Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Bear Shall Keep His Own Counsel

From the Bear's Russian patriotic portfolio.

The Bear knows his own mind. But not everybody else needs to in this matter. But the Bear no longer suffers from cognitive dissonance. Now he can get down to trying to be a better Bear. Pope Francis could not be more irrelevant to the Bear. Does that make the Bear a heretic or something? He's not too worried. If salvation comes down to a game of three card monte, then no doubt the Bear is doomed for some other reason anyway. One way or another, the only thing a Bear can do is decide where his faithfulness lies, and throw himself on God's mercy.

The Bear may find certain Catholic issues in the news to write about. But he's done with Pope Francis himself as a topic. Let's get real. We all know. Yeah, we can argue how many Popes can dance on the deposit of faith until doomsday, but our nice little arguments won't change what we instinctively and logically know. There is absolutely nothing Francis could do that would change the Bear's opinion. Well, except start channeling Pius XII.

So, no, you aren't sure what the Bear has concluded. It's best that way. This is the time we are given. If you have truly retained your certainties, then God bless you. The Bear has never claimed to be anything but a disreputable attraction in a flea-bitten Dancing Bear Show.

But when it comes to those sorts of things, he's still the only Bear in town.

And he still says nail your foot to the floor in front of your favorite pew and die there. That was always about as grim as encouragement can get. But now he adds "But not before you've outlived your enemies."

Do svidanya comrades. The Bear will be naturalized a Russian citizen Monday. Tenacious Badger and wise Owl are in charge of the woodlands until the Bear comes back.


  1. "disreputable attraction in a flea-bitten Dancing Bear Show."
    Flea-bitten?! As if that's bad? I might need to take exception to that.

    As long as you are in Moscow, why don't you look up They moved the headquarters there (apparently after getting harassed in Switzerland and/or Germany).

    I'm glad you've taken Francis off the menu. That salmon went stale a long time ago.

    OK, Badger/Owl, my blood sugar is low and there's only one way to boost it. Bear's gone. Who's volunteering?


    1. You could have come with, you know. Although it was all rather unplanned. Oh dear, poor Flea starving. The Bear wonders what other unintended consequences there might be to the Bears abdication.

      At least my previous disappeared post briefly flushed Jane out of the bushes. So there's that.

    2. Flea ~ You don't want to ride under Owl's feathers. The blood is poisoned. Not what you are thinking and long story.

      But Owl will feed you with this -- Owl knows a man, whose wife Owl knows, who prayed and yearned for a child but the wife was dead set against it. A child was born last week. Cute as a button. In a world of dead and dying trees, where it is completely against society's taught norms, God changes hearts and a new leaf sprouts from a dead and dying tree.

      God wishes that He be honored and obeyed so we can be happy in this life and the next. To this end, He keeps creating souls, keeps on giving us chances, keeps calling us to the Faith so that we might pass it on.

      For this child and all such children born to a dying Western Church, let us say, "At least you shall know Jesus. The forest might be on fire, but we Woodland creatures shall give to you, as best as we can, the true fire of the Faith whole and intact."

  2. Bear, what on earth are you up to. I'm never quite sure...but whatever it is, God be with you.

    1. One never really knows with a Bear. But the Bear believes he's getting some more medals next week and a special meeting with someone Big.

    2. Bear, like Kathleen, I never know what you are up to. BUT, that said, I pray for you as I pray for our poor Church. In the end, all will be well---God's in charge though he seems to be a very hidden God.
      I'm a honey bee (that's what my name means is Hebrew) so
      I hope to I can make honey from all of this. Bears still like honey, don't they?

  3. Bear's mind is his to keep to himself.

    Owl's is Owl's. Owl often says differently than what Owl thinks. I, though, heartily say "Thank you". We all have glimpses of what you do and the weight that you have to carry around. You our our protector, Great Bear, but we are also here to support you, with company, fellowship, and fish.

    May your Sunday be a blessed one.

  4. In what can I hope, then, or in whom ought I trust, save only in the great mercy of God and the hope of heavenly grace? For though I have with me good men, devout brethren, faithful friends, holy books, beautiful treatises, sweet songs and hymns, all these help and please but little when I am abandoned by grace and left to my poverty. At such times there is no better remedy than patience and resignation of self to the will of God.
    I have never met a man so religious and devout that he has not experienced at some time a withdrawal of grace and felt a lessening of fervor. No saint was so sublimely rapt and enlightened as not to be tempted before and after. He, indeed, is not worthy of the sublime contemplation of God who has not been tried by some tribulation for the sake of God. For temptation is usually the sign preceding the consolation that is to follow, and heavenly consolation is promised to all those proved by temptation. “To him that overcometh,” says Christ, “I will give to eat of the Tree of Life.” [17] Divine consolation, then, is given in order to make a man braver in enduring adversity, and temptation follows in order that he may not pride himself on the good he has done.

    Imitation of Christ
    Book 2 ; Chapter 9
    Thomas a Kempis

  5. Looking forward to your new tricks Bear. I know it will be something special after your bout with existential despair. You inspire us all. God Bless the Bear!!!

  6. Bear,
    This woodland creature wishes you well. I think that you have made a good decision. You are a wise bear and I'm glad you no longer suffer from CD. The CD ephemera was particularly enlightening to me. Thank you for that post and helping me see what was happening to my brain over these past three years. You and the woodland creatures are in my prayers.

  7. AWWWWW, C'MON!....what the heck does this even mean?

    You don't want a badger at the fore of gets very bloody, very quick.

    Those sneaky Russians will try to pull you back into Orthodoxy again...keep your guard up.

    You are in the True Church Bear, that's why satan's always railed against it and appears to be making his final, frenzied, unimaginable push...just don't let the wolves deceive you...they're all over the place, in all aspects and stations of life these days. But a great source of Hope is knowing that where sin abounds, Grace abounds the more.

    You're an awesome voice, with a most respected and esteemed talent...a TRUE son of the Church, in whom there would appear to be no guile. Well, there is one thing you said above that I understand...
    "There is absolutely nothing Francis could do that would change the Bear's opinion. Well, except start channeling Pius XII." And for the latter is something I ardently pray.

    I have a feeling (and hope) that you're yankin' the woodlanders with this whole "I vant to be alone" thing....but either way, from a slovak badger to a russian bear...

    ist's Bohom my friend.

    1. Stand by for encrypted codes for control of this ephemeris in the Bear's absence. On second thought, the Russians are a bit leery of people sending anything encrypted.


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