Sunday, June 12, 2016

Gay Massacre In Orlando Islamic Terrorism? [UPDATE 3]

Duck face selfies: still cool to pathetic killers.

Oh, Islam's latest hero was a wife-beater, too, according to his ex. But, then again, it's okay to beat your wife as long as the stick is no bigger than your thumb. She must not have been a very good Muslim.

Happy Ramadan.

ISIS spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani had earlier called for Muslims to celebrate the religious holiday by slaughtering as many people in the west as possible. UPDATE: ISIS has officially claimed responsibility.

American-born Omar Mateen was listening. He was a Muslim. Authorities are going through his belongings to determine his motive. Because, see, they have no idea. Probably just homophobia, completely unrelated to Islam.

However, according to CNN, Mateen did call Orlando 911 and pledge allegiance to ISIS. Perhaps the FBI finds this baffling.

Fox News and CNN now reports 50 dead.

The Daily Beast is now reporting that Muslim terrorist Mateen was considered a "person of interest" by the FBI in 2013 and 2014. Clueless FBI Agent Stan Beeman from The Americans must have been the case agent. But the Bear is sure FBI resources are stretched thin what with the massive increase in peaceful Muslims being invited into the country. Soviets had it a lot tougher getting agents in place during the Cold War.

But no, the Special Agent in charge of the Orlando FBI office said they knew all along that Muslim terrorist Mateen boasted about ties to terrorist organizations. However, he added that they had "attained their DOJ mandated limit of Muslim investigations and closed the file." Actually, the Bear made that last part up, but he wonders how free field offices feel to fully investigate Muslims.

Homosexual falling to death after
being pushed off tall building by
ISIS Muslims.
The father of the Muslim terrorist is currently in Afghanistan running for president. This will give him a big bump among the poppy-addled voters. Seemingly no mom around.

Father of the Muslim terrorist Mateen says the attacks have nothing to do with religion, and he is as shocked -- shocked! -- as anyone. He did mention that once his son was upset when he saw homosexuals kissing. That must've sent poor Omar 'round the bend. Honestly, the Bear is not exactly pleased when he sees that, either. Yet somehow he manages to avoid mass murder. And he's a Bear. But the Bear's religion tells him it would be wrong.

Muslim terrorist Mateen's religion tells him it would be right. Despite rampant homosexuality in the Muslim world, homosexuals are officially worthy of death where Muslims are free to be as Muslim as they want to be: ISIS territory. They push them off tall buildings.

Muslim terrorist Omar  Mateen now boasts the record for the most persons killed in a mass shooting in U.S. history, easily eclipsing Virginia Tech shooter Seung-Hui Cho. Go Islam.

Guns and Backlash

In two dog-bites-man stories:

Calls warning against "backlash" against Muslims, despite the fact that it is becoming increasingly clear that it is a Muslim feature that they might flip out and kill infidels without warning. The Bear is incapable of "backlash" since he's permanently "lashed," and is not the least surprised when Muslims kill people. Islam is an ideology of hate posing as a simple and emotional religion. Of course, the Bear has recently realized that hardly anyone seems to inhabit the real world anymore, so none of this matters in the least.

And guns. Guns did it. That's the Washington Post's story. Yep. And President Obama's. But oddly, no mention of the suicide vest Muslim terrorist Mateen is reported to have worn. The Bear is in favor of banning suicide vests.

Now, you might be thinking, "Well, as sad as all this is, these are gays, and they are in the catbird seat these days. The Muslims are not going to get a pass on this one." Think again. Muslims are the most officially protected group in the United States, at least for now. The story will be guns and homophobia. That's it.

Obama, Pope React; Another Anti-Gay Plot Foiled in Santa Monica?

Nothing of substance, no mention of Islam. Obama decries guns that go into our churches and gay nightclubs and kill people.

Developing:  man arrested near gay pride parade in Santa Monica with explosives and guns. No name or further information.

One more thing. Russia is kicking serious butt against ISIS in Syria. The U.S. strategy of backing the moderate Muslim terrorists against President Bashar al-Assad was a miserable failure. Russia has ensured Assad's regime and are seriously hurting ISIS with airstrikes. The U.S. has no choice but to deal with it.

Source and good place for updates: Jihadwatch. Emergency St. Corbinian's Bear backup: . You never know.


  1. The victims' eternal souls need our prayers. Please pray for them.

    1. Thank you. The devil won big a bunch of souls, dragged a bunch of supporters of Islam and homosexuality farther into darkness.

      Pray for the dead and pray that society might come to know Christ.

  2. And paradoxically, the persecution of Christians with escalate after this.

  3. Prayers for the victims. Lord grant peace to their families.

  4. If the terrorist had used fire and explosives to kill those in the gay nightclub, then we'd have that head-exploding conundrum for those who refuse to see the truth. As he started off with guns, however, it's easy to distract everyone by making this about the lack of gun control. No explanation yet for how the terrorist obtained a concealed-carry permit while he was under investigation by the FBI ...

    As to the Santa Monica incident, as far as I can tell right now, all they have is a guy who had weapons, ammo, and tannerite in his car, and who said he was in town from Indiana for the Gay Pride parade. I'm sure I don't have to tell Bear that tannerite does not explode with either fire or electricity, and that it's often used by people who are competitive shooters. They put it on their targets so that it sparks if their bullet hits it. The LA Times is a liberal rag, and I wouldn't take their claim that the man is carrying an "assault weapon" seriously until I knew exactly what it was.

  5. It's about guns and homophobia.

    God have mercy on all those killed. (They probably all were not homosexuals. After all, it's cool to like homosexuals and experimentation is in...)

  6. I don't think you'll see these killers try to take down a Hell's Angels Biker's Bar. They love going after the innocent lambs in gun free college campuses, homosexual bars, dance clubs, and holiday parties for aged disabled person's' health care workers. And at home, like you noted, their own wives.

    Gun control indeed! What a beautiful thing it would be if this guy was shot by one of his intendeds as he was just getting started, sparing all those innocents, and they played that scene on Al Jazeera instead. Ululate that!

    There was an armed cop on site, and he couldn't stop the shooter until 50 people were dead. But rarely is there a cop on site, so 50 dead is best case ... until we learn to defend ourselves at point of conflict and attain a steely willingness to personally resist.

    It is up to us. Not the "authorities".

    1. which begs an interesting point for the future. Will gay people now want armed security at clubs? What will that mean to the mantra that a gun jumped off the shelf and hopped into the club killing all these people? It's a battle of ideologies. Which one will win?
      God have mercy on the souls of all the poor people killed. It is heartbreaking, and dear God, the poor families. The community. Our fellow Americans. These guys know their time may be short. The upcoming presidential election may turn out to be a game changer for them. May not, but may. We can hope. Until this nation turns back to God, we can expect more of this and other miseries.
      Christians are being persecuted and Christianity is under attack. That will not go unnoticed by God. Islam and LGBT are both ideologies incompatible with Christianity.
      That being said, we are very sad about the lives lost and the poor people who are suffering right now. They are in our prayers most assuredly. As fellow Americans, we are mourning their loss.
      Bear, I am very interested in knowing, if you know, more about Russia and Putin. What is he up to. What kind of man is he. What motivates him. What has happened to Chechens. How does Russia figure in Syria? I can't figure out who's good and who's not in the whole Russian deal. Do you know? I have seen him at an Orthodox Church in photos. I hope it's for real.

    2. Putin is a very intriguing fellow. His mother was a devout Orthodox, and his father an avowed communist. But his father looked the other way while his mother had him baptized.

      He's said he had a religious awakening at the time of his wife's car crash, and he never takes off his baptismal cross his mother gave him. I think that's what we see in his shirtless photos.

      He's the only head of state of any significant country that even *says* things in support of Christianity. Difficult to know if he's serious, or if he's playing politics.

      Our Lady speaks of the conversion of Russia. Hard to say what she may have in mind for such a man.

      We live in interesting times.

    3. Putin is a classic Russian Orthodox ruler. It is difficult for Americans to understand him. Orthodoxy and the State are not separate things. Russian Orthodoxy is part of the Russian identity. It is nothing to see a bishop or even the patriarch blessing Russian weapons, even nuclear ones.

      Russia has always seen itself as the Third Rome, after Byzantium. Russia has a sense of destiny that is inextricably tied in with Orthodoxy. Arguably, Russian solidarity with Orthodox slavs in the Austria Hungarian Empire was the proximate cause of WWI. And the Crimean War, for that matter. Russia has always seen itself as the protector of Orthodox.

      Putin carefully crafts and image of manliness, but the image is real. It is hard for Americans to take a real man seriously, because there are none in office here.

      Now, given that to be Russian is to be Orthodox, you cannot tell much from the cross he wears, or the correct way he enters an Orthodox church, going to the front and lighting a candle.

      While the Bear is an acquaintance, he cannot say for sure. But he thinks Putin is a believer in that Orthodox way that no American non-Orthodox will ever understand.

  7. As I posted elsewhere, what if God is allowing to be done to us what He allowed to be done to Israel and Judah for their rebellion, heresy and apostasy? He allowed their enemies Assyria and Babylon to conquer and deport them into captivity, killing tens of thousands along the way. Think about it. Murderous Islamic terrorist indiscriminately kills and maims scores of sodomites partying the night away. It seems like the party which the King of Babylon had before invasion by the Persians and Medes in the book of the prophet Daniel. Remember Luke 13:1-5. Ain’t none of us innocent. I darn well know what I deserve for my having failed Christ. Buckle up, folks, because we are going to see that passage in the Gospel of St Luke played out before our very eyes. We played the whore Gomer and everything that the prophet Hosea wrote will come to pass.

    1. The Bear cannot have helped but notice the parallel. ISIS is attempting a fair approximation of the Assyrian empire. Thank God for the Russians bombing the Hell out of them with effective airstrikes with a much smaller force while the U.S. is apparently dropping ordnance on empty desert.

      As headline-grabbing as these attacks are, however, ISIS is not going to conquer us and carry us off into captivity. There will be continued occasional loss of life that might as well be from tornados for all the government will care or do about them. Collateral effects will include ever more intrusive surveillance and restrictions on normal, non-Muslim Americans.

      To put things into a sort of grim perspective, in 2015, there were 492 murders in Chicago. The United States has no problem tolerating murder.

      This is the price we pray for our wonderful multicult salad bowl. It is extremely unlikely you or I will be murdered. However, the unicorn riders notice who is not riding unicorns, and they will find ways to make it hard for us.

    2. I think deportation and captivity is not necessary to them. We will not risk death for our way of life. The more likely outcome is that we simply pay the Jizyah tax or convert outright and submit to Shariah law willingly.

      There will not be large scale war or mass deportations to Iran. We will continue to get spanked like this; 50 here, 20 there, a hijacking here, a street bombing there, reports of rape and trouble n the subway perhaps. But there will not be any ISIS army that invades and hauls our women off by their hair. The emerging caliphate will impose Shariah through the efforts of a microscopic army of highly focused and determined men, with our willing participation in their efforts.

      We are afraid and soft and don't know what we believe any more; while they most certainly do. And they know it.

    3. Agreed. As long as agencies keep giving Muslims security jobs and clearance, it's definitely going to keep happening. This nut was the screener at a court house. How many are working as TSA agents saying who gets on a plane and who doesn't? It's insane.

    4. I think that is entirely correct. It will be biblical. It will prove to the Faithful that our home is not the U.S.A, but somewhere much more congenial to those who follow their Lord. I think it may not play out like you say, however, which implies armed resistance and a desire to defeat the approaching enemy.

      I think deportation and captivity is not necessary to this enemy. We will not risk death for our way of life. The more likely outcome is that we simply pay the Jizyah tax or convert outright and submit to Shariah law willingly.

      There will not be large scale war or mass deportations to Iran. We will continue to get spanked like this; 50 here, 20 there, a hijacking here, a street bombing there, reports of rape and trouble n the subway perhaps. But there will not be any ISIS army that invades and hauls our women off by their hair. The emerging caliphate will impose Shariah through the efforts of a microscopic army of highly focused and determined men, with our willing participation in their efforts.

      We are afraid and soft and don't know what we believe any more; while they most certainly do. And they know it.

  8. Well, the truth is out just in time to stem the hysteria:

    Via CNN:
    The shooter's ex-wife, Sitora Yusufiy, held a press conference on Sunday. She said she believed Mateen — who she said abused her periodically during their relationship -- was emotionally unstable and suffered from mental illness.
    "In the beginning he was a normal being that cared about family, loved to joke, loved to have fun, but then a few months after we were married I saw his instability. I saw that he was bipolar and he would get mad out of nowhere. That's when I started worrying about my safety," she said.

    So see? No terrorism here. Just plain old bipolar. I'm sure the Bear will corro-*cough*-borate on that. ISIS is making a faux claim on responsibility. Nothing to see here. Move along.

    So, does Golden State close out the Cavs tonight?

    1. Nice. I saw that, too. So now religious fanatics who kill as an offering to their Satanic god will all be dismissed as mentally unstable. Neatly avoids the Muslim problem, although it does tar those of us who really are mentally unstable, but manage to lead useful lives and not kill people.

      In 30 years of criminal defense, I have never had a successful insanity defense. It's nearly impossible under the law. Mental health issues are useful for mitigation, but not for guilt-innocence. Psychopaths are not mentally ill. Fanatics are not mentally ill. Having said that, the Bear has no doubt that the more toxic strains of Islam are not mentally healthy, and take advantage of insecure losers by making them feel they are part of something important.

      Pathetic losers obsessed with their irrelevance in the universe are not crazy.

      However, if the surgeon general will declare Islam a mass mental illness and dope every Muslim in the country with enough thorazine to make a Bear drool, the Bear could get behind that. We'd have to start sending real Americans to medical schools again, though.

    2. Really? Interesting. Why can't an insanity defense work? Some people really are insane, I'm thinking of that numbskull who shot up a theater. His mug shot was a nightmare. Mental illness should be treated, to me it's only humane, but society has turned it's back on people with mental illness. They will kill you however, if you get too depressed.

    3. *fantastic*

      To be fair though, religion, if held by a true believer, is treated as a mental illness by the left so lots of heads will be nodding in agreement.

      It is a shame really, because Islam is worth understanding and it is insulting to billions of Muslims to lie that Islam is a nice little curiosity of an eastern religion. It is like a little neutered dog, a fashion accessory that goes along with your gay hairstylist to prove how tolerant and accepting that you are.

    4. @Lurker -- it is not fair to apply what idiots think about our religion to what smart and observant people think about a vicious hate cult.

      @Kathleen -- you don't have to just show someone was mentally ill. The Bear has often done that in, say, fitness for trial issues. DOC has the greatest psychiatrists in the world, because they are always determined to be fit after a course of treatment! You have to show they didn't know it was wrong, or couldn't control their actions. Insanity -- a legal term, btw -- is an incredibly high hurdle to clear. The Bear does not say it never works, but it is so difficult the Bear has never seen it.

      What most people think of as mental illness is seldom related to crime. If you're bipolar you might kill yourself or not be able to get out of bed, or you might buy someone you just met a new car, but you're probably not going to kill someone. If your psychotic (pretty rare -- hearing and seeing things that aren' there, suffering from delusions like the CIA is monitoring your thoughts) maybe. Psychotic -- oh yes. Except it isn't a mental illness, believe it or not. Personality disorders? Much more common, and some could be risky, but you'd never be able to prove insanity.

      Islam's newest hero could have been twitchy. He could have also been just a jerk. He could have been taught it was a man's place to subjugate his wife and kill infidels by his cult. Losers who derive a sense of purpose and superiority from a very simple and emotional religion are always going to be risky. That can apply to Christianity, too. But not real Christianity, which stresses humility and charity.

      The Bear throws up a little whenever he hears some idiot saying the Christian God and Allah are the same. Allah is not a father. He is an above-it-all autocrat whose will is sovereign. Like Calvinism on steroids. Anyone who says the Holy Trinity and Allah are the same denies Jesus Christ before men, and will in due time be himself denied by Jesus Christ.

      Anyway, since most murders involve at least a minimum of forethought and attempt to escape the consequences, prosecutors can make a compelling argument by going through all the steps saying, "He wasn't insane when he _____" etc. It really isn't quite a fair argument, but it does have an appeal.

      BTW the Bear has often marveled at how few murderers seem to give any thought to basics like disposing of the body. Everything is done on the fly. Television makes it look like murderers are geniuses, and it is brilliant detective work that brings them in.

      Murderers are almost always stupid.

      One case, the guy killed ex-girlfriend and her daughter. Put the bodies in the trunk and sent the car into a pond. The back of the car stuck out of the water because it was too shallow. He retrieves the bodies and burns them, thinking they will be reduced to a fine white ash. Instead he has two charred corpses. He puts them into a bag, goes to a different pond and throws the bag in. Two days later, the gas buildup has the bag bobbing to he surface and he's caught. A tooth belonging to one of the victims was found in his backyard burn pile.

      Now that's stupid. The only death penalty case the Bear prosecuted.

    5. Oh look! The other thread to tie this into a nice bow. We have nothing to worry about with the refugees or foreign wuslims. It's homegrown extremism:

      Peter Bergen, CNN's national security analyst, in an opinion piece tries to make the case that since 9/11 all the attacks are homegrown. I see obama is now on the air trying to call Orlando "homegrown extremism".

      What a relief!!

      See, if we just imported more pure islam, we wouldn't have this homegrown problem. We have so much to learn from islam.

      Where do I sign up to host a family?

    6. Interesting. I always thought it was a sad statistic that many of the people in jail would be considered borderline retarded if they were evaluated. Supports your theory. Surely many people in jail are at least lower in cognition than the average person, and many probably have learning disabilities or other limitations. It doesn't excuse them at all, but it is a pretty sad co-morbid factor. We know life isn't always fair. It would take the wisdom of Solomon to figure out how much culpability someone who was mentally retarded had after a crime. I seriously don't pay attention to such matters, preferring lighter topics, but I never hear this considered as a mitigating factor. "Your Honor, I intend to prove my client's guilt is limited by his own lack of intelligence". IQ tests are pretty cut and dried, but never used to mitigate understanding or guilt. Is that right? I wonder why not.

    7. ooh ooh!

      A fancy bow!

      Homegrown extremism is caused by "reading on the internet". None of that comes from any local imam preaching such stuff.

      Whew! Now I don't have to worry about attending this month's ecumenical ramadan prayer and sundown potluck at the local mosque.

    8. IQ plays a big part in death penalty cases. We cannot execute people who are mentally retarded.

      The biggest part of a death penalty case, the part where the most time and resources are devoted to, is the life-death phase. Certainly low IQ is one of many, many factors explored. In ordinary case, however, mitigation is not nearly so extensive. Honestly, yes, most of the Bear's clients have been low-IQ, he's sure. But he has also represented doctors and lawyers. They were usually just too clever by half.

      Part of the problem is, aside from dp cases, which are funded lavishly, there's just not the resources to go after mitigation. You have to get funding from the judge, and there are limits. If I suspected a client really fit the criteria for retardation, I.Q. of less than 80 and lifelong impairment in aspects of daily life, IIRC, I would probably seek funding to explore that.

      The Bear practiced in two very different types of court. Federal and State. Federal Court has very draconian sentencing guidelines that quickly stack up years for various factors. Congress was trying to eliminate sentencing discrepancies from one district to another. (The Bear's district was the harshest, as reflected in government stats.) The Supreme Court threw out mandatory sentencing guidelines in Booker-Fanfan (I think). Boy, did that throw the federal criminal justice system into turmoil! They solved it by saying the guidelines were not exactly mandatory, wink. It did make it a bit easier to get what was previously called "a downward departure," but they are still no less harsh.

      State court was much different, since the judge has discretion to sentence within a range. The system encouraged a bit more creativity, because I knew what I was doing might very well be the difference between 60 years and 20 years in a murder.

      So, as far as IQ goes, it can flat-out stop a dp, and even if not in the retardation range, can be good mitigation. So I wouldn't say IQ is never used. Same with psychological issues. Maybe they don't rise to insanity, but you can still argue your client's limitations.

  9. And in Santa was just some good old, er, young guy looking for a friend. Nothing to see here.

    Except that he was previously arrested for pointing a gun at someone (Felony) and Intimidation, and let off with a misdemeanor and ordered to forfeit all weapons during the one year probation (on 4/19). That lasted less than 2 months. (available on Indiana court records).

    Good defense attorney.

    Wonder who that Probation Officer is.

    Ironic that both Mateen and Howell worked as security guards. Did you catch that we had a suspected war criminal working security at a DC airport and the FBI knew about him?

    Maybe we should be profiling for security guards.

    1. We should start investigating federal employees for ties to radical Islam, starting with POTUS. I watched his pathetic speech. Obama actually got on the floor and showed his belly like a dog. I could not believe it.

      Yes, the Bear is in bomb-throwing mode on this. The atmosphere in Moscow is so much more bracing than America's.

    2. During the News Conference, I noticed the Muslim vulture in the white crocheted cap hovering among the officials. I did not see him speak. But it bears repeating that these are religious acts from one religion. They are inevitable, and we just have to get used to them, and protect ourselves the best we can. Islam is trash. The sooner world leaders get a grip on reality and stop treating Muslims with the slightest bit of official respect, the better. They are not like the others. Islam encourages Muslims to commit mass murder the same as Catholicism encourages Catholics to help the less fortunate. It's a feature, not a bug.

    3. Bear is is a feature of Islam. There are myriad of sites out there that quote this or that verse of of the Islamic texts that incite violence, but the key to all of that is understanding their concept of Allah and of Law. I don't think that the average western mind (or some with pectoral crosses) can grasp the concept of religion and politics being a united thing. Islam solves the problem of evil in the world by grinding the world to dust under the weight of its political-religious activity. Sure, there is mercy for sinners, but one had better convert quick!

      Christianity asks that sinners die in baptism. Islam asks that sinners die by the sword. Look at how closely related the belief systems are.


    4. I think I'm actually going to write-in Vladimir Putin for president in the Fall. I realize there may be an issue with a birth certificate, but I'm sure Alaska can come up with one.

    5. So, Stan Beeman is a well-written, accurate representative of our federal law enforcement team.

      Can't wait to see Barry on the floor.

    6. Exactly...Hence my refusal to countenance the term "radical" Islam. It's just Islam.

    7. The Bear is probably not the most neutral source for opinions about federal agents. They are excellent at catching the incredibly stupid people who comprised 99.9% of the Bear's clientele. And they enjoy busting into the homes of dentists in medicaid fraud cases and tax evading lawyers, putting their kids on the floor and holding guns to their heads while screaming at them. But criminals backed by powerful lobbies and U.S. policy? One wonders if they are quite as... enthusiastic.

      But no doubt the Bear does not do our brave and dogged federal agents justice.

    8. BTW, there is a name for that kind of entry: "Shock and Awe." It is intended to demoralize a suspect from the beginning.

    9. President Putin got a chuckle out of your comment, utubeo. But he says he is already president of the greatest country in the world. He joked that perhaps the Bear could run for president. Unfortunately, there are no Bears in Hawaii, so such a claim would not be plausible, and would quickly be exposed by the diligent American press.

    10. Well, could you at least beseech Mr. Putin to offer political asylum for any Catholics fleeing the US for religious persecution?

      (Strategically, can you imagine how embarrassing it would be to the US for those suffering persecution by the state HRCs and other pseudo govt bodies for not selling product for sodomitical ceremonies to apply for asylum in Russia on the basis of religious persecution? Talk about a political hammer for Putin.)

    11. Bear's comment at 9:47.....

      LONG, loud, head-nodding golf clap.

  10. To the Bear. All of your comments sum up the situation brilliantly.

    My conclusion is that one of these days we will demand a dictator to run our country. Folks like Obama and Hillary don't know an enemy when they see one, or just maybe they have been blinded by bribes.

    1. Soon,an unholy combination of 1984 and Brave New World. We are already seeing significant elements of both.

  11. Dear Bear, Just for some perspective I offer this:

    "According to WHO, every year in the world there are an estimated 40-50 million abortions. This corresponds to approximately 125,000 abortions per day.

    In the USA, where nearly half of pregnancies are unintended and four in 10 of these are terminated by abortion [1] , there are over 3,000 abortions per day. Twenty-two percent of all pregnancies in the USA (excluding miscarriages) end in abortion. [2]"

    Here is the quick-link:

    And Abraham pleaded with God to spare Gomorrah if 10 just men might be found there. Genesis 18:16 et. seq.

    I wonder if 10 just men can be found in the world today.

    1. Exactly. But people today don't comprehend the connection between abortion, homosexuality, and what we are reaping in terms of violence, Islam and all the other ills we are suffering. Indeed, mention it at all and you will get awkward silence and a hasty goodbye most likely.
      I've often thought the world keeps turning because little old ladies somewhere are praying.

    2. Good to see you, Your Honor. The Bear suspects you are a righteous man.

  12. You must be joking, Kathleen. The old Catholic women of today are the greying cheerleaders of Vatican II and the sexual revolution for the most part. They voted for Obama and are getting ready to vote for Hillary. Their bible was Our Bodies, Ourselves. They hope to hang on to see womyn priestesses.

    1. Speaking as an old Catholic woman, I am not a cheerleader for Vatican II; I voted against Obama twice and will not vote for Hillary; I believe in the Holy Bible; and I know that women can't be priests.

      And I attend Mass and pray the Rosary daily.

    2. God love you, Elizabeth. You are a rare specimen.

    3. I'm on the cusp of becoming one of those old gray heads, and I want no part of the ills you just mentioned.
      However, Obama surely did convince many old ladies (and gentlemen) to vote for him in both rounds. Fifty percent of Catholics voted for him, and probably the same will vote for Hillary. Somehow they never comprehend the Democrat party has morphed into the Communist Party. How these nice old folks can vote for him or her is astounding. Everybody must know the platform for the Democrats is just evil.

    4. You are assuming the Democrat Party and the Catholic Church are different institutions.

  13. Mr. Seattle K, an agnostic and heterosexual, states that if there had been any real men there, they would have jumped his ass and stopped it all earlier.

    Anne Barnhardt, blogger, says this was just a bad man killing bad people.

    Mrs. Seattle K

    1. I have read, Mrs. Seattle K., that The Pulse was a 'Gun Free' zone. I suspect that anyone packing might have limited this carnage.

      Ann Barnhardt's observations are oversimplified in the summary you have given.

      She has done a series of lectures/blog entries on the topic of 'Diabolical Narcissism' its consequences for all of us in today's world.

      I find her expositions on the subject (and on Hell) to be extraordinarily insightful and well worth the read.

  14. A 'righteous man', Bear? Then I shall tell my wife not to look back at all the commotion in the rear-view mirror as we drive off.

    Good to see you too, Bear!

    1. Ok then, that's settled, we just need nine more!

    2. Would God count a really excellent Bear as a righteous man?

    3. The Bear does not know. He is feeling far from righteous today after almost deciding it was too much for him. Then savaging prelates. Maybe there's a separate standard of righteousness for alpha predators. You know, only ate one hiker last three years, that sort of thing.

    4. Great Bear -- Old Testament figures that are paragons of righteousness often have a high body count. Just saying that having a body count doesn't make one unrighteous automatically.

      It all is too much for you or anyone. But we are Catholics, not Protestants. We run the race together and ultimately it is won by us co-operating with Jesus's actions towards the Father, actions accomplished through the Spirit.

    5. Now, Bear. Do try to console yourself. Deathe entered into the world when Adam sinned.

      Animals were created before Adam showed-up so it is fair to presuppose that animals were destined for eternal life. Hope springs eternal even for Bears.

    6. "so it is fair to presuppose that animals were destined for eternal life."

      Let's not get carried away over concern about the Bear. Sentimentality makes for bad theology.

      Then again, Pope Francis said animals will be in heaven, and we know how reliable he is.

    7. If you think Heaven is a state of blissful contemplation of God where you are dissolved in the ocean of divine love, then, no, no animals. However, if you take seriously the resurrection of the body and the restoration of fallen nature, then, yes, there will be animals. There will be ground to walk on, plants and trees and rivers, and buildings, too. The resurrection is the crudest and most objectionable part of Christianity after the Cross. Catholic folk religion does not really take it into account. All people who die turn into angels and live in Heaven as spirits with their love ones in happiness. And with God, too. The resurrection of us all is never really dealt with today, and the Bear is not sure where the best theologians stand on it. Probably they would say it is a metaphor for a new way of looking at life.

      But you are right. Sentimentality has no place anywhere, least of all in theology. The Bear does remind you, however, that he was baptized in the Year of Our Lord 749 in Turin, Italy and is just as Catholic as you are.

    8. Double posting for emphasis?

      Tradition is that existing animals will not be resurrected. Their souls are material and cease to exist with their bodies.
      Your situation depends on whether you have a rational soul or not.

      Yes, humans will be resurrected because human nature requires a body. What else will be there is speculation. However, there is a difference between animals being present, and existing animals--such as one's favorite dog--being resurrected as THAT dog.

      Besides being contrary to Aquinas' thought, there's a theological reason why people shouldn't get misty about their dog getting resurrected. It's an attachment. Heaven is for those purified of attachments--even of one's spouse. If God alone can't make you happy in heaven without your dog (or your spouse), then that's a subtle form of idolatry.

    9. It has already been determined that the Bear has a rational soul. Yes, I understand that in Heaven, the Bear will not care a whit more about his mate than about some stranger from China. And I do not know if Buster will be in Heaven or not. I am not aware of an infallible teaching on that one. I am quite certain Pope Francis would say that if it makes you happy to think you're favorite pet will be with you in Heaven, then of course he will be.

      It is not an important issue, and if it made someone happy, I don't know that I would go out of my way to insist to the contrary. And it is realistic for dog owners to believe that their dog is exquisitely attuned to the slightest unconscious gesture or mood, and have habits that are quite suspicious, such as my dog's insistence on joining us for Divine Office and leaving precisely at the end of the closing "May the Lord bless us, protect us from all evil and lead us to everlasting life."

      I don't think the matter is 100% settled, and it provides comfort to many. Therefore, I don't think it is one of those issues that I would care to argue vigorously. Perhaps God did give us special companions to delight us and be raised above themselves by their lives with us, but when they're dead, they're dead. I will know soon enough, unless I go to Hell, which likelihood increases with every lie prelates tell me.

      I still maintain that at some point the theory about what Heaven will be like seems to become a bit rarified for beings who will have resurrected bodies. Will there be chairs in Heaven? Even a Platonic chair? If no chairs, then will we never get to sit? Will there be ground in Heaven? Pray, upon what shall we stand? Clothes? Or gloriously naked, like Adam and Eve before the fall? You can also go in the other direction and, like Fyodor Dostoyevski, doubt Hell because where do the devils get the iron for their pitchforks?

      Purified of attachments. Certainly a good Buddhist thought. Maybe special attachments.

      All I know is that we will have bodies. Presumably like Jesus' resurrection body, material or otherwise at will, perhaps.

  15. Here in North Idaho this never would have occurred. Not to this scale. Many, many of us carry concealed, and as of 1 July with the removal of the need for a carry permit, more will. Folks here are known for solving our own problems.

    1. Several decades ago, a man from Montana told me that people are very polite in bars. Why? He said that's because all the men are packing, and half the women too.

      My later experience in Montana bars was very limited, but I don't recall anyone ever being rude.

  16. Illinois was the last state, and only because SCOTUS said, "Seriously." The Bear does not need a firearm for obvious reasons. And Bears hate guns.

    1. For different reasons, Fleas do not require firearms either.
      Fleas are very difficult to hit, and hosts don't appreciate being shot at.


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