We're beating our own record every single time here!!!!"

    Given the choice of Canada where we are buried under a thick, choking layer of fog/political correctness, or the US where everyone yells and screams, things get worse by the day, many carry guns, and some shoot others and themselves - I see that there is no place to run.


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