Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Less Bear Now, Even More Bear Later

The Bear is busy on another, major, creative project that will take up a lot of his time the next few months. You will, he hopes, like it. The Bear knows he has spoiled you with nearly daily articles featuring obscure French philosophers and mournful Irish ballads, but, in return, you have given him salmon. For that, he is thankful. (Once again, he was way behind on his email, but the recent past has been exhausting.)

There may be a noticeable decrease in frequency of posting and speed in getting comments approved. Then again, the Bear is always threatening to go on vacation and the like, yet somehow never manages to step far away from the ephemeris, even in the midst of international intrigue. So who knows?


  1. Looking forward to the next project, certainly.

  2. You have spoiled us rotten for sure. Take off!
    (But please please please come back maybe every other day? Too much has been taken away from the Woodland already and I don't know if I could bear not hearing from the Bear :)

  3. A Bears got to do what a Bear's got to do. Whatever you got going we know it will be worth the wait.

  4. word's out in the're gonna be the host of the 'new and improved Gong Show'. Can't wait for that one...I'm polishing up my act as we speak.

    1. It's going to be a prelate version, though. We're going to have Archbishop Cupich, Cardinal Marx and Cardinal Schonborn for our first guests. To make it more interesting, losers will face the Bear Pit.

  5. Could Brian shoot me an email, please?


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