Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Bunny Song, and Why the Bear Cannot Comment on Pope Francis

The Bunny Song (An Inspirational Hymn for Young Catholic Couples)

Get on your bunny, honey, get on your bunny,
Get on  your bunny ears, your little  bunny tail.
'Cause we're gonna bunny 'til it ain't even funny,
You'll be my bunny mama, and I'll be your bunny male.

I want to kiss you on your rabbit nose, and kiss your little toes
Don't play hard to get because it's time to start the show.
Let's lie down in the clover, lover, see where it goes,
I'll be your thumper honey, and you can be my doe.


Now some say heed the word, that rabbits shouldn't breed,
There's too many bunnies honey, way more than we need.
But a rabbit's gotta do what God made the rabbits to,
So get your bunny on babe, and let's fill up that pew.

Why the Bear Is Unqualified to Comment on Pope Francis Unless He Kills Someone

This remains the Bear's response to the quaint fear Pope Francis has of overpopulation.  Although it is hard to believe today, now that the West is circling the drain due to the failure of the current generation to ensure the next, in the 70s this odd terror of babies was a big fad.  (Sort of like the Global Cooling scare that was being promoted by all the best scientists,)  Pope Francis learned everything he knows in the 60 and 70s, in Argentina, which the Bear is sure qualifies him for something. Possibly teaching a subject with no practical application in a rural college. In Argentina.

The surest sign that a person is possessed is that he has a hatred for humans.  It is usually hidden behind a thick coat of faux humility and brotherhood, but if you watch long enough, it will always break through at unguarded moments.

Is the Bear saying Pope Francis is possessed?  Of course not.  The Bear is not an exorcist and is unqualified to comment on the demonic possession of Pope Francis.  Just as the Bear is unqualified to determine if Pope Francis is an Anti-pope, or a heretic, or a fool, or a crypto-Protestant, or a plagiarist. or a Masonic mole, or an Indifferentist, or a Modernist. or deliberately failing to follow through on the evidence Pope Emeritus Benedict passed along to him in that banker's box.

The author of this blog is just a Bear, ursus arctos. He has his own views, but his lack of specialized expertise keeps him from saying things like Pope Francis thinks he's Eva Peron on a never-ending Rainbow Tour on behalf of her beloved descamisados, Workers of the World, and the Brotherhood of All Religions No One of Which is Better Than Any Other One.  Nor would the Bear say that it's pretty cheap for Pope Francis to apologize for stuff he had nothing to do with, and maybe even disloyal, if not traitorous.

If Pope Francis murders someone, then the Bear will be able to speak with great authority in exquisite detail.  Until then, the Bear is quite unqualified to say much of anything about Pope Francis,

The Bear does strongly suspect that Pope Francis is a traitor to the Church and a traitor to the West. However, it would be reckless to publicly accuse the Pope of Rome of intellectual treason without compiling an airtight case and convening a formal trial, therefore the Bear shall remain silent on these matters.


  1. I respect you, Bear. However, I do not like this Pope one iota and I long for the days of Pope St JP II and Pope B XVI. But just as God let the children of Israel have the leader whom they demanded (a man like the Kings of other nations - Saul son of Kish) so today we have gotten the man like those leading other religious denominations (Jorge Bergoglio, son of Marxist Peronist Argentina).

    Maybe the best we can do is refute his heresies when he opens his mouth to say just one more idiotic innovation of stupidity and then pray for him. As I recall, God promised in Ezekiel 34 that He Himself would deal with shepherds who prayed on the sheep whom they were to lead and protect. God help Jorge Bergoglio when that day comes for him.

  2. Please continue commenting on Francis(aka pope, aka traitor). What you say is always on target, most perceptive and lighted with a touch of Bearish humor.

  3. Dropping by briefly...life isn't happy at the moment.

    It is important to recognize the the issue of Over-Population, like global-warming, was PERVASIVE. Still is.

    As an example, Dietrich von Hildebrand, no slouch, no modernist, believed in Overpopulation.


  4. Mr Kim's pet name for me is bunny lips.

    Seattle kim

  5. The whole issue with overpopulation shows up early in the 19th century, if not before. It is part of the whole eugenics enterprise, not because of a need to protect "mother earth" from too many children, but rather the view that there was too many lower class people. The 1970's issue with Overpopulation was only the next generational iteration.

    When Owl looks up and sees the heavens, two thoughts cross his mind. 1.) It took God making all of that to end-up with us, so this is the expanse of God's love for us. 2.) All of that could have been ours, but here we sit on this little speck hating each other. This is the depth of our sin.


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