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All Americans Will Receive a Unicorn Next Tuesday

Charles James Napier: Victorian champion
of diversity and interfaith dialogue and Bear hero.

Bear Quote of the Day: "Hey, Sunshine, the world's purpose is not to make you feel good about yourself."

The Autopsy of Western Civilization

It is a rare historical privilege to see an entire civilization end. The Bear's going to start paying closer attention. The Bear is torn between regret and fasciation. It reminds him of nothing so much as an autopsy. Yes, someone has died, but to see what made him tick taken apart piece by piece is a wonder.

The Bear could, of course, do without humans. But life would be so less interesting without their funny, cute, and amazing antics. (Beside's he's grown quite fond of the hairless little creatures: half-god and half-monkey.)

Five words which illustrate the madness of the West? "Turkey is a NATO member." The Bear thought the NA stood for "North Atlantic." How many wars have been caused by treaties with countries where there was no shared strategic interest? Serves them right, though, for kidnapping the Bear with the help of the - never mind.

But once again, we see the inherent instability - or, more accurately, madness - of Muslim countries.

While at the the VA clinic, the Bear saw Obama's speech about the Nice attack. The Bear was shocked. Obama looked like Dorian Gray's picture. He was sweatier than Richard Nixon debating JKF, and his ears were even more grotesque than when last the Bear saw them, which has been awhile ago. Naked human ears are unattractive at best, but seriously, there has to be surgery for Obama's affliction. When he said (paraphrasing) "All societies must do a better job addressing hatred," and went on to provide the usual cultural protection to Muslims, the Bear's internal human-to-Bear translator went:

Obama to Nice: It's your own damned racist fault.

But then the Bear remembered FDR's famous Pearl Harbor speech, when he said, "All countries must reject militarism and sneak attacks." (Not.)

And Churchill's inspiring speech: "All societies must examine themselves for tendencies toward Aryan supremacy and the mentality that sends V2 rockets across the English Channel.'' (Not.)

And who could forget when Abraham Lincoln said: "This entire country, north and south, must root out the evil of slavery from every state, every county, and every town in this great nation of ours." (Not.)

Of course, those were leaders the Bear wouldn't spit on if they should blunder within range, which the Bear cannot say about Obama. (The Bear must admit a little-known fact: Bear spit is unusually copious and disgusting.)

But they would have never said anything so cowardly, untrue, unmanly and pathetic. How many times will we be subjected to this game that insults our intelligence? Muslims commit atrocities, and their guilt and their threat are diluted by platitudes vaguely indicting "society?"

Where are the men with stones? People overlook a lot in one  political figure in particular, because at least he sounds like a man. We know in our heart of hearts that, at this juncture in history, we don't need a smart president, we don't need a caring president, we don't need a president who weights every word lest he hurt somebody's widduw feewings. We need a president as close to a Bear as we can get, the real article being sadly ineligible. We need a president whose very mistakes will at least make the right point. Whose favorite movie is "The Wind and the Lion."

Such as the Bear's personal friend, Vladimir Putin. But we got Trump. The Bear thinks his appeal is really as simple as that. Maybe he's all theatrics. So? It's always all theatrics. Theatrics don't mean nothing. This old show-Bear doesn't know about you, but he's ready for a different musical.

Our Strength Is Our Diversity
and All Americans Will Receive a Unicorn Next Tuesday

"Our strength is our diversity." Obama said that, and the Bear was not surprised. It is one of those modern Coke Zero claims that serves the purpose of a fizzy offering, but contains zero facts or rational thought. Any man of even normal intelligence should be embarrassed to say that.

In complete historical honesty, the United States was not doing too badly with a population built on a common European culture. In other words, if we are going to talk about strength, the U.S. managed to win WWII without Muslims, or openly proud homosexuals, or people who weren't sure if they were men or women.

The minority who were not of Northern European descent didn't retreat to cultural ghettos and snub their noses at the rest of the county, yelling, "Our strength is our diversity." They kept the personal diversity that was legitimate, and assimilated.

Switzerland is probably one of the least diverse countries in the world. Even Hitler didn't mess with Switzerland.

Our Weakness Is Our Fetish for Diversity - Bear

So much for diversity being a requirement of strength. The Bear can think of many historical examples of diversity leading to disaster (e.g. WWI) but not a single one where diversity per se was the key to success.

America's diversity is far from a strength, but is deadly. Everywhere you look, "our diversity" is setting American against American. The more resolute of these diverse Americans are taking their diversity to its logical end and committing mass murder. In a way, the Bear has to give them credit for at least fully committing to their mistaken beliefs. All the other Americans are too afraid to even speak a word in support of their own beliefs, or challenge the lies that are the daily bread they get along with their circuses.

How many must die before Muslims lose their 00 license to kill? The Bear thinks that number does not exist. The imperative to provide cultural protection to Muslims is the single most powerful reality in American society today. Blacks wish they had the cultural protection of homosexuals. Homosexuals can only dream of having the cultural protection of Muslims.

Actually, the Bear does think there is a number of Americans that must be killed before Muslims lose their cultural protection.

All of us.

Charles James Napier

Charles James Napier was a great believer in diversity. He was the British commander-in-chief in colonial India. When the Hindus set about to burn a widow on her husband's funeral pyre - an expression of their diversity - Napier shows remarkable interfaith sensitivity and respect for diversity for his time. He said:

Be it so. This burning of widows is your custom; prepare the funeral pile. But my nation has also a custom. When men burn women alive we hang them, and confiscate all their property. My carpenters shall therefore erect gibbets on which to hang all concerned when the widow is consumed. Let us all act according to national customs. 

Now that's the kind of diversity the Bear can get behind. Napier is officially named a Bear Hero.


  1. HUMOR & TRUTH, truth in humor! This writing is worth a syndicated column in all news media venues...but it will never be because truth has become too diverse, at least what's true for me may not be true for you. Lord have mercy. Waiting on my unicorn.

    1. This is the Bear's motto: "Treat serious topics with humor." It's his equivalent of riding his unicycle and juggling while delivering a sermon, interrupted for the occasional smackeral of salmon.

      But thank you for the encouragement. Applause is very important to show-Bears, and loves his loyal commenters.

  2. Five stars! *****

    Turkey bears watching Bear. You understand the gravity. Cranberry sauce will be shed big time.

  3. I can save Western Civilization. I will ban the use of the word "address" to imply that one is solving a problem rather than just talking at a problem.

  4. I truly with the Bear would run for president. There's nothing in the Constitution (as if anyone cares about that old piece of paper anymore) against it....what say you Bear? I'll serve gratis as your PR chief (a badger as PR chief....MAN will we make some headlines! :)

    1. Your confidence is gratifying. However, the Bear was born in Germany, and is a naturalized citizen of the United States.

      The Bear is, however, open to the idea of a coup by the Woodland Creatures.

  5. Very good Bear. Diversity is only good when it ends in unity, if not, it is an evil, as in a house divided will not stand. Conclusion: Obama is doing evil.

  6. Owl thinks that the sheer amount of people out and about playing Pokemon Go must surly be a sign of the end times. A stupendous amount of people have been mobilized over night.

    There is something built into man that desires competition and conflict. Pokemon Go is "safe" competition and conflict but one that is fully banal as morality nor ethics nor virtue nor self-improvement (other than strong legs) has nothing to do with it. It is illusion.

    Islam, though is not illusion. It is tangible, real, and very very much present. It offers, no heightens, that desire for conflict and competition with real life rewards and consequences. Islam mobilizes people in an attractive way. That is hard for modern man to grasp...that Islam is attractive and people WANT to be Muslims and they want to engage in this pursuit of conflict and competition. Immorality in the world is dealt with by physically killing it or subjecting it to the strangled death of Sharia. Jihad Go!

    What does the West have to offer that is more attractive? Not tolerance and diversity of immorality. Not justice sits on that throne. Apparently the answer is Pokemon Go. Breads and Circus that only confuse and anger the barbarians at the gates.


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