Saturday, June 25, 2016

Francis Is Not Pope (In Cauda Venenum)

Your bribes will not save you from the Bear this time.

Oops, I Did It Again, I Played With Your Faith, Got Lost In the Game

Jorge Bergoglio is not a pope. He is not even a priest. How does the Bear know this? Because Jorge Bergoglio admitted as much himself. The Bear shall now give the most compelling argument ever before seen for the non-popeliness of this curious penguin from Patagonia, Jorge Bergoglio. And it doesn't even rely on the "expanded petrine ministry." And now, for Discriminating Catholic Ladies and Gentlemen, an SCB exclusive: Francis is Not Pope (In Cauda Venenum).

"The vast majority of our sacramental marriages are invalid," he recently, infamously opined. Catholic couples do not enter into them with the proper understanding of permanence and commitment.

Fr. Federico "Mouth of Sauron" Lombardi, later admitted the Pope's statement was the stupidest thing he had ever heard, which, in Newspeak sounds like: "It has been officially revised by the Pope, all by himself - really - to a mere undefined 'portion' of marriages are invalid." As if that fixed anything anyway.

To start off, "portion" means part of a whole amount. "A vast majority" is a portion. However much of the mashed potatoes the Bear decides to eat is a portion. But we know Pope Francis - er, Jorge Bergoglio - has long held the opinion that anywhere from half to more than half of Catholic sacramental marriages are invalid. We just don't know if the upper limit is 60% or 99%.

Here's the best illustration the Bear can come up with.

Tamaño 6 No, Tamaño 0 Sí

Let's say a husband is hosting a backyard barbecue with his lovely, fit wife, who is a size 6.  He calls for everyone's attention, then announces to the assembled family and friends that the vast majority of his wife's clothes make her look fat.  Into the shocked silence he lobs the opinion that size 0 is the only proper size for a real woman.

No one says a word as his wife's face turns red and her lower lip begins to tremble.

A quick-thinking friend of the husband finally says, "What George really means is that only some undefined portion of his wife's dresses make her look like a beached manatee. Which, in all fairness, could still be a vast majority, by the way!"

Problem solved. Everyone smiles and nods in agreement, and the relieved wife throws her arms around her husband and kisses him, right? Perhaps in some alternate universe, but not in this one. The husband remains an ignorant and insensitive moron who lacks the slightest clue how to be a husband. Definitely one of those marriages that aren't valid.

Invalidity: Not Just for Sacramental Marriages Anymore

But it is not just marriage that Catholics approach provisionally. In the same extemporaneous (i.e. Jorge Bergoglio revealing what he actually believes) comments, he talked about problems with clergy, remarks which did not get nearly the coverage. Jorge Bergoglio said this.

“I heard a bishop say some months ago that he met a boy that had finished his university studies, and said ‘I want to become a priest, but only for 10 years.’ It’s the culture of the provisional. And this happens everywhere, also in priestly life, in religious life,” he said.

In other words, in context, Jorge Bergoglio is saying the same thing about Holy Orders that he said about Matrimony.

Now, a priest makes a whole lot of promises when he gets ordained. A lot more than in the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. He promises to worthily and wisely exercise the ministry of the word, and teach the Catholic faith.


Franciscan Sacramental Theology: a Revolver That Points Backwards

You see, if the vast majority of couples don't really understand marriage, and therefore the hoo-doo of matrimony doesn't work (Jorge Bergoglio's sacramental theology being slightly less developed than a cargo cult), a fortiori, the commitment and greater need for correct education and understanding to become a priest must mean that even more ordinations are invalid.  Especially when you consider the deplorable miseducation priests receive at most seminaries, leaving aside any other troubling reports.

So, according to Jorge Bergoglio, since the vast majority of sacramental marriages are invalid, therefore nearly all (because what is greater than "vast majority?") ordinations are invalid, too. The candidates were not truly worthy, therefore the mojo did not flow. They walked out of the cathedral looking like priests, being called priests, rising in the ranks to the very highest offices, but they lacked sufficient commitment and understanding. No mojo, no valid orders.

Of course, just as it is difficult to say which sacramental marriages lacked sufficient hoo-doo to become valid, one might suppose it would be equally difficult to discern which men did not get the mojo of Holy Orders.

However, to recapitulate, we may start with the a fortiori argument that since the vast majority of sacramental marriages are invalid, then a fortiori, nearly all ordinations must be invalid, due to the higher standards of education, formation, and special commitment to worthily transmit the Catholic Faith, as compared to matrimony.

Therefore, it actually becomes easy to pick out from among the nearly all pretend priests, those priests who actually care for their flock, of whatever size, and faithfully transmit the Catholic Faith, free from their own eccentric opinions. If you are thinking, "that's not very many these days," you are exactly right.

Did Jorge Bergoglio Possess the Requisite Qualities for a Valid Ordination?

Therefore, we must ask, is Jorge Bergoglio among that blessed, tiny minority who are true priests? Did he have sufficient understanding, formation and commitment when he was ordained way back in 1969 for the mojo of Holy Orders to flow?

Led Zeppelin released their first album in 1969. Can we truly say that Led Zeppelin seminarians were capable of valid ordination? We know that Jethro Tull's 1971 Aqualung album fascinated the then-35 year-old priest. But aside from rock-and-roll, has Jorge Bergoglio demonstrate the fidelity to Church teaching, and true humility that that requires, to mark him as one of the perhaps five to ten percent of validly ordained priests?

The answer is clearly, no.

By Jorge Bergoglio's own sacramental theology and statements, it could not be clearer that he cannot be Pope, because he is not a priest.

But No One Believes What He Said,
So His Dodgy Sacramental Theology Doesn't Matter

An excellent counter-argument is that Jorge Bergoglio is simply wrong in his long-held idea that most sacramental marriages are invalid, because of the lack of understanding and commitment of couples. If he is wrong about marriage, then the argument cannot be applied to holy orders. This is a good argument, to which the Bear must give a fair hearing.

What if Pope Francis simply has no idea what he is talking about when it comes to something as fundamental as marriage, a matter of faith and morals that affects nearly every Catholic? Suppose for a moment, that he slept through all his sacramental theology classes, and later pieced together an essentially Protestant, or animist, understanding of the sacraments? What if he is so reckless to think it a light matter to call most Catholic couples fornicators, and their children bastards, just because he happens to hold eccentric views that could not be further from Catholic truth? 

What if Pope Francis simply does not understand the Catholic Faith, opposes those doctrines that he must admit to be Catholic, in any case wishes to replace all of them with his own eccentric, often heretical notions, and distorts the Faith on a nearly daily basis to the ruin of souls and the demolition of the Church?

In that case, the Bear must admit that his argument that Jorge Bergoglio is not Pope fails.

In cauda venenum. (Latin for "Sucker Punch.")


  1. If the Sacraments are invalid, then marriage isn't marriage, the Pope isn't priest and hence Pope. and the Church is destroyed.

    If Sacraments are valid, then the Pope is as priest still a Pope, but his distortion of the Sacraments is destroying the Church.

    I see no difference. But I am neither Bear nor Lawyer, just a nuclear engineer and a pitiful layman.


    I much prefer neutrons and math.

    BTW, Francis is not our Chernobyl - a catastrophic destruction. He is our Three Mile Island - a bad accident that neither injured nor killed anyone outright, but ended up strangulating the industry in the long run.

    1. So, you see the situation as a sort of "heads I win, tails you lose," correct? Yes. Neither choice is particularly promising.

    2. uhhhh...have you truly failed to even consider the possibility (probability) that he is an anti-pope?

    3. I consider him to be a traitor. "Antipope" is a term of art that I do not feel qualified to affix to him. Whatever anyone wants to call him does not change the Bear's firm conviction that he is an unwise and unspiritual man of his time and place, rather than a Catholic man, entirely unfit to lead the Church, and unworthy of attention by any serious person. Pope Francis just is no longer a part of my mental furniture. Nothing would be served by the Bear declaring one thing or another, or trying to persuade anyone. If someone is happy with Francis, then great! Far be it from the Bear to burst anyone's bubble. The Bear just isn't that interested in him, that's all.

  2. Same difference. If he really wants to replace the doctrines of the Church with his own, he's not a heretic - he's an apostate. And I don't think they can be Pope, either.

    That said, I'm reading Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre's 1986 "Open Letter to Confused Catholics", about the aftermath of Vatican II, and you would think he was writing specifically about Jorge Bergoglio. For example, he describes the attitude and practice of the clergy with respect to marriage, which was considered far too hard for ordinary people, with the result that some French churches were apparently having "welcoming" ceremonies for people living together who might then, after a few years, be considered possibly capable of getting married (but none of them ever did). Virtually everything Lefebvre describes is the same thing that Bergoglio is either doing or saying now. Francis is just the full flowering of Vatican II, and he has even boasted of fulfilling it.

    So this reinforces my thought that to really address the problem of an apostate Pope, you have to see where he's coming from. And there's no question that he's coming from Vatican II. To me, this means that we've got to stop this "continuity" nonsense and admit that VII was a rupture, that the intervening popes tried in their way to patch it over since they appeared to be unable to really deal with it, and that it must be reexamined now and declared heretical in all or part.

    Perhaps it will turn out that Lefebvre was the only one who really understood it or had the fortitude to oppose it. Incidentally, he had a great influence on Cardinal Robert Sarah, who was educated by the Holy Ghost Fathers.

    1. V2 was never the problem, except it gives an aura of legitimacy to people who discard the Catholic faith. If we have good churchman, V2 wouldn't mean any problems. If he have bad churchman, the don't need V2. Bad churchman gave us V2. V2 did not give us bad churchman. The Church was sick before V2, and produced a sick council, and sick documents, and all the rest of the pathologies we have seen, culminating in the Penguin from Patagonia.

      The real problem is broader than the Church. There is not one Western institution that has not been thoroughly destroyed. Not the Boy Scouts not the Roman Catholic Church. It's all circling the drain for one reason and one reason only: the West gave up on thinking.

      The treason of intellectuals. What is the penalty for treason, the Bear wonders?

    2. That would be death for them, but the problem is, they're taking us all with them.

      VII was definitely an expression or the full flowering of an old evil. And it does have to do with the rejection of reason, because deep down inside, that means the Satanic rejection of the Logos and the rejection of God's reason. That is why the documents of VII range from meaningless to self contradictory, and why AL is such babble.

      And it did happen in all spheres, as you say; the "Revolution of '68," student riots and all, was essentially one big festival of anti-reason, emotion and rejection of rational structure. So was Vatican II, but some of the good churchmen you mentioned managed to get along by pretending it didn't exist and jumping back past it since, as we were always comforted, it was "just a pastoral council." This is the way we are now told that Francis' chaotic utterances are non-magisterial, so it's all okay.

      I agree with your point, and I think that until reason is brought to bear (oops!) on the open manifestation of unreason in the Church - Vatican II - we're never going to be able to defeat it. It has to be clearly identified and defeated this time; just surviving long enough to outlive Francis won't do it, because it goes way beyond him. Today's rant over - and it's still before breakfast!

    3. Indeed V2 is only a symptom not the cause. Most who do evil in the name of the Council are not acting in accord with texts of the Council, but are rather beyond the framework of the Council pursuing "the name of the Council" which is another phrase for "the Spirit of Vatican II".

      What rubs people the wrong way about V2 is often that V2 speaks in ways that are foreign to individuals who grew up on, say, the Baltimore Catechism. This is a fine and beautiful document, but it is not the totality of all that the deposit of Faith has to say on a subject, or the only way that the Faith has viewed the topics that it contains.

      What is good about V2 is that it lets other legitimate Catholic voices speak. What is bad is that V2 is often infected with that "western self-hatred of all things of classical western Europe" that is so quintessential of the 20th century AND V2 often lets illegitimate voices speak.

      I agree with you Elizabeth -- The stratagem of outliving Pope Francis is dumb. It presupposes that Pope Francis is an aberration, which is not true. The lack of push back, here, in politics, or anywhere guarantees the continuation and propagation of the problem.

    4. VII is the source...but after just reading Francis' latest airplane ravings, I'm wondering if maybe lack of oxygen at high altitudes through his one lung to his tiny Argentine brain is perhaps a contributing factor.

    5. Elizabeth - the Bear knows how this movie ends. The good guys don't win. There is no foreseeable path to keep the West and all its institutions, of which the Church is just one, albeit the most important, from sinking into oblivion. Remember how the Bear has harped on population loss? The West is past any possible recovery, and will eventually go extinct. This is not a maybe, or a theory, it is a fact of reality that we all must figure out how best to deal with. It's the same way with the Church. We are going to have to figure out how to live with far, far worse than anything we've seen from the White Penguin.

      A miracle? Bears don't ordinarily plan their affairs around miracles. There's only going to be one miracle, and then all of this will be moot, anyway.

      The good news is that it is not going to happen overnight. Many of us are aware. And the "traitorous intellectuals" will be the first to be X'ed out, along with everyone else who fights reality. Those who are friends of reality will eventually prosper. So the Bear is not really preaching a doomsday cult here. And if you're imagining an Islamic takeover, Muslims have their own problems with reality, so the Bear is not too concerned.

      We won't see any of it. You didn't see the beginning, because it started before you were born, I'm guessing. You won't see the end of it, because the West is going to take a long, long time dying. Take comfort that people like us will deal with their little slice of the long twilight. We are doing our part, really, we are. Just calling out the traitors, although it may seem futile, is the work of God for our time. And there will always be truth, and always be the Church - somewhere.

      The Bear hopes humans make it. It would be a poorer world without you clownish, crazy, wise and beautiful creatures.

    6. are dead-on all respects.

  3. Fr ? made the same "argument" applying incapacity to give consent to marriage to the ordination of priests back in Oct 2014 when the formation of the commission to study changes to the tribunal procedures was announced.

    What God has Joined Together

    The implications to the priesthood begins at about 30:00.

    He likewise rejects the underlying premise.

    1. Clearly, Fr. Z has a time machine and went into the future to steal the Bear's ideas.

      Do people really listen to podcasts? Should the Bear do them?

    2. Podcasts are great. Just be sure to publish them so Alexa can play them.

      Podcasts take a very large amount of time to produce, especially if not are not done in a "talk radio" style format. So my recommendation is yes but only 1.) If you have the time. 2.) If you have a producer who can do the editing and take some of the work load off of you.

    3. The Bear has more creative projects waiting that O'Hare has jets stacked up overhead. So there probably won't be a podcast. His agent is still negotiating "St. Corbinian's Bear - The Movie." But the studio wants a CGI Bear. WTH?

  4. I hope someone got a chuckle out of it. It really is a sucker punch. Sorry if it left a mark.

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Is that a tarpon?

  6. Marriage and ordination are different: The former involves two
    people and makes no sense without their free consent, whereas
    I presume an ordination might as well happen at gunpoint and still
    be valid. Ordination can and must be more automatic than marriage, becasue
    an invalid ordination would leave a whole trail of invalid sacraments, whereas an invalid marriage only affects that presumptive marriage.
    The automatic nature of the sacrament of ordination isn't unfair to
    the recipient either, because the church has the tool of laicization,
    which would free him from all obligations normally attached to the
    priesthood while leaving the effects of the sacrament untouched.

    1. Ordination requires free consent. "Gunpoint" ordinations are not valid. Can. 1026

    2. illicit or invalid? I would think only illicit. For example, St. Augustin was bullied into becoming bishop of Hippo.

    3. Okay, but it really doesn't matter for the purposes of this piece :-)

    4. Sebastian~

      Invalid. But Canon Law is only applicable for the time period after it was published. St. Augustine's time was under different canons, if there was one for this. However, the general principle would hold: Ordination doesn't work if someone actively rejects it.

      We live in a time period in which too much focus is placed on the complete freedom of the will (IMHO) and it produces messy results.

  7. Excellent logic Bear. As you know you could have gone much further afield showing that in today's world nothing has any validity including gender. There is no such thing as truth. There are merely beliefs and feelings.

    On the case of most marriages being invalid according to Pope. This must be true since nearly everyone who seeks an annulment from the Church gets one. Same with Holy Orders. As far as Francis being Pope is concerned that is obviously a matter of opinion as you have shown. As my son tells we must learn to live in the gray.

  8. Msgr Charles Pope has an article in National Catholic Register, One Priest's Concern About Recent Remarks by the Pope, The there was the straight talk by Fr Gerald Murray and Robert Royal with Raymond Arroyo, on The World Over this past week. Perhaps the excuses and cover ups are ending.

    1. NCReg and EWTN are not bellwethers of the Church, unfortunately.

  9. Very well said, Great Bear. If Pope Francis is teaching true doctrine, then it logically follows that he is not Pope. If Pope Francis is teaching heresy and leading the sheep astray, then he is in fact our sovereign Pope.

    I wish to further develop some of my previous lines of thought. To combat the nonsense and heresy, we must recognize at a deeper level that Pope Francis is Pope. If we don't, we will windup clawing and biting at the institution of the Papacy and verily fall into one form or another of misunderstanding the Papacy, typically either an Orthodox or Protestant misunderstanding.

    If we know him to be Pope, then we love him all the more as our spiritual father and sovereign head of the Church. Many of us have real parents who are ill fitted to be parents -- flawed, fallen, and abusive. Many of us will have parents, who in old age, fall into dementia and say all sorts of nonsense. For our own spiritual, mental, and physical safety, we often have to put up boundaries between us and them. But when we truly love and understand them to be our parents, we want them to be well, to be healthy, and to have healthy relationship with us. So we work harder, love greater, and try to have the relationships that we are supposed to have.

    Many of us have or have had relationship with our own children who happen to be ungrateful monsters. Again boundaries, but we still love them and loving them doesn't mean condoning their actions but rather that self-sacrificial love that gives so the other might have what is good, not what the other thinks is good.

    So Pope Francis is Pope...which I would argue is a matter of both fact and Faith. God let him be my Pope. Loving him doesn't mean having "mushy feelings" about him. Love is more than that because love isn't a feeling, though it might involve feelings. Loving him means hoping that he sees heaven and working thusly. Scripture says that without charity faith is dead -- with out charity towards Pope Francis then the Petrine component of the Faith is damaged perhaps to the point of death.

    But here, charity requires us to tell Pope Francis that he is wrong, dead wrong, and if people follow what he says on a laundry list of topics, they will stray far from Christ.

  10. The Bear has seen every form of violence, murder and perversion practiced upon children by their parents. Do not even tell me you can imagine. Normal people cannot imagine some things. At some point, parental rights are severed and parents are jailed, if not executed. The love that poor, innocent, child victims will still give such parents is a pathetic thing that has nothing to do with forgiveness and acceptance and everything to do with habit, expectations and perhaps natural emotions. It eventually turns into a mental cancer when they are older, and find they do not love their parents after all, but often repeat the pattern.

    The Bear has never (seriously) said Francis was not Pope. The Bear used to be angry much of the time. Now Francis is simply irrelevant to him. The Bear doesn't care what he is, or isn't. That's a tar baby the Bear won't touch. He is an occasion of sin, which the Bear is obliged to avoid.

    I started off defending him, for a long time. Eventually I had to adjust my assessment of him as a matter of reality. He is a traitor. Is he Pope and a traitor? Why not? But who knows? Many Good Catholics insist that we must bend the knee for metaphysical reasons. The Bear is not a Good Catholic. He is a Bad Catholic. It exceeds his ability to play make-believe to pretend that Francis has any legitimate part in the Catholic Church whatsoever. If the Bear is required to pretend (and yes, I do understand your argument, and maintain that it involves pretending) concerning Pope Francis, there is no reason to suppose the other things Good Catholics believe are not also matters of make-believe.

    For God's sake, we must, in the Church of all places, avoid even the appearance of believing things that are plainly not true to conform to some doctrine or another. There is no settled theology to explain how we get a Pope who is simply an unbeliever, a traitor, who is permitted to poison the well of Catholic teaching day in and day out without being struck by lightning, or criticized by the body of bishops.

    No, Francis is Pope. His humility is the single greatest fraud ever put before a credulous humanity. Every thing he thinks he knows about the Catholic Church is based on universalizing bizarro situations he observed in a screwed up, Latin American country, salted with lies from traitors in red that would have gotten them burned at the stake in days when the Faith of Christians was taken as seriously as a shoot-out among meth heads.

    I don't pretend to like Francis, I don't pretend to love him, I don't pretend to listen to him, and I don't pretend to believe a single word out of his mouth, including "a" and "the." The reality is that he is a wolf in sheep's clothing, and is tearing the sheep and deforming the Faith for the foreseeable future. When he passes to judgment, the Bear will probably resist the impulse to celebrate, if only out of decorum.

    The Bear is truly a Bad Catholic, and has never claimed to be otherwise. There is a reason he is a Bear, not even a man.

    1. Trust me, I am not suggesting that you have good feelings towards Pope Francis. Charity yes, but one can be charitable and still be very very cross.

      One of the necessary things in the Divine Liturgy are the prayers for the local bishop and patriarch. Having those things indicates that the local community of believers are not schismatic.

      I am trying to suggest that we be mindful of not being schismatic. If we especially hate every thing that is uttered by Pope Francis, then we should be all the more praying for him.

      If the Devil has the Pope by the throat, even if he is a willing puppet, should we not implore God to free him, to snatch from the Devil his prize?

      Pope Francis is perhaps all that you have said. Perhaps at every single moment at every single utterance, he needs to be checked, for the good of his soul and the good of his flock. BUT the reason you declare someone a heretic and start pointing it out is so that, not only can you warn people to stay away, but you can call the heretic to repentance. One Judges in order to save through charity. Great Bear knows how fetters of iron can be a great charity to a lost soul.

      The harsher we judge the greater the demand of charity. And people who abuse the authority of their office deserve great judgement.

    2. Well said Bear. I agree completely with your assessment of Pope Francis. On the other hand I do not agree that the Bear is a bad Catholic for to think one is a bad Catholic is to be, in part, a good Catholic. The only good Catholics are in heaven, the rest of them are here and are more or less bad.

    3. I want to love him but it's like embracing an abusive parent. Then man seems to loathe his own. m. Stay Catholic, everybody. This chastisement will not last forever.

  11. Come,come, Bear, don't accuse yourself of being a bad Catholic because you are confused by PF. This man would have an Aquinas dizzy. I will say I don't understand your sentence about Francis being irrelevant to you, since he is the subject of your whole post here. And you know better than anyone that truth is never irrelevant.
    I may have misunderstood your point here. I thought you were saying (1) that since PF seems to say that ordinations are only subjectively valid, that he has therefore called into doubt his own priesthood. And, that being the case, (2), that doubt, combined with his obviously heretical statements, could make the sede case a lot more logical.
    But to your larger point, whether the man is legitimate or not, he is causing the most horrible pain and confusion. And no one outside of one or two in the hierarchy, who have seem to have felt their feathers ever-so-slightly ruffled, apparently even cares.

    1. The piece is a bit of Bearish entertainment with a point. The argument that ordinations are invalid was never actually held by the Bear, because the Bear believes the whole thing about invalid marriages is just more BS from The White Penguin. Call it sophistry.

      The reason it is titled "In Cauda Venenum" (the poison is in the tail) is because the real point was in the rebuttal to "the Bear's argument." A beautiful sucker punch, if the Bear says so for himself. Something he learned from humans, of course, since a Bear hardly has a use for a sucker punch.

      Sure, you can make the argument about ordinations, but only if you think Francis is correct about matrimony. Again, the Bear does not. It is a diabolical statement designed to further degrade marriage and undermine all sacraments. Pope Francis would not recognize the Holy Spirit if it landed on his head and set fire to it.

      The Bear is the least confused person on the planet about Jorge Bergoglio. Ann Barnhardt is President of the Dreamy Pope Francis Fan Club compared to the Bear, but the Bear just doesn't go in for profanity. You people have no idea, really, what goes in inside a Bear.

      He is irrelevant to me in terms of me owing him anything beyond a cold stare. He is irrelevant as a model. He is irrelevant as a teacher.

      He is not irrelevant as the greatest engine of destruction the Catholic Church has seen in its entire history. Go ahead, folks. Give us your parade of horribles. Diocletian unwittingly strengthened the Church. Francis is infinitely worst than Diocletian. It isn't even close because in the whatever-century you want to name, the pope did not have the reach of a 21st century pope. The Church did not lie in a rubble of banal amateur theatrics called a mass, mass sexual perversion among clergy, and trendy heresies, waiting only for a Francis to finish her off.

      Not a day goes by that Francis the Wicked and his henchmen do not do their damnedest to destroy the Church.

      The Bear now hereby officially ROARS, scattering the woodland creatures to go a contemplate the truth of this. Further the Bear sayeth not.

    2. Bear, I know you are not confused about Francis, that is, the type of person he is. The number of people who are is shrinking daily. But to be confused by him seems almost a mark of distinction. It's everywhere. We are confused (a), because we have no idea why God has allowed this degradation of His church, and (b), how the average Joe Catholic should react, or what to do about it. And if confronting this makes someone a bad Catholic, then the Pope is right, the church if full of bad Catholics.
      And I do believe that with his remarks about vows, and by extension ordinations, he has truly painted himself into a corner. But there is some more of that FrancisConfusion.

    3. (a) Don't know a lot of things, but not unprecedented. Maybe he's seeing who loves him more than the Pope.

      (b) be Catholic.

  12. I am a man and I feel similarly to the Bear regarding Pope Francis. I cannot even stand going to a Novus Ordo Mass and hearing the sickening, putrid Fancis luvy duvy mercy horsecrap any longer.

    1. Double ditto. (Except I'm a woman.)

      As for Bear's statement "His humility is the single greatest fraud ever put before a credulous humanity." I swear on my Dad's honor the moment he stepped onto that balconey I had an overwhelming feeling of horror and dread, then seconds later when the commentator used the word "humble" in describing him, I knew something was horribly amiss and I was looking at a full blown narcissist. Had I not been sitting with others in a law school cafeteria, I probably would have thought I was hallucinating.

      Not normally being the intuitive type, at first I chalked it up to being a convert (from Atheism) due largely to Pope Benedict, a truly humble, enormously intelligent man, and the person on the balconey seemed a non-holy, arrogant, simpleton.

      I'm saddened that he has turned out to be that and so much more. It is partially for self-protection that I'm not going to Mass--I am sickened by not just this pope, and not just his selfish handlers, but the Priests that parrot what he says, or stumble all over themselves trying to explain "what the Pope really meant"--I'm sick of it. (Not to mention the mileage the MSM and the progs get out of his unholy BS.)

    2. Meeeeea, you probably figured this was coming, but you have to go and punch your ticket on Sunday. Don't let the bastards keep you our of your own church and away from Our Lord. It's an hour. You can do that. Sit on a pew end at the back so you can walk out if it gets too bad. But set your alarm, wake up, and say, "It's my _______ church, and by God, I'm going to Mass."

      Yeah, I've had to walk out of a homily. I'm a Bad Catholic. Seriously. I never claimed to be anything but. But specially allowances are made to avoid Bear Rage.

      The Bear finds saying morning and evening prayers from the "Christian Prayer" version of the Divine Office beneficial. He's even started to sing them. It's fun.

      The Mass, prayer, that is spiritual respiration. Without it we literally die, spiritually, of asphyxia. This is not some poetic expression, but a spiritual fact of life. Our prayers go up. Grace comes down. It's a cycle, just like breathing. Venous blood is exchanged for oxygenated blood, and we stay alive.

    3. Yes, I expected it was coming, maybe even was hoping so, and I will try. I'm scared--scared of feeling further betrayal and anger towards those that are using and abusing the Church.

      While awaiting moderation, I read a profound comment on another site that is worth posting an excerpt from:

      "Thus our sorrow and our wound runs much deeper, because to be Catholic is to recognize a visible, hierarchical existing institution as the one true Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ. And to recognize a privately-discerned ‘true’ Church, or to think that a true Church of the Lord Jesus is presently only an ideal, a dream, a nostalgia, is already to have forsworn her, and thus Him as well.

      ...Right now, we simply can’t get our minds around how radically evil our situation is. It challenges, root and branch, the whole concept of being Catholic as visibly belonging to this one visible and hierarchical institution. This evil doesn’t ‘challenge’ our faith. It’s a direct attack. This evil forcibly stretches our senses, apperceptions, and instincts apart from our faith. It tears at even the solidity of the sacraments. And yet who is roused to defend us?

      Thus, I wish you were right in your remarks. Because then this evil that we are living through would not be so insidious, so radical, so coruscating. The Church that we see — meaning especially her visible hierarchy — appears to be no-kidding-for-real gravely diseased, not merely sinful but evil, and even dead, and yet we know that in Him, she is still alive, not merely invisibly but visibly; though we cannot see how.

      It seems that how to proceed is not yet given to us. All we know for sure is that to abandon her as a visible hierarchical institution, fully within and responsible to the history of herself, is to abandon her for real — and so we cannot do that."

      So I won't, and thank you for your encouragement Mr. Bear.

    4. Meeeea~ I had the same feeling from the start, right there watching TV. Granted "South American SJ" meant something to me.

      Great Bear is right....go to Mass. Pray and "actively participate", which is not being a good parrot or shutting up and listening, it is to actively participate in the liturgical action, action that Christ is doing through the Spirit directed towards the Father. Mass is our participation in that, and even if Fr. is "making a mess"^tm, find what Christ is doing.

      If your parish is "blessed" to have one of those running water baptismal fonts, sit near that.

    5. Fr. Hunwicke had a recent post on how one might endure liturgical abuses so as to be present and participate in the Holy Sacrifice.

    6. Hierarchical institution? Yes. Ponzi scheme? No. Shepherds must return to making tents, then they would not have idle time to fill with intrugue and politics and making their tending relevant for the sheep. They would say "Go here. Eat this grass, not that. Stand still while I help you with this thorn," then they would sit and sew tents until the flock would be moved.

      I'm not sure if this is good theology (kumbaya catechism victim) The Lord is our King. We serve him. Clergy serve us. The Pope is the servant of the servants. If the pope does not serve Truth (from Scripture and Tradition) to his bishops, then what they serve us will be poisoned, rotten - perhaps into death! But through this hierarchy, the Lord gives us food they cannot pollute no matter how hard they try; His Precious Body and Blood. All of the glory of the Church, of which Christ is the head, begins and ends in the Eucharist. We cling to the sacraments, to Christ! Joined with Christ in the sacraments, the Church, literally, cannot fail!

      That is the true hierarchy is it not? All else is temporal trappings, the passing of which mustn't be mourned.

    7. Oh Meeeea, do not be afraid! Jesus, too, felt betrayed and angry during His Passion - which is made present for us in the Sacrifice of the Mass! He is truly present as a friend who has suffered the same and more. He endured every bad Mass at every bad Church every Sunday! Offer those feelings to Him, right then. Lay them at the foot of the cross as He laid them down for the Father. I wish I could say they magically go away and never return, though the Lord grants that consolation to some. It seems the more often I remember to do that, though, the less it hurts to have my foot nailed to the floor in front of my (back) pew.

    8. We cannot abandon the hierarchical Church. If you want to be right, become Orthodox. If you want to be with the Bride of Christ, stay in a very sad-looking Catholic Church. We stay Catholic no matter what. We wouldn't have to nail our foot if the hierarchical Church were doing its job.

      There is no "Break Glass In Case of Apostate Pope" alarm in the Bear's church. This is NOT supposed to happen. The Holy Spirit is SUPPOSED TO BE protecting the Church from absolute idiots. We have had some pretty evil men as popes. But they left the Faith alone. The were evil in low, vicious ways. When the reality does not match the model, then we get cognitive dissonance and feel miserable. The Bear understands.

      Having explored other religions and modes of spirituality, immersed himself in the Church, and studied Holy Scripture with devotion, Bear is certain that we stay, no matter what.

      That does not mean that an apostate pope might not lead many non-predestinate souls to Hell. One way he could do this is to demoralize the Catholics he can't fool to the point where they just give up on being Catholic.
      The White Penguin has zero power to take your faith away from you. How can the Bear be so confident? Because your faith comes from God. Francis is not God (although he apparently thinks he is an improvement on God, since he is constantly correcting what he perceives as God's mistakes).

      Yes, it hits us hard. We cannot easily dismiss a pope. We have a visible, hierarchical Church, with the Pope as visible leader. That is our reality.

      Some say he's not Pope. A convenient, if weak solution. Francis has the office, but resists the charism that goes with it because he is a proud, narcissistic, provincial, uneducated, old fool who thinks the whole world is Argentina, except that the chip on his shoulder tells him the "rich north" owes reparations for stealing the Malvinas and making the "south" poor. He is a gross man, like Luther, incapable of thinking in supernatural terms, and is reforming the Church into a humanitarian pan-religious love cult that will one day have a seat at U.N., his real god.

      But ______ all that. We're Catholics. We know what we are and what we believe. We recognize wolves. Our anger is not personal and petty. It is real to say that our anger is holy and righteous, like Phineas'. "I hate them with a perfect hate," wrote the psalmist. The Bear's hate may not be perfect yet. But Pope Francis is not the Bear's personal enemy. He is God's enemy. All enemies of God are enemies of the Bear. The White Penguin is a traitor to Our Lord, a Judas, and insults Our Lady. Good Catholics will kiss his fundament and follow him piously to Hell.

      "But he was the Pope," they'll whine. (Not a bad defense, actually, in the eyes of a defense lawyer.)

      "But I allowed him to clearly manifest his evil, and gave you clear prophecies, so there is no excuse," will be the answer. "That's what you get for worshiping a man, rather than Me."

      Bad Catholics will resist the wolf in every way they have, and run the race so as to win a crown.

    9. Exactly, Great Bear. Faith isn't easy or cheap. The Devil is playing both sides of the chessboard on this one. He is trying to destroy the Church and the attack is brilliant as he is twisting basic tenants of Catholicism to try to peal the Faithful away.

    10. Bear, I think this is one of your finest pieces, follow-up commentary included. I am not a Good Catholic. I have too much of my own mind to be so. I am not disparaging anyone nor lauding myself. I know what I am and so does God. Because I am a Bad Catholic, I know what the Church teaches and when someone is presently contrary teaching. It takes bad to know bad..... ;)

  13. The Vatican is now totally irrelevant to me. I live in Italy and when in Rome I no longer visit St Peter's. I will continue to believe what has been handed to me about the holy Catholic Faith. I will continue to practice said Faith and strive to live by Her precepts. I will continue to go to Mass, receive the Sacraments, pray the rosary, visit Catholic sites. When engaged with others I will present and defend the Church's ancient immutable teaching. I pray for the pope's conversion. This is all I can do. But I no longer look to the pope or to the Vatican for guidance.

  14. I believe we are now in the end times leading up to Christ's statement in Luke 18:8: "When the Son of man comes, will He find faith on the earth?” What we are witnessing is a vast falling away from faith which is not being lead by the Pope himself.


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