Sunday, July 17, 2016

U.S., Russia, Syria Invade Turkey, Drive on Incirlik Air Base!

"The Co-Protectorate of Asia Minor"


Turkey now claims to have reopened Incirlik Air Base, but U.S. says it was secured by paratroopers from 82nd Airborne Division and U.S. Marines, assisted by Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, Syrian armor, plus joint operations by U.S. and Russian aircraft. U.S and Russia cease further offensive operations, submit combined 63-billion dollar bill to Turkey, due in full July 24th, seven days from today. EU in emergency meeting after Turkey demands it pay the amount, or Turkey will unleash massive flood of refugees into Europe. European countries lodge formal protests against joint U.S.-Russian action.

Meanwhile, two more U.S. carrier battle groups head toward Turkey, while several U.S. Army divisions, including armor, are loading onto transports, suggesting the Bear administration is not done with Turkey. One highly-placed source said the administration does not consider that Turkey complied with its demand to restore Incirlik to operational status, since it was taken by allied forces.

Meanwhile, Turkey has closed the strategic Bosphorus Straits pursuant to the Montreux Convention, complicating the scenario. The Straits are Russia's only access to the Mediterranean from the Black Sea, and Russia considers them a strategic necessity. 


In the most dramatic news conference in recent memory, President Bear announced that the United States considers Turkey to have broken its NATO treaty, and that he has ordered a rescue of 1500 American military personnel held hostage at Incirlik Air Base.  He announced that a Sixth Fleet carrier battle group centered on U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt is already off the southern coast of Turkey and is conducting operations in conjunction with the Russian Air Force.  Additional carrier battle groups are en route.

In related developments, Russian troops are massing in Abkhazia, a former Georgian territory recognized only by Russia and a few other countries. The large army is apparently preparing for a 160 mile-dash down the coast of Georgia.  Georgia has declared it will defend its territory, but experts say Georgia is unlikely to take on the much more powerful country, and might even secure concessions from the regional power to the north in return for passage. The Russian Black Sea Fleet has already conducted amphibious landings along Turkey's northern coastline.

Southern Front: U.S.-Syrian-Kurdish Fighters Drive on Incirlik

In the south, 82nd Airborne Division paratroopers are landing near Incirlik in the first large-scale airborne assault since WWII's D-Day. President Bear said they are linking up with Kurdish Peshmerga fighters and Syrian armor for a drive directly on Incirlik. Meanwhile, a Marine amphibious assault group centered on U.S.S. Wasp has landed on the coast just 25 miles south of Incirlik, and is reported to be already battling Turkish forces near the air base. Joint U.S.-Russian air assets are providing local air superiority and ground support from bases in nearby Syria.

Meanwhile American aircraft are streaming into Syrian air bases, from which President Bear said they will help establish control over Turkish airspace, and provide support for American and Russian ground troops.  "A fly won't be able to cross a street in Turkey without an American or Russian fighter knocking it out of the air," President Bear said. He said that B-2 stealth bombers have already hit targets in Turkey, as have missiles from Los Angeles class nuclear-powered submarines. B-52 bombers are pounding Turkish forces near Incirlik. Unconfirmed reports have missiles fired from Russian warships in the Black Sea already raining down on targets in Turkey.

Terms For Turkey: Let U.S. Troops Go and Pay for Joint Operation

"Turkey is holding 1500 American military personnel plus our aircraft hostage at Incirlik airfield," President Bear said. He called for Turkish President Erdogan to immediately open the airbase, and warned that if military force had to be used to rescue the Americans "all bets are off," and the United States would demand Turkey's unconditional surrender to the U.S. and Russia. He also said Turkey would be presented with a bill for the joint operation, due seven days from their declared end of hostilities.  "Every day before Turkish soldiers lay down their arms, the meter's running," President Bear warned.

"Turkey will release our men and equipment, and pay the bill for our joint operation, or we immediately move to the next and final stage."

U.S. Considers Quitting NATO

"The North Atlantic Treaty Organization may have outlived its usefulness," President Bear declared. "Countries like Germany are perfectly capable of spending their own money to defend their own borders. As we reconsider whether the United States derives any strategic benefit from NATO, I have ordered the re-deployment of all personnel and equipment from Europe. This will save American taxpayer trillions of dollars. NATO is existing on sheer inertia," President Bear said.

U.S. International Policy: Islam Dangerous Political Ideology, Not Religion

When asked if the United States had future plans for Turkey, President Bear was quite explicit. "Yes. We are done with endless wars in Muslim countries where we try to teach these people how to live in sanity. If all our demands are not met, we will decisively conquer and de-Muslimize Turkey in the same way we de-Nazified Germany after World War Two. Every mosque and every trace of Islam will be cleansed, and the minds of the people will be freed from a centuries-long nightmare. Not one Quran will remain. Look, World War Two wasn't that long ago. How many Nazis are goose-stepping around in Germany today? Not many. Terrorism against joint forces will not be tolerated, and states supporting same will be next in the queue.

"This will not be a Bush administration starry-eyed crusade for democracy. This will be a war of absolute conquest in which the United States and its Russian allies will remain in control."

"From now on, the official international policy of the United States is that Islam is a dangerous political ideology, not a religion. We are recalling citizens and closing our embassies in all Muslim countries and declaring them to be common enemies of Western civilization. This is an identity that has been far too long neglected. We consider Russia to be a historical and cultural partner in that civilization.

"`This is not something we are initiating; it is simply that we are finally recognizing the truth. Any Islamic country found exporting its ideology or war materiel will experience severe sanctions. Centers and symbols of the de-stabilizing and aggressive political ideology of Islam will be considered legitimate military targets." the Bear warned.

U.S.-Russia Partnership

"Furthermore, the Cold War mentality that has poisoned relations with Russia must be recognized as a relic that prevents us from cooperating with our natural ally, Russia. That is why Russia will be a partner in governing Turkey, along with liberal secular Turkish elements. Istanbul will be jointly governed by the United States and Russia, but not divided.

When asked about the response of other NATO members to an attack on a country with which they are allied, President Bear said this: "We have considered 'The Crimean War Scenario,' where European countries come to Turkey's aid against Russia, and the U.S.

"However, there is no question that Turkey has, by its hostile actions against a NATO member, namely, the United States, removed itself from NATO and relinquished any claim it has to assistance from NATO. We would hope that our European friends will consider renewing shared historical ideals. From a practical point of view, the United States and Russia are more than prepared to defend themselves from any combination of European countries. It will not, however, come to that. The people of Europe are our brothers and sisters."

Chief Religious Site to be Restored as Catholic-Orthodox Church

The Church of Hagia Sophia will be used jointly as a Catholic and Orthodox church, similar to the how the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem is multi-Christian. The Patriarch of Russia has already agreed to this. When asked if Pope Francis and he Patriarch of Constantinople had agreed to the plan with Hagia Sophia, President Bear shrugged and said, "one way or another, this is happening."

Finally, President Bear announced that the flag, money and other official expressions of national identity will be stripped of any reference to Islam and replaced by a Bear. Turkey would be named "The Co-Protectorate of Asia Minor."


  1. Yep, I'm with Susan and vote you President. I would even go door to door and put a sign in my yard.

  2. I believe that is the most concise and clear war plan that the US has produced in some time. Too bad it took a 1300 year old bear to figure out what Man could not.

  3. If you were advising Trump, he could wrap up this thing in Cleveland tonight

  4. That wassssssssssssssss......iiiiiiinteresting.

  5. thought of you, Bear, when I penned this!


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