Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Judging Angels Update

The Bear once again apologizes for slacking off on the ephemeris lately. He has working hard on the final edit of Judging Angels.

The Bear hopes the readers of this ephemeris will want to read Judging Angels. Let's put it this way: if you enjoy St. Corbinian's Bear, you should enjoy Judging Angels. You will recognize the style (adapted for long fiction, of course).

If you like romance, you'll like Judging Angels. If you like adventure, you'll like Judging Angels. Same with mysteries, humor, horror, mordantly humorous observations about problems in the Church, Thomistic angelology, police procedurals, Ginger Rogers, crime sprees, heroes, villains, sensationalist news reportage, femme fatales, angels, redheads, demons, adorable ponies, roadside taverns, amazing jailbreaks, babalawos, clever teenagers, sleazy brain surgeons, poetry, blood, more blood, bar fights, pythonesses, dim detectives, sharp private eyes, Marines, rosaries, airplanes, knives, guns and other lethal weapons, DNA, fingerprints, and, of course, Hermann Goering's wristwatch.

And that's just Chapter 1. (Kidding!)

How did the Bear fit all that in? Because Bears weigh a lot more than human authors, and can just sit on the manuscript until everything is crammed in.  (And hope the editor doesn't realize before it's too late that the Bear dressed up in black from head to toe, snuck and and stole her blue pencil and razor blade.)

But we just call it a Catholic psychological thriller.

The Bear has been trying to score an interview with the author (rolls eyes), Tim Capps. So that's something that's coming, if Capps' publicist ever returns the Bear's phone calls. (The Bear's contract prevents him from acknowledging that he is the ghostwriter who actually wrote the whole thing.)

Anyway,  the Bear doesn't get to write in the ephemeris every day at the moment. He kind of feels like he's letting you down. But then he thinks about the novel he's buffing for you, and he's confident you'll consider it worth a few missed articles.

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