Tuesday, July 26, 2016

On The Latest Terrorist Attack (Print Out and Save)

Print Out and Save, You Will Need It Again Soon

You know the one.

That awful one that just happened.

It all went down like this.

One or more young Muslim males killed some people while shouting Allahu' Akbar.

The authorities pretended to be puzzled at this, as if such a thing had never before happened. Police went "searching for motives."  Oscar-worthy performances of utter cluelessness were delivered in a great production the Bear calls, "The West Rolls Over and Shows Its Belly."

Every Social Justice Warrior from Archbishops on down to first year fine arts majors buffed their tolerance cred by making up excuses for the poor Jihad Joe, like he was "biopolar," or abused by a Catholic priest as a lad, or something equally implausible.

And everyone lectured us on how great Islam is, and what a beautiful people Muslims are, and how, by, golly, they're practically Catholics cuz OMG3greatabrahamicreligionssamegod, and how Islam is peaceful.

The word "backlash" was shrieked like an ululating Mahdist woman cutting choice parts from one of Kipling's Tommies in the Sudan.

The young Muslim male did it for any reason except Islam (delicious to those of us with a sensitive palate for irony).

Other people saw it in their Facebook feed, or on the news, and were upset until shortly before bedtime. The next day there was some other damned thing and they forgot. They're all named Mohammed, anyway,  so there's no way to even keep score.  Neil Postman's wonderful Amusing Ourselves to Death's low information-action ratio is the iron law of our media age.

Or, to put it another way, everybody talks about the weather, but nobody ever does anything about it. Terrorism has become a part of the cultural weather, and is treated just the same.

What Do Terrorists Do When They Cease to Terrify?

Loud noises and cries of "Allahu' Akbar" provide the soundtrack to the 21st century.  Or, rather, elevator music, since it is such a tedious sameness it is just fading into the background. Terrorist attacks are like plane crashes, or lightning strikes, or, for that matter Bear attacks. Sure, they happen, but actuarially, I'm safe enough. Only the really, really, unlucky get killed by a terrorist.

It's true. No one reading this will ever be killed by a terrorist, or lose someone close to a terrorist, the Bear is certain.

The terrorists have already lost. They don't terrify anymore. Frankly, if an old show-Bear might turn critic, their act is stale. The West is more embarrassed on Islam's behalf than frightened by it. That's why all the cultural spokesman are so hilariously condescending to Muslims.

Archbishop Cupich is like a good mommy telling little Johnny it's not polite to stare at the tattered greybeard pushing a shopping cart full of his stuff down the sidewalk while shouting verses from Isaiah.

But let's completely forget Muslims and talk about something much more interesting. Bears.

A Bear Killed 21 People in Peoria Roaring "Bear Rights"

If the Bear should go on a rampage through Peoria, Illinois, and take out twenty or thirty people roaring BEAR RIGHTS, nobody better start making some lame-ass excuse for his attack. The Bear, is after all, no matter how cute and cuddly he may seem, an alpha predator God designed for killing everything. Not that he currently has any plans, but a Bear is a Bear, and everyone knows what Bears occasionally do.

Seriously. Hang around enough Bears and one day you will run into the wrong one. Or the right one on a bad day. Greenpeacers can coo about the Poor Polar Bears not having any ice to live on, but if they actually met a polar Bear (who are very stupid and overrated animals, or else they would not live on ice) they would see adorbs; the polar Bear would see a seal.

If the Bear roars BEAR RIGHTS when he's killing people, that's what it's all about. And he will personally hunt you down and rip your jawbone off, Sunshine, if you ruin his big political statement by making it about something else. This is not hard. If you're going out in blaze of glorious murder, you don't, at the last second say: "wait, this should be significant... I should probably yell something, like, oh, I dunno... ZEPPELIN RULES!"

The West Suffers From Timothy Treadwell Syndrome

You may have heard of Timothy Treadwell. He thought he had Bears all figured out. That they accepted him. And, for a while, it looked like he might be right. His girlfriend, who was a smart woman, was afraid of Bears, yet nonetheless Treadwell dragged her to Alaska to play with his Bear friends. One Bear was wandering down the Bear path in Bearland and came to the Big Crossroads. Right there, at X marks the spot, humans had pitched their tent, so, you know, they could encounter Bears. The Bear killed Treadwell and his girlfriend.

The Bear does not feel obligated to blabber on about how Bears are animals of peace, or warn about a Bear "backlash." Treadwell was an idiot, and the Bear did what Bears do. Not all Bears, obviously. But here is an important point:

Not every Bear will kill you, but if you are around Bears,
you are in danger of being killed by a Bear.

The more Bears you are around, the greater chances of being killed by a Bear. (There is actually a mathematical proof Bears worked out long ago, but it is complex, and Bear math involves stones and acorns.)

Some people have said it is only Bears with a particular kind of Bear Rabies who kill. Not ordinary peaceful adorbs Bears. There may be some truth to this. For instance, the Bear would probably never kill anyone, anymore, even on a very bad day. We already established not every Bear will kill you. But here's another important truth.

Even if only Bears with Bear Rabies kill people, 
only Bears can and do get Bear Rabies and kill people.

A smart person does not invite a Bear to live with his family just to prove how brave he is, or how tolerant of other species he is, or even because they are useful as entertainment. He doesn't keep packing his ursine guests into every room, ignoring the snarls from some of them. Eventually, he and his family will wind up as gnawed-on remains shallowly buried in the compost pile out back.

And people will say the same thing they say about Timothy Treadwell.

So, as a professional Bear, the Bear advises you that if you have stuffed your home with mostly peaceful-looking Bears, you are an idiot, and your children should be taken away by the state. Not only are Bears freeloaders, but they, and only they, are subject to Bear Rabies.  One of your guests might come come down with Bear Rabies and start taping BEAR RIGHTS posters up all over the place (one of the first symptoms). And since we already know you are an idiot, you will politely look the other way.

And when you don't show up for work, the gnawed-on remains of you and your family will be found shallowly buried in the compost pile out back.

And the funny thing will be, nobody will care about you. The Bear, on the other hand, will be subjected to endless and condescending excuse-making. Archbishop Cupich will say he was a "mentally unstable" Bear, and Pope Francis will apologize for Pope Emeritus Benedict or some other German murdering Bruno in 2006. President Obama will say guns should be banned, because Bears hate guns and become enraged.

Even if they attribute the attack to Bear Rabies, they will explain that the Bear couldn't help it. It's a virus, in the air, in the water. Any poor old Bear can get it. Most Bears are peaceful. Now. Don't you feel so much better knowing that any Bear, and only Bears, can unpredictably contract a disease that will turn it into a homicidal maniac?

What Would Bears Do? What are Humans Doing?

Bears are not all that territorial. But if an animal moved into their territory, and some of them kept talking about how they hated Bears and were going to kill all of them, the Bears would hold a council in the Big Clearing in those woodlands. And they would say, "This new animal is a danger. Individually, most of them are tolerable. But they and only they have elements who advertise wiping out Bears, and they and only they occasionally kill one, or a few of us. Brother Bears, what should we do?"

The Bear does not say. Bears have their own ways of dealing with things, and the less humans know about them the better. Bears will prosper after Islam takes over the world, and eventually humans degenerate back to the Paleolithic era when Bears were worshipped as gods.

After 1300 years, and still ticking, the Bear will probably live to see it. You won't, nor will you see anything very bad, as things go. Perhaps not even your children or grandchildren. So don't worry.

The Bear loves you crazy humans, but if you don't care about your territory, don't breed, don't value Human Lore from ages past, there's not going to be much left to mourn when your civilization dies, and the sight of a beautiful woman in public is the stuff of legends, and the only book in print is the Quran.

Frankly, the West doesn't deserve to win. Islam is the only society that gives damn about their beliefs. The Bear predicts the West forfeits. It just never showed up for the game. And the Bear shall yell Allahu' Akbar while riding his unicycle and Muslims will love him and throw him salmon and the world will burn with a bright insanity you cannot imagine.


  1. ...Bears would hold a council in the Big Clearing in those woodlands...

    And, the "Forest Rangers" would prevent this or have their cousins in the IRS, DHS, (insert FedGov agency) visit your "den". maybe you'd "bite" them or maybe you'd roll over.

    Amusing but eventually unhelpful article.

    1. Of course it's unhelpful. Muslims are the least of the West's problems. They're just a useful distraction while the Total Fertility Rates in every western country circle the drain and the Western mind loses interest in existence. The Bear looks around and sees nothing but Eloi. Shrug. Muslim salmon is just as tasty. They won't dare harm a Bear who has memorized the Quran.

    2. I thought it was helpful.

      It is important to understand the nature of things. Islam is Islam, just as bears are bears, and the West is the West.

      What is the West and what is the nature of it?

      The West cannot be understood without understanding that it is Christian. Since the West is post Christian, it is also post Western, and thus hates itself and does not understand itself.

      It is the nature of a thing, that both hates and doesn't understand itself, to ensnare itself in its own destruction and self-immolate.

      We are members of a society that has decided to pitch its tent at a bear crossing. The faster we understand that, the better we can be prepared for the coming bear.

      I am sure Great Bear will have more to say about being prepared. The tent isn't going to move. We are the girlfriend who knows that bears are bears but here we are stuck where we are stuck because we were dumb enough to come along.

    3. Precisely, Owl. And Bears do not have Forest Rangers or bureaucrats to interfere with their deliberations and solutions.

      But I am more an more of the opinion that every Muslim on the planet could disappear in an instant and the West's problems would not be touched in the least. There would just be headlines about things other than terrorist attacks.

      The solution is for those with a Western-consciousness to breed like rabbits, and see to the proper education of their large broods. But oh! That would mean sacrifices! Yes. Saving a civilization is not for sissies.

      What does the Bear mean about Western-consciousness? Is that some sort of code for white supremacy? Absolutely not. Western Civilization is a gift, a patrimony to anyone in the West, regardless of race. But, as you point out, it is Christian.

      The best solution would be for the Bear to travel from coast to coast with his Bear friends, ripping the jawbones off of all of the traitors to Western Civilization, but his therapist discourages such ideation. And, besides, there are too many of them.

    4. Thanks, Great Bear.

      Islam is just the ax that is at the base of the rotten tree. The ax is better, anyway, than the long slow rot. On one hand, it is right for the tree to hate the ax, but on the other, the rotten tree should get over an ax being used as an ax. If one doesn't get over the nature of an ax, one might very well become a South American SJ that cannot get over the Spanish Ax that fell the rotten forests of the Americas.

      Sacrifices involve giving up iPhones. Children are wonderful beautiful things, even when they have runny noses. They are God's mercy. Hating kids, and parents that have many kids, is to hate God's Mercy.

  2. Must I always be the one to correct the edits?

    'a great production the Bear calls, "The West Rolls Over and Shows Its Belly."'

    That should be: "The West Rolls Over and Exposes Its Throat."

    That's real submission, and as Muslims prefer beheading over Elizabethan disemboweling, it would be offensive to Muslims to show the belly when they really want your throat.

  3. Curious, I ran a search for "Amusing Ourselves to Death". The very first result was a synopsis and optional study guide (only $12.95) for students who can't take time away from protesting to concentrate on their studies. I do hope your unicycle is good to go, Bear.

    1. Neil Postman is laughing beyond the grave. There is an excellent Roger Waters album "Amused to Death" which appears to be at least partially based on Postman's thesis, although with Waters' usual obsession with war.

  4. thought provoking, as usual. I wish we could have about 800,000,000 more guys like this in the West....


    I would strenuously disagree with the whole "won't happen to you or yours"..."not in your time"....etc. As I've said before, I think we're getting prepped for the 'big dance', and I don't think it's all that far off. Whether the 'men' of the West will show up or not, it's gonna be butt ugly, cause as you say, the other side believes it. And until and unless we open our eyes to the FACT that islam is a satanic opus (from front-to-back), we won't even begin to fight. This is for starters....


    As their brutal and despotic imams rouse their masses to slaughter and conquest in the name of allah (the all evil one), our quizzling, estrogen laden, communism soaked prelates lead their flock to this.....


    ....but, even in the midst of the lavender miasma, a light or two still shine out in the darkness.....


    God bless the good guys....and please God, send us uncountable numbers more.

    1. I am reading an interesting novel by Percy Walker entitled Love in the Ruins. It's about an America that has split up along racial, regional and political lines, and it's mostly every man for himself. I haven't decided if I like it, but I haven't read very much yet.

      My honest opinion is that terrorism is an individual tragedy with no other importance whatsoever. It is the least of the West's problems, and is probably only successful to the extent it distracts people from the real problems. If the West were healthy, there would be no problem with Muslims, because the West would be a very, very different place.

      They used to call Ottoman Turkey "the sick man of Europe," as it declined toward the end.

      The West is the sick man of the world. Western civilization is beyond saving, mainly because only very few people even know what it is, let alone care enough to save it.

      Western states will not actually be overcome by Islam, in my opinion. They would militarily defeat any outright attack, which is what it would take. Least of all the U.S. But we will become some Blade Runner melange of cultures, among which Islam will be highly influential. And terrorism will continue, but at a relatively low level, not high enough to actually motivate the government to act. People are killed by tornadoes. Lightning. Bear attacks. Falls in their bathrooms. And Muslims. That is just the way it will continue to be.

    2. ahhhhh, but dear Bear....you are forgetting or ignoring the supernatural element. Revelation must come to pass in its escatalogical sense...likewise Daniel 7-12 (which quite frankly reads like today's headlines in a very real sense). I think islam, the crap it brings, and the allies it gathers, fit the fulfillment to a tee. I guess we shall see...whether we're ready or not.

    3. Who knows? There might be a cycle or two of history we have no way of foreseeing. This cycle, population trends alone make the West toast. Bears and badgers will survive.

    4. Susan~ I cannot think of one time period where people didn't think that the Enemy at the gates didn't perfectly fit the descriptions in Daniel / Revelation, etc. That, itself, is the proof of the beauty of typology and the need to read scripture and history through it.

      I am terrible at reading tea-leaves, but once upon a time, Rome thought it was a good idea to import a bunch of barbarians, given them the franchise and not require them to be Roman, in attempt to keep up their cultural decadence, forestall the cultural decay, and generally keep other worse barbarians at bay. Rome ended up being gutted by Islam and the Mongolian hordes.

      Great Bear ~ you are right. The West is toast. It takes longer to fix population problems than to cause them. The story of the West as Christendom is over, and I really do not see how one comes back from where we are heading. A Blade Runner society with Islam as the dominant socio-political force is very plausible, and is the easy path. I believe that we will see this within a decade.

      What is more interesting though, is what doesn't involve the West. Perhaps the rise of Russia as a Christian nation. Chinese and Indian expansion.

  5. Owl lives high in the trees and doesn't visit the ground save for catching a tasty hare to eat. Sky dwellers tend to have their own issues, but I have noticed that the ground dwellers tend to assume that their land is the best and most perfect thing ever. It is their own little God given piece of earth, right there they will stay, and will swear up and down that this is what God wants of them and that this is where He has directed them to be. This is true even if their burrow is smack dab in the middle of an open field. TASTY!

    Humans have a tendency to ignore or overlook their own personal faults and engage in self-justification. This extends to the societies that they build. They will see their societies as the one and only one blessed by the gods, which history has lead to, and which all others should emulate or be dominated by.

    Modern man gets out of this situation by positing that, since there are no gods, all societies should be honored and allowed to express themselves. Not true, and very dangerous to attempt to put that into practice.

    It is a good idea for rabbits to consider that their rabbit society and hole in the ground might not be as lofty as they think, not where God wants them to build their burrows, and that there are perhaps other animals out there who will eat them.

    Islam wants nothing more than to submit all the world to Allah by bringing it under Sharia. Islam isn't Islam if that core isn't there. This is the tickle at the back of the mind of every Muslim that looks out and sees parts of the world not under Sharia...it is the constant reminder that they are not fulfilling their religious duties. No amount of social justice, ecumenism, or liberalism will make this go away, because this is Islam.

    The West, I think, cannot comprehend that it has built its burrow in the middle of an open field. Where it still can think of God, it does not ask if this society is the one that God wants, rather it apriori assumes that. Owls can be villains in the stories of hares, but it is not exactly unjust to eat hares who make their burrows in the middle of open fields.

    1. Wise Owl. We ignorantly look at Islam and see just another religion. It is not. It is a political program disguised as a very simple religion. That's why we handle it so badly. it does not fit in with our liberal tolerance of religion. (Except Christianity.)

  6. "Muslims are the least of the West's problems. They're just a useful distraction while the Total Fertility Rates in every western country circle the drain and the Western mind loses interest in existence."

    This.With bells on.

  7. "Western states will not actually be overcome by Islam, in my opinion...."

    Wholeheartedly agree. The Jihadis are carrion, nay flies that would feast on decay, not predators. One caveat. Beware the Monsters from the Western, particularly Continental European Id which will likely emerge before we get to the Blade Runner/Firefly melange. It is these monsters that the elites rightly fear but which in their blind, ostrich like stupidity they have actively invoked. God preserve us all...

    Oh and many thanks for the laughs! :-)

    “And when the devil hath seen that they have set so little by him, after certain essays, made in such times as he thought most fitting, he hath given that temptation quite over. And this he doth not only because the proud spirit cannot endure to be mocked, but also lest, with much tempting the man to the sin to which he could not in conclusion bring him, he should much increase his merit.”

    St Thomas More, “A Dialogue of Comfort Against Tribulation” (Written in 1553 while awaiting martyrdom in The Tower)

    Appositely, the dialogue in question is between a young Hungarian and his aged uncle. It takes place between the battle of Mohacs in 1526, the latest of many such dreadful days, and the 1529 siege of Vienna. Christendom is riven by division and will not form a united front against the Ottomans. The younger of the two men is close to despair. His uncle advises that temptation (to despair in this case) must be resisted by prayer, the exercise of willpower and by mocking the enemy as described above.

    Deus vult!

  8. Judging Angels is one long mock of the Devil and all his works. Granted, Scripture minds us to not insult supernatural beings, but it more his techniques and character.

    Deus vult!


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