Friday, July 29, 2016

The Truth About Islamic Terrorism

Bear agitprop.

The Bear has been thinking about Islam, and its terrorism in the abstract. Coolly. What do the terrorists think they are accomplishing? What are they actually accomplishing? What does the constant drumbeat of attacks really mean?

Terrorism As Advertising

Terrorism is just a form of advertising. Or, if you prefer, agitprop. Propagande par le fait. Our age is not the first to see bombers and assassins. A violent act is guaranteed news coverage.

The Bear learned a long time ago that the best advertising was "earned media." Any lawyer can buy advertising. But make friends with your local news reporters, and you can be regularly interviewed on current legal topics. Not only is it free, but you are portrayed as an expert. Public relations is very simple. Newspapers have column inches to fill, and television news programs have time to fill. You do them a favor when you give them easy content.

Terrorism is perfect for dominating news. It is the most effective earned media ever. It is also the stupidest. One must ask: What is Islamic terrorism selling? Accomplishing? Now, the Bear thinks this is a very interesting question, and that the result is very different from the intention, and from what you probably think.

The real message of every terrorist attack is not one any sensible person would want to be associated with. Islam: a Psychopathic Death Cult for Losers. Maybe they imagine they are frightening the West. In reality, they are mostly just making people secretly loathe Muslims. Particularly since the Muslim community in America has never understood the need to aggressively distance themselves from terrorist attacks.

Islam: Culturally Protected

But the Bear has caught himself in a mistake. Events have proved that the Muslim community in America has zero incentive to aggressively distance itself from terrorist attacks. Right now, Muslims are the most culturally protected group in the country. They are smart enough to know that if they play the victim card after every attack, their status actually increases! "BACKLASH!" They have figured out American culture - not that it's hard - and, like all culturally protected groups, play it like the Wurlitzer at Busch Stadium.

Many Muslims won't assimilate. Islam is not a religion. It is a politico-religious movement that the liberal West will never get.   An unknown percentage of young male Muslims are susceptible to the magical process of "radicalization" we keep hearing about. The word means no more than this: some moron with a website says how cool it is to kill people in the name of Allah, and a different moron reads it and murders some people while yammering at his god.

Islam Exists Only at the Sufferance of the West

Thinking like a Bear, he cannot help but note that Islam exists entirely at the sufferance of nuclear powers. The Bear is sure all of his readers share his pastime of drawing up imaginary target lists should they ever get ahold of the launch codes. No? Maybe it's just a Bear thing. ("They all hate us anyhow, so let's drop the big one now." - Randy Newman.) The heart of what passes for culture in Islam could be wiped out with a few dozen air bursts. If we wanted to go all the way, we could nuke the sandy Islamic places into seas of black glass, tie strips of fatback to our feet and go skating. The Bear bets Russia would join in.

Muslims are in our country only because we cannot import enough of them. They're hardly crossing the Atlantic stupidly piled onto waterborne deathtraps. We could easily throw the Big Switch and all of a sudden all the Muslims are leaving the country, instead of coming in. Afghanistan is in dire need of brains. It will never have indoor plumbing with a bunch of dope heads wandering through the fields cutting up poppy blooms and licking opium milk off their knives. Imagine what an infusion of former American Muslims would do for Afghanistan, and whatever dirt ISIS happens to occupy at the moment.

The beauty of such a noble gesture makes the Bear shed a tear.

The Bear is not advocating anything. He is just noting the realities. The fact is, it is the policy of the United States, and France, and wherever, to do nothing about Islamic terrorism. The fact is, terrorists make headlines, but they don't change anyone's life. They do not impact the country. Far more people are murdered in Chicago with no headlines at all. Our leaders have made the conscious decision that policies touching upon Muslims should not be influenced by essentially irrelevant terrorism. They want as many Muslims as possible in America, for reasons the Bear does not understand. He suspects they dream that Islam may help stamp out Christianity in the West, which appears to be the current agenda of our government. But he's not sure.

Islamic Terrorism Symptom, Not Cause

The Bear agrees. The reason there is terrorism is because the West doesn't really mind it that much.

More to the point, every Muslim on the planet could disappear overnight, and the West's problems would not be improved. That's the real takeaway. The West is run by arsonists like Pope Francis yelling "burn baby burn" as every institution burns to the ground. Muslims didn't set those fires. Terrorism is not a problem, it is a symptom of the West's death wish.

It is as much a waste of time trying to figure out what is going on in Jihad Johnny's head as Pope Francis'. They aren't the news. The news is we live in a world that actually encourages Jihad Johnny and Pope Francis. On alternate days, the Bear could write an ephemeris article on terrorism, and one on the latest stupid thing to come out of Pope Francis' mouth. And readers would probably love it, although the Bear is at a loss to understand why people are interested in dog-bites-man stories.

One day you will be watching the news on the latest terrorism act, and look out the window to notice that no one seems to have collected the trash over the last six weeks, and there is smoke marking looting and destruction in your hometown, not in those peoples' part of the big city, where that sort of thing belongs. Suddenly, terrorism and Pope Francis won't seem so important.

Terrorism has become part of the cultural weather, as the Bear recently noted. Islam could not possibly come up with a worse advertising campaign than being known as that religion that's murdering innocent people all the time. But until insurance companies see a market for individual terrorist attack insurance, it is actuarially irrelevant to us. It will never be more than random tragedies like tornadoes ripping through midwestern trailer parks.

But terrorism has an upside. Every terrorist attack brings out the true idiocy of the people with their hands on the cultural levers. President Obama. Archbishop Cupich. Pope Francis. If you have risen to the position of a cultural leader in these last decades of the West, you are a moron. The system is rigged, and anyone with any creativity or intelligence is not allowed anywhere near positions of influence in the burning Western institutions.

Terrorist attacks do two things: make us secretly loathe Muslims; and make us openly loathe our leaders. You can work out the implications of that combination for yourself.

It's a crazy world.


  1. Thanks Bear. You do good work. The implications of terrorist attacks are: significantly more gun sales, desire for expulsion of Muslims, more support for police and the military and the desire for new leaders.

  2. The devils hate everyone. They might loath Catholics a bit more, for they shine with the light of Christ, but they still hate everyone, including Muslims. It is not that they are on the side of terrorists, but rather, because God so allows it, the terrorists are their play things -- like rotten boys who hate their toys (and what they represent) and burn them in fires, deforming the plastic like wax.

    The particular insanity of our day and age is not that their is more insanity, but rather, as Great Bear suggests, that we, as people, are obsessed about the here and there of lightning strikes of terrorism and Papal nonsense, and yet cannot see or hear the howling of the storm winds all around us. It is insisted upon that it is a bright sunny day instead.

    Now I must disagree with Great Bear. Terrorist activity is fantastic advertising. The Terrorist doesn't see the bright sunny day, but the reality of the storm. He does his thing because he sees the storm and the fire that is burning society. He does his thing because of a misguided belief that his activity will put an end to the fire and quiet the storm. Sharia and Islam IS understood to be the shelter from the storm and the fire insurance.

    In nature, sometimes when there is a forest fire, animals get so scared and so confused that instead of running away from it, they run into the heart of the flames. This is the Muslim who sees the fires of Hell in this world and chooses, in his confusion and fear, to run to Hell himself.

    In a completely corrupted way, the terrorist sees the River of Reality much more clearly than someone who suggests that religions are only about peace and do not cause wars.

    1. Or, on the other hand, the terrorists are nothing more than paid mercenaries who know hardly anything about Islam and are just idiotic thrill seekers who are angry with themselves and society.

    2. My point is that, yes, it is great advertising. The campaign is stupid, though. There's an old advertising saying that goes, "there's nothing worse than good advertising and a bad product."

      I had an idea for a novel. Someone identifies a symbolic target for each institution in the West, and starts picking them off the worst representatives one by one with great fanfare. And, of course, some detective is trying to figure out where he's coming from. Big twist at the end.

  3. Unfortunately, Islam is in fact gaining ground because of terrorism.

    Each time liberties are restricted, like more security guards, Muslims are there to administer that (non-Jihadist, of course).

    Each time, even before sn speaks up on Muslims, someone has spoken up against him "no, let's not put all Muslims in the same basket".

    Each time, someone else than Muslims is blamed as a group. After Florida, again in Nice, mental disease is blamed. Fundamentalism (wide a side peak at Christian Creationists) has been popular too, Breivik was first called a "Christian Fundamentalist" by Norwegian police, even if the truth is the reverse, he is not a believer in Christianity, only in certain identitarian ways of Christendom (if even as much as that). This has not gone away.

  4. some truly TRULY awesome posts on the topic.... (this one is particularly outstanding)

  5. Gosh. I don't know what to make of this post.
    A resurgent Islam is just on of the products of an enfeebled West that no longer believes in God or itself. It cannot tell right from wrong. Evil from Good. In fact, calls Evil as Good.

    It will hardly matter to you or I if we die by the hand of a BLM rioter or ISIS. We'll be just as dead.

    “When we're all gone at last then there'll be nobody here but death and his days will be numbered too. He'll be out in the road there with nothing to do and nobody to do it to. He'll say: where did everybody go? And that's how it will be. What's wrong with that?” Cormac McCarthy, "The Road"

  6. I have heard that terror attacks are a great recruiting tool. We Americans all know among the young there is a strong prey drive to be the baddest a-- on the block, and I have noticed among some young men an uptick in scraggly beards and even the headgear in hot weather (the scarf at the back of the head, that no young man would have ever worn pre-terror attacks). As young "urban youth" adopted the pants down to the ankle look that is apparently a prison signal for homosexual activity), image is everything, and black is in. Hey, our culture is sick, but we all knew that. Young men, apparently of every stripe, need something to believe in and to be productive.
    I happen to agree that the most likely reason the cultural elites don't have any problem with Islamic terrorism is that they cannot be, CANNOT BE, anything but politically correct, and, more importantly, Islam will hopefully silence Christianity and that will get God out of the way, and we pesky Christians. A nation filled with hollering maniac Muslims will see fewer nativity scenes at Christmas and even less Christianity in the public sphere. This would perhaps be how it would play out, but they surely must realize sooner or later it will get around to them. Do they have a death wish? Many of them have armed security and private jets, but that can't always be a solution for the elites.
    What is definite is our church leaders have disarmed the people by encouraging nothing but John Lennon pacifism, and that may get us killed. Our church is chock-full of feminized men who are even now, after poor Abbe Hamel, preaching love, tolerance, and peace at all costs. A recipe for slaughter.

  7. While I agree that the West has intrinsic problems, I disagree that Islam is entirely accidental. I've come to the conclusion that Islam is the Church's Philistines. Just as God used the Philistines to discipline early Israel (and later the Babylonians, Medes, Assyrians, et al), God uses Islam to discipline the Christian West.

  8. As regards the jihadists' horrendous murder of a priest celebrating the Mass, Pope Francis tells us to follow the money.

    I tried to look for the money that I might follow it, but could not find any. Perhaps the pope should tell us where it is.

  9. Cheer up. The muslims in France are now attending Mass in a show of solidarity. That's sure to mean all our worries are over.

    1. Do I sense some irony?

      Allowing Muslims to attend Holy Mass or otherwise use our houses of prayer when they pray is, to their mind, or so I have heard, a sign we have apostasised to their religion.

  10. Apostates from Islam have been executed for 1400 years in accord with the Koran and the words and actions of the Islamic prophet Mohammed and Islamic law, Sharia.

    Indonesian Ex muslim Forum /


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